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C'est magnifique

  1. “Wanna get together and imitate some tapestries later?”

  2. Rhaenyra's theme. The end scene showing her turn around after hearing about Luke, with her theme slowly transforming into something a bit more villainous was amazing.

  3. it really changed from her sweet melody to rage filled decent I LOVED it it’s called “Bloodlines will burn” which is a sick title for this whole soundtrack plus aemond and vhagar’s terrorizing theme was everything, this might be my favorite track

  4. What is the song name for aemond and vhagar’s terrorizing theme?

  5. Guest right, lads. And Immuntiy of envoys. Respect Westerosi culture, damn it!

  6. ofcourse! Orwyle would’ve been given all the rights of a guest and the immunity of envoy only at the cost of the chain

  7. plus it would show that otto knows better to not risk his own life going in the dragon’s den where they would delighty take his head for treason. that or otto knows his plot armor is strong

  8. I’ve always had a love for music, but when I discovered this man. He opened so many feelings inside I did not know existed. He is a true magician.

  9. The entire soundtrack of hotd is out on streaming services

  10. shouldn’t it be golden to show the love aegon has for sunfyre…oh wait we never saw them interact

  11. Can’t wait for Vhagar and Aemond’s theme

  12. Where’s the iconic “Tell my half-brother that I will have my throne or I will have his head” damn it green propaganda

  13. I actually used Saruman’s beard and hair 😭

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