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  1. So this is what middle class people do while I work three jobs.

  2. When ever I see videos like this that have grown men and woman I always think "is this the type of shit sober people like to do for fun?"

  3. This is the Mannequin people phenomenon. Lots of people all over the world for decades have reported seeing them.

  4. Maybe 5 years ago I was trying to fall asleep. It was hot as balls and for the first time in my than 28 years of life that I noticed for the first time ever....birds obnoxiously tweeting and chirping all night...

  5. But say I took like 3600mg as opposed to my normal 600 would I be kinda numbed out?

  6. In my experience, the higher the dose the affects are minimized. Gaba is one of those medications that really are much better less than more. And its one of those meds that effect everyone differently.

  7. Best thing to do right now is to not feed it. The more fear you allow it to have the more it will bother you. Entities like this only purpose is to feed off of negative energy, it frightened you on purpose. The "wave" of fear you felt is not accidental.

  8. Good question. From abductee reports I have seen they have three long looking type fingers. I wish an artist would get abducted. A lot of the sketches suck.

  9. David Higgins is a contacte, who often draws his life long abductions. He's a older gentleman and is very open about his experiences. He claims to have been in a relationship with a Gray like being named Cresent. He lost his virginity to her apparently, and spawned dozens of half breed children with her.

  10. I know this isn’t paranormal, but please explain why you say “parasite” in quotes and that you’re “not bargaining with it anymore”.

  11. My guess is that OP like dozens of people on reddit everyday, found this footage on his security camera, didn't know what it was, assumed it was groundbreaking paranormal proof, and when he posted the video everyone confirmed it was just a bug, possibly owl.

  12. Sitting alone and crying at graduation always gets me, it’s just so entitled, you know?

  13. Yeah, that role is usually reserved for the girl who goes out of her way to pretend she's mourning the most after a kid she goes to school with dies via cancer or car accident or something, even though she didn't give a fuck or even knew the person before they died. They use it as an excuse to get out of gym class..

  14. When he thought pepper spraying a random game stop employee would force Nintendo to change sonics arm color back to skin tone from blue. It was caught on camera, Chris later wrote in a diary or letter that he was only defending himself.

  15. After the infamous War Of The World's radio broadcast, it sort of helped push UFOs and ET life into American pop culture. War Of The World's ETs looked like one eyed brains with squid like tentacles.

  16. I think there are interdimensional beings, but I also believe there are plenty of advanced beings IN our actual universe because of the size of the universe.

  17. I do as well. But, I think it's extraordinarily rare that rhey visit earth, I also think those beings wouldn't be all that interested in us, and if they were, they would have much more practical ways of observing us than physically coming to earth.

  18. Always in the kitchen? This might sound silly but I maybe have this memory of when I was very young, 3 years old or maybe a little younger, of being in the kitchen and hanging out with these little people.

  19. Yes, I have herd and read many stories similar to this and it's always the kitchen. The stories all sound the same. A young kid will wake up for no reason, feel compelled to walk to the kitchen where they will see these tiny beings. Sometimes the young kid will wake up, go to the kitchen for a glass or water, than see the beings in the kitchen...

  20. Wow that's so cool! Did she ever describe the tiny beings in greater detail? I'm very curious now if my memory of them matches with hers!

  21. There's one of those in NY neighborhood...I literally thought about slugging him once. He stands infront of a 7/11 all day and night asking and begging for money and cigarettes. He once tried getting my attention when he saw me walking into a convient store across the street from his 7/11 nest. I ignore him. This mother fucker crosses the street, walks up to the stores door (he's not allowed in neither this store or 7/11) puts his hands up to the glass door to get a better look....

  22. To help people easily spot fake moon videos. Captain Dissillusion is a youtuber who debunks viral videos. He once had a episode about this particular video.

  23. I am curious if this makes a difference insurance-wise: as far as i know lifeinsurances generally dont pay for suicide. So if you are killed by swat, does your family get the money?

  24. Suicide by cop is a thing. Which I think is what really happened here. A person who is 100% certain they want to take their own life, but either doesn't want to do it them selves or does not have a firearm for a "quick" death can cause some sort of disturbance that will need the police, than present themselves as a threat to the police or others with a weapon, and will eventually be shot.

  25. It's just fucking absolutely mind-blowing how panicked and horrified the spectators become once a 1,000 pound pissed off frightened animal tries to kill a jackass once it finally manages to corner one....THE FUCK they think was gonna happen?! Da fuck these people expecting?!

  26. Wasn't Elon Musk loved by all just a couple years ago? I'm very out of the loop and out of touch with pop culture of any kind, are people really this butt hurt because he bought ...twitter? Because the orange bad man can say stupid things you don't need to read or acknowledge?

  27. Definitely not loved by all. Many people saw him for what he was years ago. It’s not “butthurt because he bought twitter,” it’s the fact that he’s displaying his total egomaniacal incompetence in such an undeniable way that people who hate him are now more likely to get the attention of people who didn’t care before.

  28. Well, of coarse it wasn't by all, but he was undeniably meme level loved by a majority of people? He was the eccentric billionaire, who sold flamethrowers and wanted to go to Mars who made Doge coin a thing

  29. I’m 100% convinced we share this living space with things we cannot see. I witnessed a half full bottle of bleach launch itself across my kitchen once and science says untouched, inanimate, stationary objects cannot throw themselves across a room so I have to assume someone or something I couldn’t see did it. Not 100% convinced that they are ghosts though.

  30. I have been obsessed and fascinated with High Strangeness since the early 90s. I have read countless books, watched and listened to probably thousands of hours of talk radio, podcasts, documentaries about the paranormal.

  31. I am amazed at how quick I found him, I would take hours per page as a kid

  32. Ya too? I didn't even look for him when I found this picture. I did out of bordoem hours later and it literally took maybe 5 seconds

  33. Yes in out transforming from red and green also hecka flashing lights at once looked astounding.

  34. You just perfectly described the planet Jupiter being observed from earth's surface

  35. You are just zooming in and out of a star or planet with typical effects you get when the camera is refocusing.

  36. lol yeah that's painfully clearly mars. The 10 seconds of filming also does not help. I called a dude out maybe a week ago for trying to record mars or jupiter and trying to pass it off as a UFO.

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