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  1. the best way to notify you of an account you’re not already aware of is to tag you on the post?

  2. Jesus Christ! I feel bad for the people who have this happen to them resulting in their account getting shadow banned for something they didn't do.

  3. i don't think they're getting banned. i saw two others today and they aren't.

  4. There have been plenty of times where they have gotten shadow banned from what I have seen on the space subreddit. The second one you linked deleted them because there is nothing involving the fake Elon Musk Twitter screenshot. The first one that was linked got punished by the admins.

  5. yeah that was a HUGE problem a while ago, they got a LOT of accounts with it. I havnt seen anything like that in a while but that isnt to say it isnt happening

  6. I saw that to and it is very clear they deleted them. Sometime earlier this year, I warned one user about it and they thanked me for notifying them resulting in the user not getting shadow banned.

  7. spammers hijack accounts (that i see) every so often. a few years ago, they were posting links in comments that went to a website that looked like you were logged out on reddit and needed a user/pass to continue.

  8. a year ago? how did you find this a year later?

  9. Did you just steal OP art and post it for sale?

  10. i know. it happens hundreds of times a day on reddit. these thieves make a lot of money scamming unsuspecting folks and stealing artwork.

  11. lol this has happened to my alts sometimes when all they say is “WATCH OUT, THIS IS SPAM” in a comment


  13. lots of scammers in the comments. don’t trust any links in here

  14. thats a scammer’s website. would you mind removing the link?

  15. Oh! good call! More that I wanted to warn OP.

  16. OkCChoice account is gone but was just posting T-shirt spam an hour ago, DueConversation3327 was used to prompt it to post links in reply.

  17. okccchoice, sorapold, and independencenorth858 all show as unbanned to me

  18. here's one acting like a spam fighter but has an amazon store selling t-shirts


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