1. Ok thank you. Just wondering, how much u think that would be. I talked to some guy and he wanted like $200 to make a key

  2. That's outrageous. Even if he's saying with service call charge. If you brought that to our shop it would be no more than $50 and that's even freaking high. But looking at the lock it looks old as shit and beat up so it might take a bit. Either way 200? Go somewhere else.

  3. I called somewhere else and they said $15-$20 to make a key if I bring it in. Thank you all for ur help

  4. This is what holds the headlight bezel and turn signal on a 1997 f350. I had to replace the header panel and can not remove the old studs because they are rusted so bad. The Ford dealer said they can’t get them and I can’t find them online. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  5. Old school bikes should have old school engines. That bike deserves a briggs flathead. That bike is not designed for speed. Its a crusier. The tires like the front one is are original and were not made for speeds above about 30mph. If it were me i would find something else for the predator and keep that bike old school. There aint many from the 60's left.

  6. What about a little 4 horse Tecumseh, off a snowblower. I have one ready to go. Would that be old school enough?

  7. Online auction so it added tax, buyers premium, and credit card fee

  8. No just a local estate online auction. Some guy who died

  9. That looks like a custom paint scheme. You'd have to ask the original purchaser what green they used.

  10. Does it look like jewel green metallic. Paint code PB/M6456. I think that may be it.

  11. It’s called Islander Green, my dad had a Bronco in this color. Was a factory color from Ford to my knowledge.

  12. Forest service green is like a mint green. I did some more looking. It looks like jewel green metallic. Paint code PB/M6456. Is that what you think it might be.

  13. That’s right even HF predator engines are 159-169$ for the well renowned 212, Honda knockoff. About the only small engines worth repairing once a cylinder is torched are professional grade name brand stuff that costs in the hundreds of dollar to thousand dollar range. Anything else is pretty much a throw away.

  14. Yeah I’ll just have to get a new engine. It’s from a log splitter and is a vertical shaft. Harbor freight stopped making their small vertical shaft engine so I’ll have to find another engine

  15. That's normal. As long as the valve is lapped and not leaking, you're good.

  16. Looks like the one I found in HFQPDB expires Oct 22 (today) and it's for the 5 mil nitrile.

  17. Oh I’m sorry guys my bad I saw a coupon from the beginning of this year and thought it said 2021. Sorry

  18. Idk, mabye one of the honda gx engines, i heard they're often used for karting, in Poland when we want some cheap ass engines, then we're using engines from old Polish mopeds, like the wsk or some other, but they're homemade karts and they're often used in offroad then racing on a track, also im not an expert, im into karting for the first couple of months, so i can't give you proper advice

  19. I think Im going to use the predator 212 from harbor freight because they are cheap and highly modifiable. Thanks for the response. This is also my first go kart, if you couldn’t tell already

  20. Good luck in building the kart, i will stay tuned for more info about the kart

  21. Thanks man, I will post updates and will have videos on my YouTube channel, Landon Ford.

  22. They went with the virtuous model.

  23. What does that mean? Is that a good a thing? Or is it bad?

  24. Nice!! I’ve been collecting plastic for a few weeks to try and make a mallet soon.

  25. I've held on to this stuff for like 6 months now, was always concerned about making my kitchen stink, but I washed everything thoroughly and didnt have any issues! It did take longer to melt than the videos all said it would, but it was pretty fun, def recommend trying it out

  26. Wait...??? You must live near me in Lancaster.I saw this same listing a few weeks ago and was wondering what it was. I then went down a deep rabbit hole just to figure out what this thing is. And I figured out what you guys just said but it took me an hour longer.

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