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Shows the Silver Award... and that's it.

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  1. Yup, that's normal, I was very tired when I had one.

  2. Why are you expecting people to drive you around?

  3. Not gonna lie, I kinda miss the feeling of remoteness you could feel in some regions before 1.0, Charlie retains that feeling (I guess, haven't played it yet)

  4. None of these countries are intrested in unification with Germany, it would serve those people no benefits and Germany is already big enough.

  5. Germany is never big enough until all German people are United. Same with France, Italy, Britain, Poland, Etc.

  6. Seems like irridentism, wonder how it ended the last time.


  8. What other countries execpt Texas aren't monarchies?

  9. I always want it in Slovak! Even the Kofola tasted better in Slovak.

  10. Kofola is supreme, my dad works in Slovakia and he brings us kofola sometimes.

  11. Having a fire engine would be dope, I'd drive it all day.

  12. Yup, still waiting, I don't want to play another east vs west war after spending 40 days in Howl County.

  13. I don’t understand why this sub has turned into some weird dead-Russian porn thing?? These are still human beings??? Celebrate the Ukrainian victories, but can we not jerk off to people losing lives? What kind of sick joy are people getting from watching people die??

  14. Nobody forced them to murder women and children, shoot at civilian cars, bomb hospitals, nobody forced them to rape and pillage. If they were intelligent humans they would have surrenderd in the first days of the war.

  15. Is it really that hard? Recently in relation to the time when the photo was taken. It's your problem if can't understand it, not of op's wording.

  16. Well, at some times maybe, but there was no need to recruit 14 year olds in 1991.

  17. I watched a video on here of a kid, couldn't be older than 18, him and his three friends were goofing around. They had the mentality of maybe a 13yo. They were pretending to be cats. How can you justify putting kids in a trench who are not mentally above 13? You cant. I hope that kid makes it, and fuck every Russian who thinks it's a good idea to put disabled kids (iq<80) in a war.

  18. That's Nazi Germany level of fucked up, but it doesn't surprise me honestly after seeing the shit russia has done in this war.

  19. she haz big boobz 😜😜🥴🥵🥵 Reddit loves that.

  20. It's not even inferno that broke the camels back. It's the fact that a brand new weapon which is colonial exclusive and has never been through a full war was nerfed only hours after people complained about it. While other weapons that have been in the game for a long time and both teams have complained about being broken took months to be addressed.

  21. It's just not-okay and unfair in relation to us, while we had to complain for months about the HV40, the ruptura was nerfed in a very quick manner after warden complaints.

  22. They are delusional people with little support, very embarassing though.

  23. How are you? Having some cramps and queasiness now too, kinda panicking.

  24. I’m still freaking out on and off but I was able to eat a single cracker without hurting my stomach even more. Just really hoping I’m able to eat without the other thing happening and the pain goes away eventually. How are you doing now??

  25. That's good! Keep snacking on some crackers or other things that are light on stomach, and drink water, when I have stomach cramps a hot water bottle helps me, doesn't apply to everyone tho, some people hate the heat etc. As for me, i'm feeling good now, the cramps and queasiness were gone in 10 minutes but i ofc panicked instantly, going to sleep now, hope you get better soon!

  26. Why even have a balance team if they clearly don't give a fuck about it?

  27. What the devs are doing is absolutely pathetic.

  28. This is a propaganda poster created in 1941, two months after the German Civil War started. It is meant to persuade Czechoslovaks to join the military by showing the German and Hungarian armies as weak pawns, while the German rebels are strong, brave, and fierce rooks, knights, and bishops, with Prague and Bratislava being the King and Queen. Here is some lore that I came up with while creating the map.

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