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  1. I just made a fake account for myself to look at my profile and everything looks fine to me.

  2. yeah really drives the prices down lol, there are people here charging like $20/night cause they just want to stay at a house and not a dorm (to be fair I did the same thing in college)

  3. Sounds like your a pro like myself. And from my experience, you NEVER hire a kid in college. If it’s a nice house with a pool, guarantee there will be a pool party hahah

  4. lol yeah that makes sense - most that happens with me is that if they have a gas stove my partner and I will cook a meal there cause we miss our gas stove lol

  5. UGH that sucks. Also it's totally reasonable to charge more for puppies - they are SO much more work! Some people really think their pets are so easy when they are full time jobs lol

  6. They wouldn't be left alone hardly ever, that's the point I was trying to make. Since as a puppy they won't be a SD so won't have public access rights - so if I worked out of the home I wouldn't be able to take him with me.

  7. If I’m understanding correctly your service dog should be allowed places even in training. But it does seem to be a bit of a gray area in Washington. That’s always odd to me because even a fully at home service dog trained will still have to be in training his first experiences in public?

  8. SDiT don’t have public access rights in WA state. So most people start their training in public pet friendly spaces, like hardware stores, pet friendly stores, etc

  9. YTA. Give your wife whatever food she wants she’s growing a human.

  10. She actually does look like a lab to me!

  11. Indian here! I love dosa, and I can tell you that these "crepes" are not going to blow your mind. They're okay, but I am glad we at least have access to dosa in the Okanagan. I miss my mom's food (we are South Indian), and I will go there sometimes but it's okay... I don't like the chai, tbh. It's not very Indian. It's catered to a general population.

  12. Thanks! I’m Bengali so didn’t have dosas homemade but I grew up in a big city with awesome Indian food and I miss it 😭

  13. I've been to Tamil Nadu for a week and Dosa Crepe does a pretty good job at emulating the taste of the region. I think the owners of the rutalnd localtion are south Indian. Recommended, especially for the price.

  14. My people also use /srs or /gen to indicate that its “serious” or “genuine” Highly recommend

  15. Also when people think resource guarding is cute. Or when your dog is “protecting you.” No that dog is just fear reactive lol

  16. “Some dogs will bite and some dogs won’t.” “Good dogs will never bite.”

  17. I qualified for network delinquency with Aetna because they couldn’t find anyone within 75 miles of my home that would diagnose in-network. They said they’d send me paperwork to submit for reimbursement if I paid for someone out-of-network. They never sent the paperwork, and I couldn’t find anyone out of network that I wanted to use anyway. It’s moot at this point.

  18. bummer. yeah I just started with aetna and so far its... not been great

  19. He’s Staff, Pitt, Lab, German Shepard, Boston terrier, Great Pyrenees and a few others. Any chance you got your pup in Valdosta Georgia?

  20. Nope, out in the desert in Southern California. That’s cool they are so similar!

  21. I'd guess pitty, staffy shepherd mix. Honestly probably little to no lab! My last pup looked similar and was also labeled a "lab mix" by the rescue. She turned out to be mainly GSD and pitt.

  22. We bike together. I ride the bike and he trots alongside. We're currently building up stamina while making sure we stay healthy.

  23. Nice! Yeah I'm lucky to have off leash trails near me. I definitely want to try biking with my dog!

  24. It's a whole lot of fun. You can go the dog's speed for once and depending on how you like it, you can even train him to pull you if you want.

  25. Yes I did bikejoring with my last dog- so fun! I did break my wrist… but it was still fun lol

  26. Ruffwear harness have y fronts. They are made for working dogs and hiking/trekking dogs.

  27. Can you add patches to any of them?

  28. Yeah. A counselor, therapist, psychiatrist and psychologist all recommended or supported it for me. TBH, the companionship and scripted dog conversations to make it through public alone are worth it (and in my case at least, totally legitimate and needed).

  29. That is good to hear - I've just started considering it and I'm definitely feeling some imposter syndrome since I can cope by myself. But it would be nice if it was easier to cope right? I'll definitely be working with a trainer periodically as well. When you bring him places where dogs are allowed and he has no vest or anything, does he still detect panic attacks?

  30. It's a net positive, but I had some moments like "oh no, people are percieving me a lot" in airports. However having the same conversation over and over again is fine (almost always no one knows he's a service dog).

  31. That makes sense, I will probably only use a SD vest on mine in places where pets are not allowed. Yeah honestly the excuse part is great cause I don’t like explaining why I sometimes suddenly have to leave overstimulating places, it always looks awkward

  32. Some places do remote evaluations for adults suspecting autism. The Embrace Autism site or Psychology Today's site may have resources for this.

  33. thank you! I will look into that

  34. Stay away from the ABA clinics. Their goal is to teach autistic children to hide their autistic traits, no matter what the mental cost to the children is.

  35. Yeah... I passed on that one. It's frustrating because its so hard to find someone that evaluates adults and the ones that don't use ABA for kids are even rarer.

  36. Definitely pit but also something else with those ears. Could be lab. I’m excited to find out!

  37. It should not matter, as the FHA (and recent guidance) states "medical provider", thus even your PCP could. On a personal level, especially if I wanted a positive experience with my landlord, I'd probably have my psychiatrist do it. As that's likely to be taken more seriously by the landlord, but as a legal matter, either would work.

  38. I did this a lot as a teen and early 20s. Lots of cringe memories... lol.

  39. Thanks! I don’t think it’s obvious to anyone other than my best friend and my mom, but still I don’t like that. I just don’t have a comfortable way of small talk… I talk like “myself” when I’m excited about something like a special interest but when it’s just social chatter I find it really hard to figure out my own voice

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