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  1. We have a Reformation day celebration tomorrow, personally I feel like it's putting a Christian name on a pagan holiday but it appeases those who really want to dress up and get candy.

  2. It's not wrong, it's just not worded the way certain people want it to be.

  3. The question is, was that a .22 or a pellet rifle?

  4. How long before this sub turns it into memes and gets pulled down?

  5. It doesn't have to make sense to you. It does to me. And God used it to give me a testimony and a revelation

  6. Claiming to have new revelation from God himself is a very dangerous thing to do.

  7. 8 billion seems like ten times what it should be but that's not important. What is important is that we are told they were bad beyond bad, worse than anything we could imagine. Even with how far humanity has fallen with possibly the exception of Sodom we haven't reached the level of depravity they were living in it's really telling as to just how evil they were. And it wasn't just some, it was every single one of them. Couple that with knowing we have a God who is good and ever merciful it becomes a lot less worrisome that he wiped out millions.

  8. Minus the lights the front looks good, and staggered tire sizes isn't a shitty mod unless it's 4x4

  9. Jesus was Jewish, that's why he observed the Jewish holidays. As Christians we are under the moral law but not the traditional law, that has been fulfilled. And to be clear, there is no single tradition or rule we can follow to guarantee our salvation. As well as the opposite, there is no tradition that will cost us our salvation for not following.

  10. I love the excursions, such a perfect family rig.

  11. Dunno, but I'm assuming your EGR is no longer bolted up.

  12. nazis getting too bold these days, we gotta start curving that by putting them back into their deserved places: early graves

  13. Careful, I got a three day ban from Reddit for not being inclusive of WW2 Nazis. Reddit is a place where everyone should feel safe after all.

  14. and that’s exactly why those shitheads are feeling so emboldened, no place should be a safe space for nazis

  15. Looks like a Chinese plate so it's pretty fitting

  16. Praying to idols is worse than jacking off

  17. Probably not the tightest fit they're known for.

  18. No cats will not survive a vegetarian diet. If there isn't enough insects or rodents to eat they will die.

  19. Don't get me wrong, I love diesel for towing. But diesel is subject to crazy price swings, large periods of price inflation, and I have 18kW (soon to be 28kW) of solar that I could give me basically free fuel for a lot of daily/city driving.

  20. Your post says 50-70 miles of electric range, that wouldn't be worth the extra weight, cost and complexity of making a truck a hybrid. If you were pushing for a diesel electric truck like a locomotive you might have point. But with current technology and any foreseeable future technology there is no better powerplant than a turbo diesel. It makes more torque, travels farther on a single "charge" as well as having the ability to refill to 100% in minutes.

  21. The current hybrid only gets like what 2 or 5 miles for the extra weight, cost, and complexity and they made one of those. Not sure I understand your reasoning behind 50-70 miles of electric range not being worth the same efforts. It certainly would be worth it to me, even if not for you, for all the reasons I gave. Worth much more actually, because I'd actually be able to use such a vehicle and would buy one, while I wouldn't buy the current hybrid.

  22. If it doesn't save money than how is it worth it? That's the biggest problem. If a hybrid cost $3000 more than a regular Powerstroke (and that's much less than I expect they would) it's going to take you 40-80 tanks or up to 45,000 miles for it to break even. And that's all best case scenario.

  23. Oh yeah, I know a couple in Skagit and Whatcom county. A little onx research and a "active target shooting ahead" sign are your best friends.

  24. My county didn't even bother with a photo. Just my name and other identifiers. Sent me a flimsy piece of paper.

  25. That's what my city did, prints and identification. Three days later I got a paper granting me permission to exercise my rights

  26. Could I fix this myself? How can I check? Is this the reason the for slamming of gears

  27. Should have an E4OD in it, they're known for being very picky when it comes to ground wires. Some people have reported the same problem you're having after the third brake light burns out. That's why I'm guessing when he pulled the security system a ground got messed up.

  28. Will it hurt it? Most likely not but why risk it? If you have another vehicle I wouldn't drive it until you can get it to a shop.

  29. Are you worried about the blast wave or the fallout? If your close enough to the blast wave for it to be collapsing parking garages and causing cars to burst into flames you're dead anyways. As for fallout, stay home for a while.

  30. I don't like them, it gives off that mega church vibe. But that's just my opinion, there's no right or wrong.

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