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  1. Hopefully the latency is on par with logitech, or at least make debounce-time a user option.

  2. It is an user option in the software. You can set it as low as 0ms.

  3. How does it compare to logitech in latency with debounce at 0ms?

  4. Soak the pad in the shower, put some laundry detergent powder on it, scrub it with a dishwash brush, scrub while rinsing, and then rinse . Do this twice.

  5. It only counts after unlocking the specific camo category

  6. You went from the best gas position to the worst gas position

  7. Doesn't mean anything, "world record" for kills in warzone pubs lol, is someone giving these dudes trophies or some shit noone knows about? Lol, is there like some monetary reward for this? Lmao

  8. Dude, there is world records for things like biggest shit ever shat, and you think a record in WZ kills is hysterical?

  9. Average KD of team 2.86, lobby average KD 0.76, weird flex bro.

  10. Every world record in Warzone is in bot lobbies, for obvious reasons. What do you expect? Chill out.

  11. The officer tilted. There is no arguing the officer is using excessive force handling that child.

  12. TenZ is always changing mouse and sens but he's probably operating near his skill ceiling at all times so it's not gonna hinder his progress having to take a little time to change his muscle memory. I honestly wouldn't do it unless I was a top .001 aimer

  13. I see improvements when changing sense just for the challange, and then go back to my usual sense. I guess you make your brain more aware of the hand-eye coordination and therefore more focused on the task of aiming.

  14. I’m fine with getting used to different dpi/sensitivities. That’s fine for me.

  15. How much time do you give your new mice before returning to your main?

  16. Is there a point in getting wasted for the first time just for the sake of getting wasted? Hope you don’t feel like you have to drink alcohol just because you can.

  17. No, this is def not normal. Does it rattle before the click?

  18. Have you tried different material for button spacers? The surface that connects with the switch.

  19. No I haven’t, but that’s a really good shout, especially having adjustable pre travel and all. I believe the plunger itself is a screw that makes contact with the switch. Perhaps we’re all used to plastic on plastic feel. I’ll give that a go thanks!

  20. No problem! Def give it a go. I really enjoy using griptape from logitech as mousebutton spacers, the griptape will form around the switch, eliminates sidewobble and gives a really smooth, clean and good feeling click. Check out some of my posts if you are curious.

  21. Also neat to think that the amount of information we can percieve, is the exact amount necessary to survive. No more no less.

  22. Have you tried scan and repair? Re-installed both Warzone and battlenet?

  23. Thanks for all the great tips! Shocked at the massive response! Now I will be a demon in Valorant for sure.

  24. The water could easily be a trap. That’s my only concern. Maybe a mechanic to prevent zones from ending in the water would help this map out.

  25. Feel like they change stupid things just for the sake of changing it.

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