1. I haven't noticed a difference, my libido is still pretty high.

  2. Dude, fuck off with all these stupid posts.

  3. I broke my sister's original Game Boy 30+ years ago. I couldn't get passed a certain part in one of the Mario games and I got so mad that I threw it against a wall. I was grounded from my electronics for a month.

  4. I've already looked on google but I didn't find any I haven't done already

  5. Have you turned Curie into a human yet? Have you found every settlement?

  6. It would be easier to tell you whats wrong with your computer if you post your specs.

  7. I haven't but I always get super excited when games I do play include mounts or horses that you can ride and interact with. (Sims 3 has a pets expansion which includes horses, Everquest, WoW, Witcher 3, Skyrim, RDR)

  8. As a non professional gamer I'm embarrassed by how much I play sometimes.

  9. I used to primarily play PC games (besides nintendo) and once I got a Playstation it was a game changer. Now I mostly use my PS5 unless I want to play mod heavy games.

  10. I can't tell because it's a bit blurry but it appears you have 2 males and 1 female which already isn't good. You should only have 1 male per 3-4 females and that's if you plan on breeding them and IF they have a proper size tank (20gal+) which this is not.

  11. It's not recommended to breed guppies in a 10 gal tank especially if that is your only tank available.

  12. In my experience it's normal to start spotting or even start your period right after taking plan b.

  13. I play scrabble too! I don't use the official app but one that let's you play against an ai.

  14. I've only encountered one mothman that attacked. I was under the assumption that you couldn't interact with most of them.

  15. Pull the fish and test your water and post back with what your parameters are.

  16. Parameters: ph 7.1, Chlorine 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0, TH 25-75, TA 80, Kh 80-120

  17. Hmm... so contrary to what a lot of redditor's seem to believe, you should have SOME nitrates in your tank and having 0 usually means your tank isn't cycled or it is heavily planted with lots of different plants that are able to utilize every bit of nitrates your tank produces or your test is wrong.

  18. Probably a mix but I can't see the gonopodium. Endlers have thin gonopodium with only one hook and guppy's are thicker with multiple hooks. I don't have much to reference to in that pic but he also looks bigger than a lot of my fancy male guppies.

  19. That was extremely helpful! Thank you, THANK YOU! Just googled gonopodium, and that was a tell-TAIL (punny)! Much appreciated feedback! Also, thank you for insights on guppies and shrimp compatibility! This is most important to me because I love my shrimp mates!

  20. Just don't get ghost shrimp, I've heard they'll kill other shrimp and smaller fish.

  21. A couple of my fish got ick a couple weeks ago and I used Tetra's Ick Guard and by the next day their spots were gone. I still kept them in the medicated hospital tank for a week just to be sure but yeh, it worked great and I saw immediate results compared to API Super Ick Cure which needed two doses until I saw result.

  22. I dont have any suggestions for a cleanup crew besides maybe a golden chinese algae eater because I'm not too familiar with your fish besides that cichlids are considered more aggressive. Golden chinese algae eaters will grow to around 12" and are also considered to be semi aggressive to aggressive and are known to hold their own when housed with cichlids.

  23. Both Mr. Pickles and Petey are super cute! So wonderful you were able to give him a new home that was in need. Mr. Pickles looks a little like an adorable furry ant eater with that long snout, LOL. TOO CUTE!

  24. Yeh! He reminds me more of a weasel than a ferret! I think it's so cute.

  25. I have one of those LED light bubble wands across the back of my tank and some taller plants in the back that help to act as a screen in front of the HOB filter. The combo of the air bubbles across the back wall and the tall plants keep all of my floating plants out of the outflow and I don’t have to use any sort of tubing or anything (though that’s what I used to do and it was a pain)

  26. This is what I do in my other tanks and it works perfectly, never have any issues! This fucking tank though, I don't understand why it's not working!

  27. Maybe something a bit beefier than airline tubing from the tubing aisle at home depot?

  28. That's a good idea, I need to go there to pick up some tubing for my RO/DI system anyway.

  29. If you want to save some money and rehab that one, you should be able to reseal it. You can find replacement seal online or at a hardware store.

  30. One of my favorite series! Just recently started playing 76 again.

  31. Just ignore those hacks. I've been stuck playing with people who think they're hot shit but they have no idea how to play as a team so they inevitably go off and get themselves killed and somehow that's everyone else's fault. I'm my experience, it's the people who boast about how good they are that are actually the shit players. It's super annoying.

  32. I would allow the remaining ferrets to see and smell their deceased sibling. I believe that animals can understand when another dies. Many animals have been shown to mourn the loss when one of their members die. I also believe it will keep them from crying out or searching the house for their missing buddy. I totally believe that there are parts about death that some animals can understand.

  33. I do not drink. I always hate how I feel like complete shit the next day and end up just feeling even worse mentally.

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