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  1. So proud of OOP and thrilled he is living his best life after so many years of misery. My only suggestion would be that he maybe could consider talking to a therapist, even just checking in. Gotta take care of that mental health even after you’ve removed yourself from a toxic situation.

  2. Why is Aidan not in school? Because it’s being made out like OOP’s wife has been taking care of him 24/7 without a break during the day.

  3. Have such a peculiar craving for mayonnaise right now...

  4. There are some places one should never go. I would really love to visit China one day. Not a chance in hell that will ever happen until their government changes though. So probably never. You just shouldn't go to places like that. Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, North Korea, China, Venezuela. Not a chance in hell unless things change.

  5. Love the 272 of us (so far) who voted for Alicent!

  6. I mean, Hydrox just sounds like something you'd put down the drain if it was clogged. Why on earth did they pick that name?

  7. Because back in 1908 there was a general push among consumers for more wholesome foods, just like there is today.

  8. Thank you for that informative reply I honestly wasn't expecting one but glad you wrote this out for me. I can see better now why such a name was chosen.

  9. There is no way the term usurper can be applied to Rhaenyra as she was/is the named heir.

  10. You weren’t in the workplace, the workplace rules do not extend beyond the workplace. I genuinely thought this was common knowledge.

  11. I've held off reading the book and held off but now seeing this makes me want to read it.

  12. Did you see the scene where he was in Pentos, just reading? Had ten years to read, you can bet he knows more about a lot of things than most anyone else!

  13. I'm only two episodes in, but Jenna is absolutely smashing this role IMO. I was skeptical about anyone else putting on Wednesday's shoes but she's doing brilliantly and gives her own performance for sure.

  14. I'm more intrigued by the whole 'can be used after freezing or heating'.

  15. OOP would be better off to go absolutely no contact with the lot of them. What vile behaviour from supposed adults.

  16. Mike deserves to be called Mike. He isn't that girl's Dad.

  17. How about thank you for ensuring two of my kids are set up and that will maybe, hopefully make it easier for my other three.

  18. We have almost two years until S2, gotta keep ourselves entertainment!

  19. Not American here, never knew this was even a thing.

  20. No wonder Tony has anxiety with that kind of mother. Seriously, you've got a young adult with Asperger's, it didn't occur to you as his parents to give him a heads up and a chance to adapt instead of just throwing him in the deep end because hey, more effective right?

  21. Fight? Or wind up making out with passionately? Either way my answer is Rhaenyra.

  22. I just feel deeply sorry for that young man. Mental health does not justify nor excuse his behaviour; even being given such free rein by his 'parents' doesn't. But he's not been set up with the kind of support he will need for the rest of his life and this could be the beginning of a lifetime of, well. We can imagine.

  23. I would not be surprised if this isn't the last they hear of it but thanks to adult communication for the win, they're on the same page and will remain so if this issue arises again.

  24. Absolutely terrible. Got the male heirs he wanted and basically just sent word whenever he felt like a bit of hanky panky. Don't believe he ever genuinely loved her. Cared for her, maybe, but even that's a stretch. Never paid her much mind, certainly didn't value her as a person, or her feelings.

  25. “David basically decided he wasn’t really interested in repeating the performance of Niles,” Grammer said.

  26. It always starts with 'we have a perfect relationship' and ends with 'yeah, nah we didn't'

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