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  1. Cubs, D-Backs, and Giants missing as well. So at least you're in a club of misfit teams now you just need Rudolph to come save you

  2. That sucks. I honestly would have loved to have him back in 2023. He was the 2nd most shifted against player last year so he was bound to play better, plus his defense was solid and his leadership made a clear difference

  3. On this 4th Thursday in November, the Baltimore Orioles can give thanks for the fact that they weren't the laughing stock of baseball this year

  4. There were 20 and our pitchers were fucking 4 of them...

  5. Yankees fans about to organize a protest outside Oracle

  6. Leadoff, unless they pick up Trea Turner. You need your best hitter to have the most AB’s on the team and Julio also has the advantage of being very fast on the bases like a traditional leadoff hitter

  7. But Julio also has more power than the typical lead off hitter so you want guys on base ahead of him. I still think 3 is best for Julio because you can get an OBP guy at 1 and a high average guy at 2

  8. Okay and batting him 1st or 2nd just gives him around 70 more PA a year to hit the ball out of the ball park or put himself in scoring position

  9. Actually it wouldn't. In those lineups those guys would see around 30-40 fewer PA in the same sample size.

  10. When we played the Twins on YouTube there was a vote for which drought would end first the Mariners postseason drought or the Twins postseason win drought.

  11. With the big signings of Julio, Ray, and Castillo it appears as though ownership is finally willing to push the chips on the table

  12. He is now half-way to the first club option escalator.

  13. The massive contract Julio signed. After 2030 there are escalators on the club option based on award voting.

  14. Not the worst but the lone guy who voted Adley over Julio in RoTY didn't even vote Top 10 for Adley in MVP but did put Julio 7th. (CORRECTION: Not the same guy but they both work at sportsnet canada)

  15. 138 wRC+ in AAA, so there is something there I guess.

  16. Kelenic has a career 128 wRC+ in AAA, so while I'm not saying Cooper Hummel is gonna fail at the Major League level I won't take much from what a guy does in the minors.

  17. I officially hate this and everything it represents now

  18. Fun fact about that Julio piss missile at 117.2 MPH:

  19. I'm gonna miss Swanny. He seemed like a real cool guy, you'll love him over there in Toronto

  20. I was worried for about 3 seconds early there, then 6 teams cut in front of us.

  21. So what you're saying is the Padres or Giants could sign him for a 1 day contract when they play that game in Mexico next year

  22. Steven Kwan should’ve been ROY based on my completely unbiased viewpoint having watched him 150+ games and the others 5-10 times each.

  23. I should note that in the 7 games you probably saw Julio against Cleveland,

  24. I think its technically the first pick after the first round is over

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