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  1. What is kind of astounding here is that, for all of the people who are nostalgic for going back to the '50's, this graph highlights just how much things have changed since then, that energy usage increased 618% since then. The impact of the '50's just isn't the same as the impact of today.

  2. I wish people followed the simple rule: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  3. Then again, some of the frauds happen right on the fringes.

  4. Hmm, have you tried it while next to a police car? I hear something about the lights helps everything work out better.

  5. A little bit. Not enough for much difference in lift, but it is aerodynamic

  6. You mean streamlined instead of aerodynamic?

  7. TIL. I always assumed it was symmetrical so as to minimize drag and that the structure underneath was sufficient to handle the weight.

  8. Mason Park (1) Stephen James Park (5) (edit: for a moment I thought they renamed it, but it seems there's corruption afoot on the maps) Kamen West Park (1) Robert Crown Community Center (2)

  9. Advertising and algorithms being perfected to the degree that they modify underlying human behavior and reactions.

  10. Casually glorifying violence or advocating for death.

  11. Reaching into a garbage disposal to remove something that shouldn't be in there.

  12. If you want them to vote for democrats in the rural areas, run candidates that are enthusiastically pro gun. For example, someone that wants to improve healthcare access and school funding that also fights to remove the FOID system

  13. On the flip side, I never understand why conservative-leaning candidates run to the fringe in and around Cook County rather than agreeing on most of the issues with a slightly more-conservative twist on one or two issues.

  14. They’re breastfeeding this shouldn’t be here, privacy needs to be taken seriously

  15. Key word most, dispute me at high noon and bring your biggest iron

  16. High noon? We're doing this the old fashioned way - before first light.

  17. May the muzzle flash be the only thing that illuminates your expression as you realize you’ve lost

  18. I thought we were going to use epee du combat.

  19. 150 feet and 200K lbs. of tractor trailers can just be so hard to spot on the highway sometimes

  20. They're easy to miss when you don't use mirrors, windows, or lane markers.

  21. Those hurricanes aren't going to nuke themselves.

  22. Love this line under the photos "Police released photos of two suspects they believe attacked a man on a CTA" haha the police "BELIEVES" these were the attackers. There is a clear video of those goons attacking a man.

  23. Quiet Airlines billboard. Biggest competitor to ASMR Airways. They're both pretty good carriers, but I prefer the latter for the head-tingles.

  24. It's a reminder to abide by the sterile cockpit procedures during taxi, takeoff, and landing.

  25. What is the symbolism here? Why the white, green, and light blue? Was the blue stripe the rivers? Why the six stars of seven points in a ring? Why the red stars?

  26. No, and here's why: I've never used a Divvy bike (I walk/bus/L), so I'm not very familiar with how they work. I'm under the impression that you don't have to return it to a rack, but instead pay an extra fee and Divvy locates it & brings it back to a rack? That's what a woman who was using one last week told me, anyway. So I thought I'd just let them find it and know right away it probably needed repairs after this.

  27. If you see a bike like this, submit a 311 "divvy bike parking" complaint.

  28. So you actually have to get a ticket to kayak in this area?

  29. No you do not. There are several public launches on the river and small personal water craft without motors do not require a license in IL. Renting from a tour company and using their private dock is another matter.

  30. *sewage I wrote this before my coffee and mixed up the gross smelling s words, give me a break

  31. Ahh yeah. Unfortunately there are some places along the river where the plumbing is, quite off the books, hooked up to the river. They've gotten better and better over time, but it still remains a bit of a problem. There are quite a few sites that sanitize the river. One such place, and be very careful if you paddle there, is the aeration station Webster and Ashland.

  32. I dont think you were.... he came flying down into a junction with cars going both ways behind vehicles that block others vision. Also im not sure if its the quality of the video but I genuinely cannot see him until he enters the junction.

  33. Replace cyclist with literally any other mode of transportation and see if your logic checks out. It is always the responsibility of the turning driver to not go until the intersection is clear of all traffic, and to proceed cautiously when oncoming traffic cannot be observed clearly.

  34. The intersection was clear though, any other vehicle bar motorbikes would have been visible way before OP enters the junction the cyclist riding like he has a deathwish is who caused this situation to be as bad as it was.

  35. any other double-decker bus perhaps. Motorbikes are also people and deserve to not be killed by careless drivers. The cyclist didn't have a deathwish so much as the driver had a "reckless homicide wish."

  36. So that explains the 55 gallon drum of KY in the hangar.

  37. Don’t hire a mechanic for this. Just go down to the local hardware store and get several hundred rolls of duct tape and a white spray can or two. Apply the duct tape liberally anywhere you see damage. Then cover over with the white paint. Done! Most mechanics won’t be able to tell the difference between your damage and the thousands of others who have damaged the plane so you’ll be all set.

  38. A little Flex Seal will fix this right up!

  39. Maybe the DA should have brought that up during the detention hearing? That doesn't make this a bad law, that makes it a bad DA, because this sort of thing is explicitly addressed in the law.

  40. You should see what they're doing to people in Texas. The arraignment judges appoint these lawyers that have no other clients but appointees. These lawyers have 1,000s of clients, and all they do is make the defendants wave speedy trail then plead out. When they don't want to plead out they'll continue the pre trial dates get the defendants sent back to county jail. There's guys in jail like 3+ years and has never seen a trial judge. All because this terrible attorney refuses to let them, so he can force them to agree to a plea deal that's in the D.As favor. Because they get like $2,500 per closed case.

  41. Meanwhile, the "state" foots the bill for keeping human beings caged while all of this goes on. But they have oil money and will waste it on stunts.

  42. Legit concerns. Violent crime is up since 2020 and the ability of the police to arrest criminals and the courts to prosecute them is diminished. That's pretty uncontroversial. Makes a lot of people feel less safe because they are less safe. If the city and state don't get a handle on this, when the economy really does take a nose dive a lot of people will choose to leave the city and never come back. Including large companies like Mcdonald's that inject lots of revenue into the city so it can pay for things. For people who live in Chicago and who would like to stay, crime and the unreliability of public transportation is a big concern for the health of the city overall. And nothing is currently being done about either of these problems.

  43. I'm going to challenge your jargon a bit. 1. Isn't ability (rate) so much as it affects the the overall total. 2. Would have some offsetting effect, a willingness to follow up in an investigative way mitigates this. However, in context, such pursuits are weighed against other factors like safety. 3. Is entirely a matter of willingness, not ability.

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