1. I hope it stays close and we can explore the subtle distinction between Glory and Valor.

  2. At the time of this comment I would say it is between Glory and Invention. The most upvoted (Canon) Shard is Invention. But when I think of it Glory and Valor sound super awesome with each other. Like sibling vessels at moderate rivalry with each other. External praise vs Internal achievement. If your comment or another comment that is Voting for Valor gets the most upvotes for (RoW epigraph Shards) it will be Valor. But it can change tomorrow. Idk

  3. I think about this sort of thing occasionally in the context of coming up with a Cosmere world for a tabletop RPG setting. Like, I think Valor or Survival would be Shards for a D&D-type RPG.

  4. I know right. The Cosmere Universe is honestly a perfect template to make any sort of world you want.

  5. Easy. Awakened Dead Squirrel. 🐿️ Ghost Grass type.

  6. Great job, definitely captured his look. You should do one of the Heralds like Kalak or Ishar.

  7. The answer to this type of question in WoT is always because Communication is the True Dark One of this Universe.

  8. So what does this mean for big Cosmere events? The big crossover(s)?

  9. Big Cosmere/Crossover Events are planned to happen mostly after Stormlight 5 is written. The back half of Stormlight will have much more crossover material than the first half. However, if you mean like the epic conclusion to the Cosmere, that will happen in Mistborn Era 4 which is way after Stormlight is over (Cosmere timewise).

  10. Awesome thank you! So if Warbreaker is so far ahead of SA, how are…certain characters within both? Are they ageless? Or does Investiture affect aging?

  11. Warbreaker is before SA. But I don’t think we know exactly how all these characters are staying ageless because they have normal lifespans. But in the case for a certain Warbreaker character in SA.

  12. Written by Brandon Sanderson: ✅ It’s in the Cosmere: ✅ A great/solid story: ✅ Sequels are going to be written: ✅

  13. I started the anime in May and I just got to the timeskip today!

  14. That’s tough, I think Water 7 (Enies Lobby) is my favorite. Rounding out Robins whole character and backstory was amazing. Before Water 7 she was just a cool character that tagged along but there was no clear purpose to her character until she runs into the CP 9 agents and tries sacrificing herself. And the whole crew face so many internal challenges during the arc as well, especially Usopp.

  15. It’s fine, just continue reading SA. There are references in the next books but you don’t have to put down the series to read another book for a few references. You can if you want. But enjoy SA for what it is and read Warbreaker for what it is. (PS: Warbreaker happens like 200yrs before SA)

  16. Yes it’s really good; the story, the characters, the magic system, the world.

  17. People are surprised it's happening this early, when in the past we'd been told that even in Era 3 and possibly the back half, it would still be mostly in the background or at least not essential, and also that it would never be a story of a bunch of characters coming together like Avengers, but rather about the worlds interacting. In fact, Brandon has generally emphasized that it's definitely not a series you need to read in order, and that he didn't want it to become that until the very final Mistborn trilogy, if even then. So the timetable has been moved forward by over twenty years, which is what's tripping people up, especially people who don't have the time to read all of the books (or straight up don't like some) but enjoy a specific series and want to be able to read and discuss that on its own.

  18. Hey LewsTherinTelescope, big fan of your questions on some of the Livestreams. (If im not mistaken with someone else)

  19. Honestly out of the covers and the titles, the covers were much bigger spoilers (that everyone who backed it had to see) than the titles. The titles are pretty vague and there is an incredibly low possibility (more like impossible) that anyone who reads the title and not the released chapters will be able to guess what the story will be about.

  20. lol, I still have my Gamecube version. First Zelda game i ever played, and it is still my favorite. (Best Story and Companion Character) My copy still works great, and i never found the controls to be an issue.

  21. That is the book I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the most after finishing the published Cosmere works. Definitely backing the kickstarter just to get this book, hopefully we can add it as an add-on. I don’t have the money for the WoR leatherbounds though, lol.

  22. Most of 4 I think, but with the draped sleeves of 5. And the belt worn on the outside of the coat like 3

  23. Hey, got the same time. I’m just glad I preordered the audiobook as well.

  24. Have we heard anything about Horneater? I know that he's traditionally made a Stormight .5 ever since Edgedancer (or sooner if you include Warbreaker as 1.5, which, you should...)

  25. All I know is Horneater is planned to come out around the same time as SA 5. Just like Dawnshard with RoW.

  26. So I recently decided I wanted to finally reread everything in the Cosmere and started with Mistborn trilogy…should I rethink my reading order? I based my order off what is on Sanderson’s website….is chronological more satisfying for a reread?

  27. I mean you can do it however you like. But for me personally, I like the chronological order. No one ever talks/suggests it, that is why i made this graphic. Especially for new readers who want to know this order as well. There is no jumping to different books or series in this order.

  28. Yes agree, Wisps of white with blue highlights.

  29. Is this related or the 4 secret novels Kickstarter or is this another thing. I love all things sanderson. Anything I can do if this is for something else to be notified?

  30. This is in regards to the Stormlight Miniatures Kickstarter in September. It ended in October. Dragonsteel and Brotherwise games made canonical versions of SA characters as 4 book set unpainted miniatures, 6 painted figurines, and a high end resin statue of Szeth and Kaladin, plus more. The bakerkit is going live sometime this month for backers of the kickstarter. Idk if they are holding late preorders for people who missed it but keep you eyes out for it.

  31. Thank you for the reply. Is there a way to be notified about future kickstarters for book releases/specialty sets etc?

  32. Not really, they all happen without much warning. But as long as your following Sandersons YouTube channel and follow the all the subreddits related to him and his work, you should here about these things when they drop.

  33. The TLM swag pack has a few stickers. One of them definitely looks like Shai

  34. Ya was about to post the same thing. I would be so surprised if it’s not her.

  35. Haven't gotten back to BoM in my reread yet, but don't we see the cognitive realm for a bit in that book? When Wax briefly dies and talks to Harmony and gets shown the red haze? Or was that something else?

  36. That might be the cognitive realm, but it read differently to me. He doesn’t view the surroundings the same as when “character in Secret History” sees the world. However, they do begin seeing the cognitive realm when they tap into the Bands of Mourning because of how invested they are.

  37. 1 and 2 definitely had more variety of stages. I know more will come out in 3 but I’m hoping there are more dimensions, shortcuts, turns, elevations. So far the stages have been ok repeats or duds

  38. You know about 10 out of 16, and there is a major series that you need to read still. And you want to look up all the info on them now? Ya I don’t think it’s a good idea to do that until you finish SA. You’ll get spoiled on a lot more than you think you will.

  39. It’s been rumored that the Elantris sequels might be written next after SA 5 or the whole Mistborn Era 3. And Nightblood has always been a big idk, however maybe after these. But we are looking at maybe year 2030, if we get these books once per year after 2024

  40. I truly hope there is an Era 2 Secret History. Just at the end of each era add a SH. I know he added Era 1 SH at the end of BoM but I still want one right after TLM in this era.

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