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  1. I’m still running 3 miners, hoping to be excited one day

  2. I would be interested otherwise, when’s launch. Been here for almost a year

  3. I’ve had bone and shib staked since ss launched

  4. Ugh my least favorite part of the process. But, part of the process. I have 11 plants to trim in a few days.

  5. I am enjoying some freshly dried buds. More next week

  6. So if it goes private for say 25$, and u hold 75 10$ calls, would u receive 15$x75?

  7. I think we peak again in December so they can tank the January options after peak. Edit: I’m loading shares and april calls just to be safe.

  8. That’s what I’m hoping will happen, our enterprise value is around 3.5-4Billion so as long as the sale is within that range, we would see a hefty return. If you were smart and have been loading up at these ridiculously low prices. If you bought in high during the 20s, you should be yoloing right now to get that average down. Not financial advice

  9. I lowered mine from around 20 to 6.50🤓. Still buying shares. And calls

  10. Ichan= shf decimation Puts his money where his mouth is because he-cahn, shf- be afraid ,be very afraid. Would love to see Citadel in the same position as Ackman. If he aquired BBBY they would be even more fucked than they will be anyway, Would make sbf fade away into old news & Kenny a headline for the worst fuckery of how many billions in the last how many years of operating. Crumbling companies through utter fraud,theft,manipulation,bribery & to see it happen to him & many more charged & jailed with their assets frozen & sold would be phenomenal, I'm in no rush for this to happen but happen it must.

  11. As soon as this transfer finishes I’ll be drs my bag and waiting for calls to print.

  12. I use a reservoir with air stones for water and ph in there. Around week 5-6 my ph pen went tits up. I had to guess or not water them. This lasted for 3 waterings. Learned some lessons and now have a backup

  13. I spent the 80 bucks on Bluelab and it's pretty solid. Guessing is hard! I have how many ML's of PH down for 55 gal, got lazy on a new batch and just added what I usually use, no metering, plants reacted in 12 hours :) I was at 7.0 :( And that's how I hermy a plant, on accident. We are always learning. Now I PH test daily. It's only work. I have same on my 55 reservoir, nice air stone, feeding ebb n flow buckets.

  14. I’ve got 789 shares @ 6.09 I hold, I’m not taking a loss here. Minimum this stock is worth $12. MINIMUM. I believe it can and will reach its ATH again soon. $80.

  15. Interesting there is talk of this just after they meet with the latest article saying "Ichan thinks gamestop is overvalued" (paraphrasing). RC holding cards close to his chest - "views changed" on BBBY - yeah dad, because they have done what you asked? You never said they changed in a negative way.... ;)

  16. Like any great firework show… right in time for the holidays?!🤑🚀

  17. I just keep buying more calls and shares. Can’t wait to exercise them.

  18. I just chopped two of these at 57 days. Was a little early but the rest of the room was ready. Yours look great. Ended up being my tallest plants even after topping.

  19. Same here, I had to bend the main kola over because it was 6' tall and still reaching. I've been running this for a few years and remains on my favorite list. So dense, and it weighs so much too. I have Apex going for the 1st time and it's the least impressive out of these new strains. I'm trying to get away from the fruit so I have Crescendo and Hash plant on deck along with some other favorites. I'm like you, running different strains that bud at different times.

  20. I grabbed a few ten packs of genetics from ethos. This is one of the. Currently I’m blown away my a few of them. Unfortunately this hasn’t been my top pick this grow. But I’d be pleased with your results. This gives me hope for next try at this strain🤙

  21. I can’t wait to exercise my calls. Jan. 20,40,80$ April 10$

  22. It’s fucking 10D chess, if this plays out, it will go down in history.

  23. If this goes down, I’m gonna be a very happy towel stock invester.

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