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  1. Oh look, a platypus. PERRY THE COCK SLASHING PLATYPUS?!

  2. Honestly we use map quest route planning to optimize technician routes and it's free.

  3. Personally, I would call a local RV repair shop and ask one of their specialists. I've had much help with this. They have asked that I send them photos to help diagnose issues, given suggestions, and even found used replacement parts for very reasonable.

  4. Seriously though, if I had the opportunity to fight a living velociraptor I would take it just for the chance to see a living velociraptor!


  6. I just picked up one of these to restore, thanks for the paint job idea.

  7. I interpreted it as each "gear" was a separate punch but Shigaraki would get pushed back with each punch, only for Deku's punch to shift gear and speed up punching him again resulting in 3 separate punches from one single swing of the arm.

  8. You said what I've been thinking. However, I have been working to separate my deep seated love for the Halo game franchise and that universe/lore from what a series adaptation may bring about. I do think that it deserves some love even if it deviates from cannon. But hopefully not too much.

  9. Such a strange comment... Suspend your love for Halo, to "enjoy" the show? Lol. Okay. What's the point of being a Halo fan in the first place?

  10. In order to enjoy the new content from the Halo universe I love. It's like when your favorite book gets a movie adaptation - if you go in expecting it to be the exact same, you're going to be disappointed. That being said, I do think it could have been done soooo much better, but rather than let it ruin Halo for me I'm trying to enjoy it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  11. Fusion frenzy. Conkers bad fur day (or whatever it was called on Xbox). If I think of more I’ll update post.

  12. Cheers, handsome!!! I wish you all the best and hope you find peace <3

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