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  1. Winhill seemed like a good place to settle.

  2. Yikes! Never thought of that.. I'll mention it. I'm so anxious about going...

  3. My Best Friend’s Exorcism as well! As he’s become more “mainstream” it’s dissipated by a LOT, but his earlier novels usually have unique covers at least. There’s also one formatted like a Rolling Stones magazine but the name is escaping me

  4. We Sold Our Souls. Just picked it up at the used book store! :)

  5. Mine is: A horror movie doesn't have to be rated R to be effective.

  6. Return To Oz is one of the creepiest films around and it's made for kids!

  7. Hellraiser, Candyman, and Nightmare on Elm Street

  8. Hellraiser 3. I get where people are coming from because the first two were hard to top, but it's such a fun movie for me.

  9. I like it, Terry Farrell is a great heroine and it gives some great explanation (although not enough as 4)

  10. Final Fantasy VIII has a metascore of 90. Just 2 points shy of Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, and 4 points shy of the best ranked game in the franchise, Final Fantasy IX.

  11. VIII was one of my favorites. I also didn't have a problem with the junction system.

  12. That’s exactly what I remember! Thank you. I remember it so vividly. my grandfather, who was born in 1930 told me this story growing up and even acted it out the way it was told.

  13. There's a version of this involving a clown mannequin and his nose in an episode of are you afraid of the dark.

  14. Zeebo!! That episode scared the hell out of me!

  15. This isn't the same, but this reminded me of The Landlady by Roald Dahl.

  16. It’s one thing to be into/interested in it (I kind of am)—but the people who actually treat them like horror movies, in that it gets them super excited to talk about and they’re clearly having fun with it, or worse, the ones who have conventions/book readings/whatever where there’s like bloody police tape and chalk outlines on the floor you can take pictures with…like, Jesus, have some fucking respect!

  17. Agreed 100%. Or the people who think watching True Crime is a personality trait and makes them seem edgy.

  18. That's fair. I try not to make it separate me as that whole "not like other girls/guys trend." I'll admit I was super guilty of that as a nerdy teenager. Now I love finding other people who are interested in similar things!

  19. Is it suicide or murder? Confused.

  20. Murder but after reading the comments and looking back, it was poorly executed.... :( Something to keep in mind for next time I guess.

  21. 'Fingering the garotte' or knife might have been a better word choice. Easier to infer murder rather than suicide. But overall very well done!! 👍👍

  22. A friendship like that sure fills you up!

  23. Always on the hunt for more friends like that.

  24. For me, it's either Nancy Thomspon or Kirsty Cotton.

  25. Welcome! :) This is my favorite platform to talk about all things horror and creepy! Such a wholesome group of people too!

  26. person is suicidal, hasn’t slept or eaten in 5 days, they go to the edge of a cliff and they see their long dead sister, right next to them they have always fought with their sister, and grew farther apart in the years leading up to her death. as the person became increasingly violent and paranoid, sister became more and more scared of what they will do. everything she did was policed. one day, person tells sister that she shouldn’t talk to anyone outside of her and their mom, lest they rot her soul. she must never love another, lest they poison her innocence. sister talks careful measures to avoid any interactions that could be tracked. still, person finds out she has a boyfriend and stabs her in a fit of rage and possessiveness. the memory of the sisters face, contorted in rage, and betrayal, but with empty hollow eyes, would haunt them for the rest of their isolated existence. the guilt would swallow them bit by bit until they became a husk of a person, until their life seemed to have no purpose living. a memory comes into surface: the person and their sister, much younger, back when their dad was still around, jumping off the side of a cliff into the ocean, laughing and playing as they splash into the warm water “let’s go cliff diving like we used to,” my sister says with a warm smile, beckoning me to follow her. she looks so full of light and hope. she dances around in the sun, the light reflecting off her moon pale skin and golden earrings- the ones i stole from her the night she confessed they were from her boyfriend, that she had a boyfriend. With a shriek of glee, she jumps and slowly falls like a feather descending through the air, then motions for me to join her as she rests on a low sheet of cloud. as i leapt off the cliff, i feel instant regret first, and then look up and notice my sisters face, whose still sitting on the cloud. she looks...like me? my sister is holding a knife she’s still smiling but this time, with those empty, hollow eyes this time, my face is the one with the rage and betrayal etched into every line

  27. Haha I was going to respond then I saw your comment and thought, "Actually, I like this better."

  28. Were you able to get the scarf back? Friends like her are hard to find, sorry for your loss dear.

  29. Yes! After they analyzed it for any evidence they gave it to me. You got that right They are once in a lifetime friends. I appreciate that.

  30. Feel honored! She wanted her best friend to know what happened! Whether it was accidental or she jumped she never forgot you.keep her in your heart, live you life to the fullest and she'll find you again when your time comes. And she brought rescue to you to keep you safe. That's the love of a true friend!

  31. That's comforting. Thank you. It does keep me up at night wondering how she fell.

  32. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084G4K2ZT/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i3

  33. Thanks for catching. Definitely did NOT give consent.

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