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  1. Gdp =/= quality of life for the masses. You can have an amazing gdp with shite living standards for most, and you can have a relatively aweful gdp with a great quality of life for most. These two factors are not directly correlated, as I understand it.

  2. Only about half of people think they could fight a goose?!??!??

  3. Dollars are pieces of paper, the only reason they’re worth anything is because the government says they are, and forces you to pay taxes with it and such at threat of imprisonment.

  4. All stores would have empty shelves within a month, the workers at the stores would buy all shit and quit, assuming they did it faster than the companies could close the doors to protect their assets. A massive black market would start on day 1, all the companies go bankrupt except the ones doing business via the new black market. Massive riots, new powers rise through the black market, government gets overthrown. Laws get abolished and a new currency is installed, probably based on gold.

  5. It’s the “Black people don’t know how to swim” stereotype.

  6. Ah I get it now. Weird thing is the only people I’ve ever heard say black people cant swim was a couple black people. I remember being absolutely floored that this one gentleman believed it. Believed he couldn’t swim because “black people can’t swim.” In my neighborhood didn’t matter what color you were, turned out you could float and paddle just fine if you had the opportunity to learn. I didn’t even hear this nonsense until I was in my 30s.

  7. No shit Sherlock, the main point was that it’s about opportunity and not blood. You missed the side point which is some people actually believe black people cant swim due to genetics.

  8. I’m going to look for a book, thanks for that. I’ve been to a therapist once and the cost ($100 per session) was too much for me.

  9. Oh damn you haven’t done any of the books stuff yet on confidence? Damn! You’re bringing back memories to me. I was awkward and shy and low confidence as shit and bullied up the ass middle school through mid highschool.

  10. Doesn’t sounds too faily to me. Reads more like your low self esteem is causing you to give up easily.

  11. Whatever had you thinking about grabbing this card, it ain’t worth it. If you’re trying to buy food you’re better off dumpster diving. If you’re trying to buy Christmas presents just, no.

  12. You will spend 2 hours 30 minutes driving for this position. If you drive 20 minutes a day 5 days a week there and back, that’s 3 hours 20 minutes.

  13. Whelp, I’d interview you if I had a position open. Maybe you need to play the numbers game? Spam that shit.

  14. If it was me, I’d have done this by chucking different resistors in each one. Hide a circuit board under/inside the wood.

  15. Everything I want to do there’s no in between I’d have to go back again and start over. They told me I wasn’t smart enough to go into medicine. Now I’m stuck at jobs that pay less than $20 an hour I feel so stuck I’m never getting out of this

  16. The fact that you considered suicide over writing code indicates the problem lies elsewhere.. like in therapy and medicine. If you made it this far you’re plenty capable of doing it. If you “hate it” that much, then you’re better off going to therapy and just continuing on until you realize it’s not as bad as you think

  17. Because Redditors have no social skills or real world experience. I think a fair share are on the spectrum as well. Everything is taken literally, it's crazy to see

  18. Crazy cannot be seen, only the effects.

  19. Mildly interesting. Less interesting when observing the growth rates are mostly just coming out of a historical economical crash. I find it more interesting lately, looking at the US rgdp growth rate over 70 years.

  20. If you get double submitted it does look bad on your part, as I’ve been told by multiple end clients who I hire for. Just saying

  21. This is lies for 90% of the jobs out there. The other 10% can eat my farts.

  22. Tens of thousands? Massive? Ok so I AM expecting a recession, but let’s take a step back and look at some numbers.

  23. It’s a big question to ask. I’ve been scouring data for a decade on this.

  24. How would you possibly control supply side without being a communist. Are you going to say we are only going to allow 1,000,000 mortgages a year?

  25. Controlling the demand side isn’t any less communist. What are you getting at here?

  26. I thought the guy was talking about loans and that they should limit the supply of loans to home buyers. I see now (and apparently it was clear to others) that he was referencing the government growing housing. To my defense the article is about the federal reserve and the guy I responded to started his conversation talking about loans.

  27. I’m going to try not to go too much into how you throwing “communism” around implies you haven’t read history very much. It’s tough though and shows you’re highly subject to mainstream media or some other non-data-driven crap (communism and capitalism have both existed in various forms and more importantly blends as in blended together in literally every single government to ever exist)… so taking either side of that argument… I’m getting caught up in the crap ok back to where I meant to go.

  28. A starting discussion dissecting the question and providing context in the original thread:

  29. People are unfortunately very immature. I had a manager who was less than useless my first 3 years out of school. Here are some things I would try in order.

  30. Yeah I’m on the “I don’t care and I don’t have time to get belittled” train.

  31. Thank you. I might talk to the director. Though I am a bit hesitant because my supervisor is the director’s favorite.

  32. Unsolicited diplomatic advice: You don’t have to see it as a battle either. I’ve had a lot of roadblocks that I just dealt with matter of factly. “I need assistance with XYZ and joe blow’s previously allocated priorities are not allowing him time to assist. Are there any other routes I can take?” - that’s a diplomatic way of saying somewhere, there is a mis-allocation of priorities without placing blame on any individual.

  33. It's for other purposes. Humiliating and mentally/ physically abusing people makes them easier to control.

  34. I’m all over this posting jokes and laughing but yeah it’s true.

  35. On a side note, but not completely unrelated, I have not had to stand “nut to butt” since I got out.

  36. Never did a photo op golfing with the guys huh?

  37. Download an investment app like Robinhood. Follow the steps there. It’s pretty much just like opening a bank account.

  38. Also, to make it simpler and more complicated at the same time, there are a lot of things offered just like buying a piece of a stock but that do most of the work for you.

  39. Shouldn’t the target inflation rate be 0% if the goal is to have money supply keep on par with growth?

  40. Yes! You are correct! It seems a lot of people miss this point and get hoodwinked.

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