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  1. Arguably best to play the sport.. it’s just ignorance if you don’t know who he is. He’s on commercials, mentioned and highest or top 3 highest paid athletes.

  2. Ignorant to not know who he is? I don’t follow football. If I see some football player in a sports drink or Gillette shaving advert, do I care who is on there enough to ask Siri who the fuck it is? Nope, no interest I’m afraid. I am not even remotely interested in which celebrity endorses a watch or product. In many cases it will likely turn me to buy something different.

  3. He’s the best soccer player to ever live. Most known and global sport and athlete.

  4. Bit like saying Rolex is the best watch brand.... compared to what, Casio?

  5. I still see people buying bottled water in Scotland. I have no idea why this is even a product on the shelf here tbh.

  6. I live in the Highlands and drink San Pelegrino water by the case. I dare say I could carbonate tap water, but it doesn’t taste the same.

  7. I fel its not so much the brightness but the auto leveling in most new cars that is set around 11 foot in the air.

  8. Be better off starting with the foglight brigade driving their Nissan Jukes with 3 rows of lights on. The fashion accessory of the modern age.

  9. It's amazing just how much the average driver could learn by following a learner.

  10. I had a customer in the early 2000s called Gaye Hoare. An older chap, but I often wondered when his parents finally realised.

  11. I wouldn't be over critical. We are are at entry level horology here with Tudor. Just enjoy the watch and put the micrometer away.

  12. Crikey, the fanboy force is strong in this sub. So many hate to hear anything negative about the things they purchase / chosen. We all have different views and opinions. On this note I am overjoyed I am different to the blinkered masses in this sub. (hate away to your hearts content)

  13. I think we have different views on this 🙃

  14. I guess every Rolex is technically connect to a tool. Does that count?

  15. You can choose your friends, but not your family. Best way to hold on to your job there. You’re stuck with me Grandad.

  16. Ed sheeran, he seems alright when I've seen him in interviews but I do not understand why his music is so popular.

  17. I have never liked his music, though sometimes think he has done extremely well for being a ginger. One thing that changed my views totally towards the chap is summed up by the following. I worked with a lovely lass who was told she had stage 4 cancer way too soon in her life. She had 2 young lads and a very supportive husband. As she was getting progressively worse, her 2 boys would sing one of Ed’s songs to stop her from crying with pain.

  18. I like that it came out after George Michael's death about all the random anonymous donations he quietly made. I'm not a big fan of his music or owt but you gotta respect that. I'm sure with a lot of celebs their philanthropy is somewhat performative, never giving money without doing a press release etc.

  19. I too was impressed by George when I heard. It diluted a lot of the bad press of him driving while stoned etc. The press were never kind to him eh. As for his generosity, I guess there is a limit to how much is enough to live on and have in the bank. I would love to be in a position like that and be able to choose to be generous.

  20. The standard of driving is getting progressively worse in the UK. So many warriors in tin cans and behind keyboards.

  21. Just as well you’re not into scanning electron microscopy……ffs

  22. I used to be sent on these kind of activities 20 years ago , earlier in my technical sales career. What I did learn from role play was generally what not to do, not take away their robotic clinical technique of regurgitating the textbook questions that customers used to see straight through.

  23. I swear if they created a drive through supermarket there would be queues of people lining up to use it. I always tend to park further away from the door. Less chance of my car getting dinged, and I get to use by legs.

  24. I bought a book on carving love spoons, have a carving set and some wood blanks ready to roll. I had hoped to make a spoon for my now wife for our wedding day, now almost 2 years ago.

  25. Reminds me of Test Drive Unlimited. It was THE best car for making money on the auction house.

  26. I was looking for a TDU comment. Hats off, one of the finest ground breaking games ever. If the servers were turned back on and made backwards compatible, I'd be working towards my 6th Ace level.

  27. They're making TDU3 actually! It's coming out next year and it's set on Hong Kong island.

  28. Is this the Solar Crown we were teased with a short video?

  29. Remove his front wheel, creating space to lock your bike. Carry said wheel to a remote spot and hide it. Sit back and enjoy the most enjoyable game of hide and seek.

  30. N Line. I was put off getting a panoramic roof so didn't opt for the S. I've had nightmares with our Audi SQ5 and a rattle afflicted roof. Didn't want to tempt fate.

  31. I love my N-Line but would rather have yours!! No plug-in N-Line in the states….. yet

  32. Ah I'm sure they'll be released at some point. Not had a chance to fully test it yet. Drives nice just on petrol/gas alone so far.

  33. If it’s indented, should be fine. Bulge on the other hand isn’t. You hardly notice this on low profile, but you see it more often on high walls like these. If in doubt ping the tyre manufacturer with the batch info off the sidewall.

  34. I would consider paying for diamond tips for kitty's claws.

  35. If you had a sterling silver bracelet, you would probably be complaining about a black wrist. The watch back on this watch is probably stainless to prevent oxidisation residue rubbing off. Only other way is to add some form of coating or lacquer. But that in itself can tarnish or yellow over time. Not a problem with gold or platinum, but silver, yes.

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