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  1. You really think everybody that is not woke is a racist ? Cause that is what the text proclaims.

  2. 4... my one-car garage only fits 4.

  3. There is a bong shop on Langstrasse close to Limmatplatz, go there and ask.

  4. What about a mirrored film on/behind the diode sheet to reflect the light back out instead of letting it go back into the helmet off the plastic?

  5. This was exactly my thought too

  6. Visibility is actually incredibly good. But there's a caveat. It's only good during the daytime. You try this when it's dark and the light just bounces back into the helmet.

  7. Maybe use a semitransparent mirrored visor ?

  8. You can get it looked at by the local camera who will tell you if it’s possible to be signed off as legal retrospectively. Or the sellers can.

  9. But what when they wont sign off on it... They you're screwed, right as you'll have to take care of it. Better not to let sleeping dogs lie ? You can ask the local camera about it before buying but then you might screw over the seller.

  10. Interesting. What sort of debts can transfer with the house/apartment?

  11. I think when you get a car loan with the house as collateral, when the house is sold the buyer automatically takes over the car loan associated with the house.

  12. They're all full of shit, its a brand new model. China bikes in general are known for some egregious build quality. Thats what they're basing theory on. I had a china dirt bike when i was 14, they can be alright.

  13. How many parts on a new M8 come from China?

  14. Some people would say the Sportster S and the 975 are scrap junk, not being a 'real' HD either...

  15. A 81 and a 82 Sturgis, and a 1983 Willie G special edition Wide Glide

  16. Just sayin that people grow up and priorities change... current voting behaviot is no guarantees for the future.

  17. Hypocrits the lot of them !

  18. With my shovelheads winter is fixin' season

  19. The nicest most characterfull and most beautiful Harleys were made during the AMF years.

  20. I didnt care enough about the characters to bother with the puzzles... played for 15 minutes then deleted it.

  21. Did you pull out the choke?

  22. Replaced the final drive belt on my 81 Sturgis. Had to remove pipes, entire primary with clutch, transmission, rear wheel and swingarm.

  23. At 16 years old she is not really a baby anymore 🙂

  24. Its called quality of life.

  25. I doubt that UA would target Moscow even if they could, they would lose the moral high road if they start targeting civilians, which in turn could jeopardize support fron the west.

  26. But a second shot at the bridge would be nice

  27. I think everyone on a 125cc scooter would be better for the world than everyone in a 2500kg Tesla... I have 3 old Harleys but made my most memorable trips on a 50cc and later a 110cc scooter.

  28. I saved for the 20 yrs ive been here, inhereted some so yes, i can afford a house here in ZH. Would need to keep working another 15 yrs till my retirement though to pay the mortgage. But the same money will get me a house in Portugal, no mortgage necessary, with enough left over to retire.

  29. Depends on where you want to sell. If you have your own website you can link to ebay for the dice. Otherwise, I would not know where to get the dice from. They sell 6 white dice in a package in the local supermarket, but no black or colored. So if you want to retail in a brick and mortar shop, itll have to be in a specialised place that also sells dice for like DnD or something like that.

  30. Smoothness is heavily overrated, character is where its at !

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