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  1. Yeah , we need total mob , the -3% recruitable pop would hurt, but we can do women in the workforce

  2. Nah, change occupation law too military governor. Get that extra manpower.

  3. Laget klokka 8 i dag i Red Dead Online

  4. Do u mean the wooden one? I didnt count that becuase its… yknow.. wood. Unless

  5. No. It’s metal all right. Guess it’s called V1 and the functional would be V2.

  6. Fascinating. Source? Ima do my own looking

  7. https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/nazi_germany/panzer_maus.php?amp

  8. He first shared an apartment with August Kubizek. When Kubizek was on military training Hitler moved out. He did live on the street for some time, but soon took residence in Meldemannstraße dormitory. Here he lived in pretty al right condition. His room wouldn’t be much unlike the one under this text. Also, he lived there from 1910-13, after which he moved to München.

  9. Nah bro you gotta have you concealed carry be a mark 7 16inch naval cannon

  10. Hah, you’re not carrying a 46 cm/45 Type 94 naval gun. Pathetic.

  11. It should be the G one, since the F2 muzzle brake is different.

  12. Eh, not completely wrong but both brakes were seen on both models. It wasn’t a perfect swap. So this could be a late production F2 or a G which is basically the same.

  13. Did people forget about antitank rifles chambered in 20mm, or for russian 14.5, not to mention the a 10s 30mm for ground attack whilr innacuraye and mostly usless dino skin is weaker than steel

  14. Eh, they aren’t as prevalent as aircraft weapons. The A10 really isn’t special. 30mm cannons have been fitted on aircraft since WW2. The rate of fire is unpractical and useless for accurate air to ground fire. It’s a paperweight. Without it the A10 would be a much more capable platform. Not to mention literally any other aircraft doing more and better jobs than the A10.

  15. Take that 30 and mount it to a ground chassis and you have a ciws. Not great for air to ground but ground to ground and ground to air is a different story

  16. Not German, but trying to learn. Is it Light charge-carrier Goliath?

  17. *Special upward mobilization operation...

  18. I've used the .25 bullpup version and echo what other commenters say, it's powerful and really nice to shoot but the pressure affects accuracy. I'd get a .25 and reg it if I were you.

  19. Absolutely. It's accurate, reliable, cheap and powerful. Only issue I have with mine is that when I'm walking through woods hunting for rabbits I tend to bump the bolt up from it's downward position, which may cause a double feed. Been looking at the hatsan .25 cal Vectis, which essentially is the same gun, but in lever action; so faster follow up shots, and without my issue.

  20. Im a big fan. Keeps things interesting. Its like witnessing hoi4 irl

  21. But it's not renewable or disposable.

  22. Depends, but it’s clean(er) than almost anything else. In the near future we’ll probably send all leftovers to space anyway. It’s safer and more eco friendly than anything realistic at this point.

  23. Reminds me of the fertiliser factory in my town. In too has sirens and trained security. I get what you are saying, but I already live with this fear. And really, it’s not to bad. This facility has had explosions and gas leaks, and alarms have been raised. it’s not radiation, but invisible gas isn’t much less scary. If we replaced this godforsaken structure with a nuclear power plant not much would be different. Also, the water problem is not incredibly hard to fix. New plants would naturally be responsibly equipped.

  24. Talking about the plantation owner.

  25. These aren’t slaves. It’s 1936. These are low paid, but paid non the less. Also, don’t know what plantation “overseer” is supposed to mean, but I guess he’s just hired(?) to oversee the plantation(?)

  26. Reply to me if you want a flair.

  27. I really hope they are foreshadowing what's to come... Specially with that Su-25 and Tornado :P

  28. Me chilling at 4.0 seeing all these aircraft I’m never getting;-;

  29. If I remember right he wasn’t even messing with it. He was trying to tuck the pistol into the folds of his jacket when a pocket button or something caught the trigger while the safety was off.

  30. Just binge watched this last week. Always a good show. Curahee!!!

  31. It was windy that day so you could say the wind's on.

  32. I never knew how popular HOI4 really was until I saw a TNO joke in a Family Guy clip.

  33. It’s still stamped on Leo 2 tanks, german made and used by multiple countries including my own

  34. No, the Bundeswehr uses the Eisernes Kreuz in Balkenkreuz style. The Balkenkreuz being the 90* shape we see in the picture. However, the Bundeswehr uses a Eisernes Kreuz/Iron Cross style shape.

  35. The 800mm didn’t weigh 7 tons. However it’s shells would be around that weight.

  36. KF41 “Tiger”. Design by Tula armoury for the Finnish defence forces. Production started in 1942 at the St Étienne factory in France and in total 13.000 were produced. This made it the 2nd most produced tank of the Great War, just behind the German Volkswagen XXVII Ausf Å.

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