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  1. I have severe insomnia nothing works expect 15mg of mitazapine it’s the only thing that sends me to sleep it’s a godsend

  2. Okay here is what you should do, get your HRT tablets and take out the tablets and put them somewhere safe that nobody would find them. Then put other tablets inside the HRT container so if they Google the tablets they’ll see they actually are HRT (as an added bonus try to put other tablets which look similar to your HRT tablets as a just in case)

  3. I have severe insomnia paired with depression and anxiety. Anyone who cannot sleep should try this spray. It’s called this works, honestly it’s the only thing to have helped my sleep, herbal pills and everything else doesn’t work but this shit does, trust me it’s worth the money. I have now went on to use mirtazapine at 15mg which has cured my insomnia fully (it’s an antidepressant but only helps insomnia at a low mg, anything higher wouldn’t help sleep at all)

  4. I can afford the £500 very easily, it’s more if I should let my partners mom be my guarantor or if that’s a very bad idea as I’ve never owned my own flat before

  5. They all work or have the opportunity to, sometimes my ouija boards won’t work but that doesn’t mean they won’t work another time sometimes they don’t work for a number of reasons. It could be there’s no spirits around you, the spirits don’t want to talk or don’t know how to or just don’t have the energy to do anything. You can literally make an ouija board out of paper and it will still work.

  6. I think it’s perfect!! It shows what you believe and if someone disagrees and swipes left then why would you want to date them anyways?

  7. Immersive TV series/books/games, cooking, crafts, if you’re alone try and text friends or have them over, whatever other activities you enjoy. Keeping a routine that balances your individual needs for rest, social interaction, fun and responsibilities is probably most helpful. It’s hard to deal with but if you’re already doing whatever you need to do to care for your disease then distraction and trying to have a life apart from/in spite if it is the best you can do. It sounds like you believe you will get better though?

  8. Thank you, I appreciate the help. I’m really hoping I’ll get better I don’t know if I will but I’m holding on to hope

  9. Go see a doctor as soon as you can. It’s always good to get bumps checked out.

  10. Well it's my house I've owned long before I met my husband. I don't think he should get a say in what I do with my own house

  11. I think it's something that is a common way of coping. You might subconsciously be making yourself hypersexual in this new relationship as a way to forget or make what happened in the past not as big of a deal. There's another possibility that you may be afraid of your new partner doing something so your hypersexualizing yourself as a way of protecting yourself. I don't know your specific situation but I've been through this myself so this is just what I came up with when I thought about it.

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