1. Lmao there’s a small hole in a plexi stand I made. The rest was all balance

  2. Nice grip! Amazing recoil control. A plus shit right here

  3. Hey, this was the holster draw session. You’re gonna have to swipe on screen a few times after the sessions ends. Good luck

  4. I see a bunch of haters on here, all this and that about wasting money etc… lmao y’all funny as fuck

  5. Definitely the sig with Glock optic, idk what the optic is on the sig

  6. This actually looks really good. I like how sleek it is. Kudos for having the stones to do this color on the slide.

  7. You have lots of money sir!! Very very impressive. Keep up the good work

  8. Hey , I would say it’s not normal, mine charged to 100. Is it dying fast? May just need to be used a bit. I wouldn’t worry about too much if that’s the only issue.

  9. Looks great. The rail scales are amazing. Very nice , I would definitely do this exact same way

  10. Looks amazing my guy!! Love it , I have it’s big brother goose.

  11. That is exactly what I would get. Not too Many folks know about tulster holsters. I won 6 of them. Lol. Great 1st gun.

  12. Wow they look amazing. That burnt looking slide is legendary. I can’t wait until my local Cerakote guy is up and running. I want that look lol. Thanks

  13. Lmao clean that truck bro. I just wanna put a vacuum to it , nice set up tho!!

  14. I have the mantis X elite and it is amazing. Get that, you won’t regret it at all. Also get a pink rhino laser cartridge. They’re affordable and reliable.

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