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  1. Haven't shared this one, if anyone needs it:

  2. This came in today, new code if anyone wants 100 off the US Google store on a pixel 6a, 7 or 7 Pro (must but with a Google account signed in)

  3. This came in today, new code if anyone wants 100 off the US Google store on a pixel 6a, 7 or 7 Pro (must but with a Google account signed in)

  4. Can confirm I'm getting stable-er 5G on my 6 Pro. Could also be attributed to the latest security patches that address the modern issues

  5. When i traded in my 4xl, my screen was cracked. I said so in the description of my device trade in.

  6. Awesome thanks. I am debating on getting the normal 7 this time cause it would only cost me $50. The only thing I am worried about if I am so used to the 120hz screen and battery life (larger battery) . The pixel 7 pro would be $12 a month...

  7. Is there a way you can try it out at a best buy or carrier store near you? That'll be the easiest way for you to decide

  8. Using the telephoto lens, stand at a distance to get those compressed-looking-magazine-like shots Give it enough distance so you can physically "see" the viewfinder switch over to the telephoto

  9. Is she primarily using the front camera? If so, just turn face retouching to the highest setting. In the camera app, go to the front facing camera. Then tap the settings button in the upper left of the viewfinder. Face retouching is there.

  10. Recycle it, maybe it will be reborn as a pixel 7a

  11. Does the phone have a film screen protector or any kind of screen protector at all?

  12. I love it, god damn this is a great shot!

  13. my puppy Apple does this all the time, she "twerks" moving her bum right and left until she gets to where i am and i give her ALL THE RUBS hahaha

  14. So we've adopted a young puppy mill mom (purebred mini Australian shepherd). She's extremely sweet and very submissive. She was used to breed aussiedoodles and was dumped after her last litter had 2 neurological issues. At least that's what we were told. I have a choc lab who is 11 and a border collie who's 5. She does very well with them but I'm wondering about other people's experience with their puppy mill dogs? She has such fear and it is heartbreaking to see her cower when something unexpected happens. She's very scared of loud noises and esp the TV. Has anyone had any experience with this?

  15. I was given an Aussie last year (you can see my posts), she was bred 4 times before she turned 4, precisely to make Aussie doodles as well.

  16. I had to RMA my original 6a after I cracked the screen. The original had an issue in which the thumbprint reader was slow to wake up roughly 10% of the time. I haven't noticed that issue on the RMA device.

  17. I don't think you quite understood what I'm saying. I'm not saying that the fingerprint reader was slow to detect my print and unlock the phone - that part was always great. I am saying that the fingerprint reader was slow to display itself when I was trying to wake the phone. I could wait up to five seconds on occasion, which was annoying AF.

  18. OH! I absolutely misunderstood what you said, yes!

  19. You bet. People won't date you if you have an Android. My family and friends cut me out of conversations entirely for 6 years. I didn't get photos and videos of my baby girl at all

  20. I actually think it's a really, really good device for social media posting

  21. Call Mint Mobile support; I had this happen once to me on Mint also, they "did stuff on their side" and it's been mostly good now... give it a try

  22. I called and they said there is some 5G update in my area and to put it to 4G until Monday so hopefully that will do the trick.

  23. Mint has been pretty good tbh, switched to mint in 2018, and it's been great, for the price especially, but i guess this is the sort of thing that MVNOs go through just for being MVNOs

  24. The Pixel 7 Pro's telephoto is, in short, like if you were using a 120mm telephoto lens on a full frame camera, meaning that you need to be a good distance from a subject/your subject for the phone to

  25. I think it's a very worthy upgrade; especially for the people that are coming from faulty Pixel 6ses.

  26. Can confirm, my 4 year old red Merle sneezes after belly rubs 🥰

  27. Oh I see what you mean, you know honestly I don't know, it may be in the fine print how to (or a quick reddit search if someone has tried to before). I personally just dont play anymore, because I've been purchasing from them for well over a decade in sure they know all that stuff anyways whether I play any game they have or not.

  28. Thank you! Also, You're right, I've been trying to play these games for like two to three years now and since I don't win anything I'll just not play anymore 💀. Again, thank you!

  29. Yeah it sucks, I get the stars through challenges or freebies, But sure no problem!

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