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  1. Fred Again, you mean. Unless you're talking about the track.

  2. 6425 says:

    I guess if you want to be informal about it

  3. That's his name on the set this was taken from. Fred Again Boiler Room on youtube.

  4. 6425 says:

    He’s no Ellum Guy

  5. As a republican, Charles championing the environment in spite of the UK government is the only reason I could support him. I really really wanted him to be outspoken on this

  6. It's an established policy that the royal family keep out of politics.

  7. Ann Coulter’s time to shine

  8. The new M2 looks like someone drew this over phone

  9. It’s because the three buttons in a line are center aligned in a group, and the one on the right is wider than the other two.

  10. I don’t recall Labour consulting anyone when Gordon Brown became PM.

  11. I can't comment on the SFP ports but thought its worth saying I've had XG Home running on an silent mini pc purchased from Ali Express a few years ago that runs at my broadband's full 1GB speed and hasn't missed a beat.

  12. I always thought the same thing. There is no way that was just a small mistake that they just missed.

  13. There were lots of continuity errors in the movie; the bullets in the famous shooting scene already being in the wall at the start; Butch’s apartment either having an extra floor or one missing (can’t remember which) when going from outside to the inner courtyard; the adrenaline syringe clearly being a non-medical plastic syringe, amount many others.

  14. any Nintype users out here ? I’ve been using it for several years and found it better than swiftkey. You can even form words by sweeping with 2 fingers. It also works with different languages and is highly customizable

  15. FYI this hasn't been updated in over 3 years so probably not a good bet either.

  16. yeah I know about the lack of updates but it still working fine and stable on ios16.

  17. I’ve just installed GBoard and are pleased to see it now lets you do custom backgrounds and make the keyboard look flat, as well as customise key colours. I’ve got it looking pretty much like my swiftkey and seems to be performing fine.

  18. Technically, no, if he's still in the store.

  19. Looks like a very classy affair.

  20. The half-time show is U2 whether you like it or not.

  21. Have you confused us with the Nespresso customer services line? That’s who you need to call.

  22. Well, the obvious answer is to just drive forwards from now on. But my guess would be the handbrake is still stuck on a little. I believe they’re separate from the main rear brakes on BMWs, at least of this era.

  23. Yeah. I stared the profile to keep a track on it and its gone.

  24. I can believe that as it is now automatically rejecting the same image again, which I assume it will be doing my saving hashes of images then comparing them to a database when its uploaded, which is probally also tied with the Microsoft PhotoDNA service (

  25. But don’t increase ticket costs, right?

  26. This guy's twitter is amazing

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