1. The fact that no one in the MCU has talked about or mentioned a Celestial emerging is hilarious to me.

  2. They probably saw it and were like “ huh cool” then moved on to their lives

  3. It would alter the future of him and all of what he did because she was the reason he became a wizard so it would create a paradox that if he saved her he would never be a wizard which in turn would stop him from saving her

  4. Yeah eternals will probably be hard to get through because it is long and kinda boring but they do have celestials in it but I probably wouldn’t say it’s necessary but most people haven’t seen the new Thor unless you somehow went to the premier but yeah you can never really know what you need to watch before hand

  5. He was looking at possible outcome not differences in the universes

  6. Your right I mean compared to people with super powers like Thor they are weaker

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