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  1. Then can I move it from exchange to ledger for free also? Or cheaper? I’ve never used the exchange

  2. I used to swap everything to litecoin on their exchange, send it to Binance, swap them again to their original coins, and now you can withdraw with less fees. You're still exposed to litecoin's prices fluctuation for less than an hour but it's way cheaper

  3. I had not heard of FPS. I don’t believe it’s available through my banks and I’m not sure if it’s available in the USA.

  4. Well it’s really handy for me, Sorry that u guys don’t have that feature!

  5. Believe me I am too, that we don’t have that feature. It’s a real pain in the butt waiting for five days for your coins show up in your wallet.

  6. Unless you're in a situation where your country doesn't offer traditional CCs with cash back, it seems counterproductive to use the CDC card for actual cash. The idea is that you stack CRO rewards, stake it for ~10% return in DeFi (net of inflation), and hope that it appreciates in value over time on top of that.

  7. Is there any situation where cdc card isn’t the worst possible option anymore? I remember when I staked for my ruby, it seemed too good to be true. It WAS too good to be true… :/

  8. Fuckk. What about jade and indigo? Still Spotify and Netflix? I might unstake after EOY then. I bet most others will be doing the same. Then hopefully CDC will reevaluate their shit decisions…

  9. Yeah not to burst your bubble or anything but that card just got nuked buddy.

  10. I know bro, i have e-mail as well🤣 atleast I get rebate for the rest of my staking period

  11. Yeah that’s just about the only good feature left🥲

  12. Yeah what is even the point of this card anymore

  13. Yeah, but I use ACH to top up so whatever.

  14. Because I’m bored of those hookers and cocaine i woke up and was like fuck yeah😎

  15. Hookers and cocaine? You’re playing RuneScape mate.

  16. Also me selling, probably the biggest contributing factor.

  17. Everything’s fucked. I haven’t been able to withdraw solana to my phantom wallet from CDC for like a week and a half now.

  18. Although, I hate to break it to you mate but the aggregating truth is that this is definitely not the bottom.

  19. Appreciate ur response , n yes lets be strong together buddy . Just not sure how safe is the staked amount in the defi earn

  20. What do you mean you’re not sure how safe it is? It’s safe mate

  21. Wait huh I’m a bodybuilding noob wtf is this normal fo bodybuilders to have titty surgery or am I missing the joke?

  22. 0xCACf66A7e57f262A00c516abBF399412eA966001

  23. That’s awesome but why did you make your drug dealer hold it for the picture?

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