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  1. I'm driving down to Orlando there from Connecticut on Thursday.... Should be fun

  2. Any time I’ve had to take intermittent leave (I have accommodations due to epilepsy,) I head to HR on my first day back to fix my hours. No big deal.

  3. My leave is longer .. sometimes it is a full week I end up having to take. And I email my local HR and they say i have to contact DLS to have them fix my hours instead.... And DLS takes like 30 minutes or longer on the phone or live chat..

  4. dont you try though wear deo and shower daily. i feel like the worst ones are not showering or wearing clean clothes.

  5. Nope... Despite that... By two or three hours in, my sweat washes away whatever I try to put on it.. and my underwear is soaked and smells really bad

  6. I have .. it makes too much of a mess and it only lasts me a couple hours.. and then it's like I have to bring it with me to reapply... And then I end up making the bathrooms look like someone was doing cocaine.

  7. No, it won’t reach the United States. It will go exatropical and then get pulled northeast in like a week.

  8. Ive never seen one do that before.. I've seen one or two go out to sea towards Europe and then do a weird 360 and die out .. I would of thought it might strengthen if it goes a little more southward

  9. Dude that would be a 50 to 60 dollar tax write off. Don't you use a mileage tracker app? I would easily take that. That is realistically a 130 dollars payoff if you include the tax write off.

  10. The average person has over a trillion tokens, it's like the devs don't want to push to get the price up because they know people with over 1 trillion will just sell and make major profits, it really is a pipe dream, I was all for rbif but have sold most of my bag at a loss as I don't want to be a part of false hope but keeping a little just incase they get the finger out and actually do something

  11. It's good to have a diverse portfolio.. even if you are totally sold on rbif. Put most of your money in rbif but not all.. if some of the other coins happen to turn a profit , use that profit to buy more rbif.. that's what I would do if I actually had more money right now.. because I could only spend a couple hundred dollars I did put it all in rbif.. but if I had more money to spend I'd definetly diversify. Patience is my new strategy.. this is going to be my long haul .. years of waiting and holding.

  12. And you need to get yer head out the devs arses lol, anyone has any opinion about rbif and it's not what you guys like then it's downvoted, burns would help as it would bring down the supply and attract more holders

  13. They have burned before.. why you think they wouldn't if it made sense is baffling to me.

  14. I think the Pats have a good chance. There's a lot more speed on our defense. The Ravens' offensive line is not playing well at all right now. Their defense also leaves a lot to be desired with a bunch of busted assignments in yesterday's game.

  15. I wonder if they will use a spy like Kyle Dugger to have on Jackson... I think that might be an awesome match up..

  16. I think if they use anyone as a spy, it'd be Wilson. I feel we will need Dugger in coverage this week. If he isn't ready to play though and Peppers is in there, it'd make sense for him to be the spy.

  17. I saw multiple people say that Dugger isn't that great in coverage. He shines as tackling someone in the open field.. and I think him chasing down Jackson might be fun to see.

  18. Can you explain further? When did DD do this and why would drivers complain about higher base pay I’m having a hard time believing that.

  19. It had to do with the tips.. I guess they were also using the tips .. they lowered the base pay if the customer tipped a good amount.. so you would always mostly get paid 8 to 10 dollars however you swing it. But people didn't like it but it worked out better for me.. my pay was kore consistent .. now everything is just worse with these no tip orders.

  20. https://entrecourier.com/delivery/gig-delivery-platforms/doordash/doordash-commentary/did-doordash-change-the-pay-model/#:~:text=The%20old%20Doordash%20pay%20model,dash%20made%20up%20the%20difference

  21. They could narrow it down to your pick... They have the time you scanned the item and what the item was. Shoes you wear... You have your scanner on a strap... Not everyone does that. There is also location data on the video itself which I think reddit might automatically remove ? Idk.. but what I'm saying there are ways.

  22. That is an awesome achievement.. I just have an issue with the way it is presented. It is like they are pushing that they proved you can create something out of nothing,. Essentially trying to push it on the religious community .. like a "gotcha" moment when in fact they did not create something out of nothing, it needed an electromagnetic field which is not nothing.

  23. Idk.. for me despite showering ... And then going into a hot as hell warehouse.. i sweat like a pig and by mid day my my crotch smells really bad and it is embarrassing. There is like body powder and stuff but even that wears off in the middle of the day for me that is if I remember to bring it with me which is also weird and embarrassing to bring with me as well. Imagine the body powder all over the floors and the toilet seats.. haha

  24. Your screen tells you your rate??? Wish mine did, have to calculate in my head based on units and time

  25. Wow.. that is just evil of them to not put that on there. Every site I been to in my state posts the rates ..

  26. "I demand you pay me this much... Because you can afford to!! And I do not offer any special skills to you.. but you can afford it , so I demand it Jeff Bezos!!!!"

  27. There is an app that forces doordash to show you the hidden tip.. not sure I can say the name of it here

  28. Hey.. sometimes ya got to go to the extremes to prove a point ... Or to get it through a thick stupid human's skull.

  29. I don't know what's "stupid" or "thick" about not listening to the voices in your head when they tell you to murder your family, but go off I guess.

  30. I don't know ... But at least the voice told him last minute to not actually do it and that it was a test

  31. So fake... Like the person before mentioning the zoom.,.. it is zoomed in 109x even tho the object appears to be going full throttle forward and the zoom never changes to adjust.

  32. I’ve seen this occur at a few different venues around the country. They are pretty neat when incorporated with a firework show.

  33. Ya together, that would be cool . But replacing fireworks? Nah.. I go to see fireworks for the explosions and the results after.. this just would be a cool little addition but nothing more.

  34. It died like an hour after I posted this 😂

  35. Yeah I didn’t even realize it was that low and I was playing music and all of a sudden it stopped and had to work like the last hour in silence 😩

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