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  1. She was literally visiting the site of a young woman's rape and murder on the street. It was fucking nuts.

  2. I still don’t understand why they let her get away with this ?!

  3. She doesn’t care where it came from. It’s expensive and that’s what she likes ppl to see

  4. To many greens … not enough protein She literally has zero muscle mass. You can tell

  5. This woman does not exercise. It’s very obvious.

  6. It’s not about exercise… she’s clearly lacking protein.

  7. Yeah, but even on their own platforms… how much could it cost to include a little sumpin

  8. I would not be surprised there’s no marketing cuz Netflix just wants it over and done and never to work with either ever again

  9. I tend to believe Neil this time. MM's too much of a diva and a desperate moocher and GQ probably called her bluff when she said she wouldn't be able to attend if they didn't cover all her super high costs.

  10. That’s what she does !!! From the very beginning.

  11. So in 3 years she's managed to screw Disney, Spotify and Netflix and in all likelihood get blacklisted from everywhere in Hollywood and beyond. She's alienated alot of people with her meeecast too. All by her organic, authentic self, riiight?

  12. She’s can’t even get a Christmas movie 🎥 gig.

  13. Are you using a kitchen scale to make sure your not actually eating over calories and do t even know it ?!

  14. Duh the answer is not with Meghan. lOl she’s probably go off and smack talk me to the press.

  15. Meghan is trying to convince everyone she's the most awesome person in the world.

  16. Has her ex gone to court yet?? Sunny I think his name was

  17. Call Meghan Markle does need mental help. .…

  18. Weirdly enough, I think the Queen was somewhat intimidated by her. The Queen referred to herself as “Daniel in the lions den” w/ Megs it would seem playing the part of the lions den. Of course, eventually the Queen was driven to, “Oh, hell no to that” so balance was restored.

  19. I think the Queen knew exactly what she was doing and that Meghan would show her true colors all on her own. And she did and has. There was no need to interfere … the Queen and everyone else in his family was right all along.

  20. The Invictus Games look will haunt her forever. It’s become tabloids go to photo for Meghan looking bad on whatever cover story they’re trying to sell that week.

  21. I do hope the tabloids print they Faked Remembrance Day photos

  22. I’d have drinks with Catherine anyway!!! She may not be an ordinary mom but she tries her best to make sure their kids lives are full of normal life and they have a huge support system of family and close friends.

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