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  1. Who gives a shit. Nobody is shoving Sightmarks down your throat. Maybe for that dude it was either that or iron sights. Y'all think having an eotech on your M&P for punching holes in paper make you tough shit? At least the guy with the Sightmark is in a real war. But fuck him right

  2. Judging people is one thing, but dragging them when they vehemently play the "jUsT aS gUd" card on actual shit is another. In a war-time scenario, yes it gets a pass [within reason] as there may not be much choice available for the end-user, but outside of war getting dragged for defending trash is deserved.

  3. These descriptions sound like they were written by someone who doesn't know much about guns.

  4. Friendship ended with the Anarchist's Cringebook

  5. Get +10 dmg with using the Chik-Fil-A accessories instead and +50 freedom

  6. I understand their history and ultimate demise, but MFs out here really pay over 2.5k for these on GB, AND 100 for a reproduction box? 🤡🌎

  7. It's not about practicality; an Altor, Heizer pocket pistol or other derringers are no more practical than these while being a fraction of the cost (at least the pistol caliber Heizer and derringer afford you two shots). It has to do with the principal of these being nothing but pressed metal, pumped out in the millions for as cheap as possible to practically be a one-use item, now worth about the same as a high-end AR or intact Luger.

  8. It happens in basic training. Every. Day.

  9. Can confirm, am active military and we have to be careful with our XR-15 Shortys, which they call the "bullpup" cause the bitch got kick to it

  10. so Hi-Point has a company cloning their stuff and selling it for cheaper?

  11. This is the ancestor of Hi-Points

  12. Half Life 3 would sooner release than HMG push out rifles.

  13. H&K: the Ferrari of the gun world

  14. Why is it virtually only cops have had this issue?

  15. The words "emission" and "death" should mean the same thing to you.

  16. Look at Mr. High-Roller over here, with polymer furniture on his Service Rifle. Quite the flex over us pleb NCR troopers and our wooden furniture.

  17. Funny enough, I stumbled into a large group of the real life versions the other day. Tarantula Hawk wasps are actually incredibly non aggressive in real life. Still, it was a bit worrying to notice I had accidentally stumbled into the middle of dozens of them.

  18. Can confirm about their docile nature. I see them periodically in Arizona, and even being near a tree full of them they're pretty chill. Shoot even Coyote Peterson really had to try to get the one he caught to sting him.

  19. Good on CZ for naming one of their guns after one of the most based animals in existence.

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