1. cuz I searched up "Super idol de xiao rong dou mei ni de tian ba yue zheng wu de yang guang dou mei ni yaoyan" on google

  2. Basically you look down with your flash in hand, yoru’s walking animation will look really stupid and it genuinely can confuse the enemy, so they shoot you, miss, and that’s your cue to flash them (you only get half blinded if you look down)

  3. Ah, but this won't work in my bronze lobbies bc noone else has crosshair placement

  4. I'm 15 and use 46🤷 but I've got better genetics probably

  5. Quite funny tbh, and neither ended that badly rlly

  6. Got one, except he don't even argue he just tries to say one thing, gives up and starts talking abt our mothers

  7. I checked mine and my singing monaters is 6th place💀

  8. umm idk y you want to hate on me buttt that’s pretty rude and I know a moderator so might wanna back off- just saying

  9. Against the grain as in the opsitate way the hair is pointing means the cuts is better you know deeper leaves less hair but it can hurt while doing it

  10. Yes if your hairs are pointing down you go down up and if hair pointing right you have left to right. Do not ever move blade left or right it should always be going up and down the handle goes left and right make sure it's not the blade going left and right because that's how you cut yourself

  11. Great, thanks, is it supoosed to feel like numb tho? Or is that just sort of an illusion from the unfamiliar feeling of having nothin there

  12. What 💀 if they mean the typa body positivity I think they mean then what the fuck

  13. Might I ask, though, is the one piece real? Does it exist?

  14. That's only gonna make the mods praise him in this sub

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