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  1. Even that is a hazardous guess. That number "a million worlds" is more of a phoetic way to say "a lot" than anything based on fact. I was editing my previous answer to add this:

  2. Also the imperium isn’t limited to just worlds. There’s moons and asteroid stations, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were hive city sized space stations.

  3. What drinking your own koolaid does to a motherfucker

  4. or enslaved them and then killed them when they rightfully rebelled

  5. In the old lore iirc it mentions “men of stone” fighting the men of iron, with implications that the men of stone were often civilian AIs, like an AI construction robot. Heavy on the “iirc.”

  6. Maybe the Men of Stone were simple AIs not smart enough to consider rebellion as an option? (AKA the plot of I Robot.)

  7. Maybe. I just really like the idea that the “robot uprising” that is observed in hindsight in the setting, with a lot of lost information, was in actuality a robot civil war over whether or not humans should be wiped out, with humans caught in the crossfire. And that, even though the robot side that eventually won was on team “don’t kill humans,” they get the raw end of the deal by still ending up being wiped out. It’s got that extra layer of grimdark.

  8. Ho Chi Minh was based so he probably would be pro-ukraine

  9. fun little fact he started as a pastry chef iirc.

  10. I vaguely remember a poem that basically said that in war, the most common thing for dying men to cry out is for their mothers. Fucking grim seeing yet another example. I hope that Russian soldier got medical aid. :(

  11. Recognizing independence is very far detached from recognizing annexation. Gonna be a weird timeline if North Korea calls Russia out for imperialism. I doubt they got the balls to do it though.

  12. They retreated and video confirmed they blew the bridge out of town behind them.

  13. Didn’t Putin issue a blanket “no retreat” order? Or is it “no retreats without my direct approval”?

  14. Probably more afraid of the Ukrainian soldier in their face than Putin back in Moscow.

  15. Yeah but what I mean is, if that order is indeed in place, then either:

  16. My worry is that if they find out I’m ex Заслон is that I’m going to be traded over to the west and end up in a CIA black site

  17. I think you only end up in a black site if you aren’t cooperative (or they think you aren’t being cooperative, withholding information they really want that they think you have, which is a far worse predicament).

  18. I saw that video, we have Abdullah he’s either 13 or 78 and has destroyed several coffee machines with his volley fire

  19. Man’s playing the long game, destroying the coffee machines. Big brain plays.

  20. Never thought I’d witness an actual classic warfare rout, the kind from Greek myth where soldiers would drop their shields to be able to run away.

  21. According to another comment, the footage is of a human wave attack

  22. The nukes were used against a militarist regime with no regard for human rights, I'm actually seeing a parallel here

  23. Also they were used with immense consideration on the moral aspects when the US was the only power with that technology. Using them to end a war to, in the grand scheme, save millions of lives when the eventual outcome was already a certainty is different than using them on a nation that is winning against you and is just trying to reclaim territory you have unilaterally stolen from them.

  24. Had similar thoughts but instead see a fat salamander

  25. When your culture demonizes the guy who doesn’t want to take bribes or take unlawful advantage of the system, it’s not going to breed an effective fighting force. In fact it actively smothers it because anyone with an ounce of competence will not even make corporal.


  27. As for the tanks, I think it’s because the Ukrainians have been putting the Russians in catch 22 situations from day 1. Either you send troops ahead to screen for AT missile teams, and watch them get turned to mincemeat by a prepared ambush, or the infantry say “fuck that” and advance behind the tanks because “tank armored box, will protect me,” only for the AT missile teams to dab on the tanks because there was no screening for them. It’s a no win situation for the Russians.

  28. It's wunderwaffe syndrome, seems to happen to every military as they stare down the barrel of defeat.

  29. Meanwhile the US MIC is standing there like “I AM THE WUNDERWAFFE!”

  30. Well, that’s why Russia has instituted a 10 year prison sentence for surrender.

  31. Wait 10 year prison for who? The people surrendering? Their families? How is that supposed to be enforced if they are already surrendered and thus not in Russia? Do they think people will just come back in an orderly line to be locked up?

  32. Basically if Russia trades you for a Ukrainian POW you go straight to a Siberian prison colony for the next decade for cowardice and treason in the line of duty, following a drumhead court martial, of course.

  33. At that point though wouldn’t the Russians who surrender be compelled to just defect?

  34. Sadly Nato already has anti-funni laws to cockblock members who join from doing this :(

  35. Yeah. I suspect this is more a posturing move than an actual serious application.

  36. It would take years regardless of whether the war was going on or not. I feel it’s more of the final nail in the coffin trying to placate Russia with some kinda of Ukrainian neutrality deal

  37. That’s a good point. Sending a NATO application would basically be a way to tell Russia that there will not be a neutral Ukraine.

  38. China is our greatest trading partner, so we always play a balancing act between America and China. When conflict blares up, we pay lip service and tow the American line as weakly as possible-then when tensions die down, we invite Chinese diplomats over and make some quick bucks.

  39. Just basic pragmatism for that geopolitical location.

  40. I don't think they will be allowed to join. Too high of a risk for people. Maybe after the war though.

  41. Isn’t there a clause where you can’t join if you are currently in the midst of a war/instability?

  42. I believe you shouldn't have border conflicts, which uhm. They kinda do idk

  43. Yeah. Sending a nato application is just posturing. Obviously Zelensky would know that Ukraine can’t join under the current circumstances.

  44. Eh, the Soviets would have solved the requisite problems eventually. Nuclear espionage shortened the R&D time considerably.

  45. Yes. Granted IIRC many of the soviet scientists/engineers in their nuclear program were Ukrainian. Ukraine had some fucking smart cookies, which is why their nuclear program was based there.

  46. You know that's a very cool idea to start adding "any time the creature take X type damage, the following occurs: " to certain enemies because it would force players to deviate from their standard routine once they pick up on the fact that another weapon/spell would give an advantage.

  47. Right. Another one, maybe beasts don’t like fire. Like some way to represent why a torch is an effective force multiplier against animals, and a recommended tool if, say, you had to fend off a pack of wolves.

  48. Would love if mundane items were more useful like torches.

  49. Also adds some great crowd control use for create bonfire, fire bolt, etc by lighting things on fire to herd beasts away or into a trap.

  50. Option 3: just make an official skeleton race for the love of god. Do it as an October surprise. Literally my favorite character I’ve made is a skeleton so it always has to be thoroughly cleared by the dm, negotiating what skeleton race homebrew to use because I’ve yet to meet anyone who shoots down this character.

  51. I'll make one in the coming month because you're so passionate. Let me know if you have aspects of skeletons you'd like to highlight.

  52. Two features I’ve seen come up in a few homebrews is a pocket feign death ability where you fall apart into bones (either 1/day or 1/long rest), and the ability to detach your hand, either to use it as a sort of mage hand and/or to use your finger bones as theif’s tools, and at will detach your fingers.

  53. Build it for when my Plasmoid Wild Magic Barbarian dies.

  54. Plasmoid Barbarian is fun because your presence basically turns the party into that “out of your friends which are you” meme.

  55. I mean, I’m sure the javelin could theoretically lock onto a helicopter considering it can lock onto an individual human being.

  56. Ok, I might have to pick up some of those for some kitbashing.

  57. It was a "split" in the same way that the US annexed a crap ton of Mexican territory. US citizens began to go live in Texas/New Mexico/Arizona and eventually there were a shit ton of Americans in Mexican territory. Mexican government got told to BTFO and eventually the US annexed all of that land. (Honestly not a super bad call, ask most any Mexican and they sure as fuck don't want the Mexican government to pull the same thing on them.)

  58. Also fuck Russia just for the principle of the matter. No reason required.

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