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  1. What’s going on w the first guy, what’s he doing lol

  2. Holy shit i thought they jumped inte the rotor and were about to become minced meat

  3. First video looks to be in the nordics, either Sweden or Finland and supermoto stunt riding is a big thing there. Second video is obviously in a tropical environment. Why stitch a fake aftermath video?

  4. Spinal fusion surgeons hate this one simple trick! No but really RIP to her. Also...

  5. This is why you should never cheap out on protective gear! Always wear a full suit with gloves, boots and a good helmet.

  6. Imagine renting a tux every time you want to ride your motorcycle. Instead of a suit I’d recommend some full body leather gear. That will hold up much better in the long run my brother.

  7. Do u drain them after you’re satisfied or do u have to walk around like this for days after? It looks painful as fuck

  8. Free reporting and whistleblowing is great. Being a rapist is not

  9. Why do you think this? Don't just spew things you don't know. Jellyfish are extremely intelligent beings. Literally one of the only animals that we believe to have developed a type of awareness not comparable to ours. (Evolved to be aware but in a completely different way than us) They are neither simple, or "dumb fucks". All biology is mechanical.

  10. I literally can not find anything that suggests that jellyfish are sentient or in any way capable of feeling pain let alone feelings. Could you provide some sources?

  11. im going to hell for laughing at this, but the way she flipped

  12. It was so perfect, i have been laughing for a minute straight and I feel awful for it lmao

  13. I think if you boil your leaves long enough, and let them soak in hot water overnight before use they should lose most of their tanins. You can still put carbon on a sponge filter, if you wrap a sheet of it around the sponge and attach it with fishing line.

  14. you can use carbon in your filter to get rid of tannins or boil the leaves beforehand. do you want them to eat the leaves?

  15. I would want them to have the option to eat the leaves. I am using a sponge filter so carbon is not an option unfortunately

  16. Yup, the guy who fell/landed on some kind of post. Can’t believe he was still breathing when the EMT got there

  17. Liquid bacteria supplements are crap don't waste your time with that. Keeping your filter clean and your water aerated is critical for shrimp. At night your plants will breathe and compete for oxygen with the shrimp. If you have no air stones, no hang on back filter, and no ripple on the surface your shrimp could be suffocating.

  18. This might very well have been the reason sadly. So far the water has been perfect, the filter did however clog up during the night which caused the surface to be completely still. I have now ordered a sponge filter and an airpump instead of using the filter that came with the tank.

  19. I think it might depend on what fish you got. Goldfish like finer substrates as far as I know for example. The main problem would probably be if they swallow any and can’t get it out

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