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  1. You could hear a pin drop in the stadium during that penalty call

  2. Literally rent free in their heads. Don’t really ever care that much about them, or even think about them that much. I always think of that “I don’t really think about you at all” meme.

  3. This, look at the Cowboys record when he is the 3rd playcaller on the field.

  4. Can you link me? I have no doubt certain ref crews screw over the boys

  5. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/officials/AlleBr0r.htm

  6. Stats that really make you go “hmmm”. It’s so tiring being a cowboys fan

  7. I survived the Dez catch. Nothing else hurts after that. Regular season losses are amateur hour.

  8. Same, just kinda numb at this point lmao. I just know if they play a close game and the refs get involved - 9 times out of 10 - it’s not in their favor. I’d love to see some actual statistics on it, because it’s probably statistically impossible. When does “undisciplined” become ticky-tack calls? Definitely want to see statistics on holding on the teams they play

  9. The Packers could be 0-9 and will still find a way to beat the Cowboys, I hate them

  10. Don’t worry they’ll go back to the normal packers next week

  11. I hope that fucking train derails and falls into left-center field.

  12. Most fraudulent ring in professional sports history since 2017. Maldonado reached in to start rally. Busch league shit.

  13. Imagine being an Astros fan unironically

  14. Astros shouldn’t even be a pro team at this point. Tarnished organization

  15. God, the baseball sub is insufferable right now

  16. Nick Foles won a Super Bowl as a backup ...

  17. Nick foles is definitely the exception, not the rule for back up qbs

  18. Lmaoo that’s a hold but not the ones on Parsons almost every down

  19. ya, that's the plan. compiling list of mazda dealers in 200 miles radius.

  20. I have a 21’ q3 and my MiL has a Cx 5 - there is really no comparison in driving dynamics (acceleration, handling). The materials in the Mazda are nice and it’s a good value, but it’s not as fun to drive (as much fun as you can have driving a cuv lol)

  21. I test drove CX50 on some twisty's and highway - was impressed.

  22. Really?? That’s good to hear - love the looks and interior of the cx50. How much are they looking for for those? I know spec’d up it’s basically equivalent in pricing to a Q3, but with more features (cooled seats, etc)

  23. You mean outside? In the sun? Or in regular use?

  24. Not OP, but have a 14 pro max and constantly find the auto brightness in the outdoors is actually brighter than needed and will turn it down manually. Have not directly had the sun on it at the beach - that will be the best stress test lol.

  25. Hate the Diggs narrative Lmaoo, we finally have a fun CB why does he have to be controversial

  26. Anybody here know how to copy the way an Excel cell is formatted to from one spreadsheet to another?

  27. Format painter, Looks like a little paint brush symbol

  28. Why are the Seahawks celebrating like they won the Super Bowl?? Lmaoo they gonna dunk Gatorade on Pete next?

  29. Hey! I have a 21’ Q3 and wanted to share my thoughts:

  30. Great perspectives. I’m looking at a premium Q3 Vs premium plus. I’m coming out of a car who’s most advanced tech was a 6 cd changer. Lol. The basic stuff feels like super futuristic stuff to me. I’m a bit sad that the chip shortage has resulted in the current ‘22s having a node key.. so no push button start and no keyless entry. Not the worst thing since I have been using a Saab key fob for 18 years.

  31. Lol then for sure even the premium trim is a huge step up in terms of tech!! It’s a shame about keyless entry, does the premium come with the convenience package? That at least adds auto-dimming mirrors all around.

  32. B anons. Trust the plan. Where we hodl one we hodl all. WWH1WHA. Future proves past.

  33. Curious if anyone has any thoughts on the stop work order on the Harbor Bridge in Corpus Christi, TX? I am wondering what lead TxDOT to hire the independent investigator? Their findings seem unprecedented - in declaring the foundation design of the main pylon footings inadequate and that they could collapse under certain load conditions (wonder which load cases controlled?).

  34. I don't want to buy because I don't think I want to have a BMW for the long term due to high maintenance costs and such.

  35. Gotcha, I think due to the bad leasing terms it would be cheaper to “buy” the car for 36 months while it’s under warranty, and then trade it in before the warranty expires.

  36. Wow where can I find a 1.99 rate?! Right now BMW financial's APR is 5.49%.

  37. Hey just saw this, lol no worries - hopefully I’m explaining it okay. I saw 3.99% for 60 months on BMWs site, so I’ll use that in the calculations.

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