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  1. Like is it even, moral abhorrence aside, technically possible to arrest a 6 year old and have any kind of charges stick? I guess I always kind of presumed you were sacrosanct until youre at least double digits.

  2. I believe it isn't in most states, but Florida didn't have any minimum age at the time. Florida lawmakers have since enacted the "Kaia Rolle Act" which made a minimum arrest age of 7. Because arresting a 7 year old makes way more sense. /sigh

  3. Wild to think about. I have a 5 year old. He's still learning not to hit things, even when he is pretending to be The Hulk. My brain tries to find a way where the cop was somewhat justified but like if its a repeat problem at a charter school, expel them. If it's a one off... wtf???

  4. I think they a lot of people are onto something when they say counter play is basically the focal point of any skill based video game. However, the reason why it doesn't feel right on poe isn't really related to the boss design from my perspective.

  5. That's why I like almost all boss fights except Maven. Maven is fine until the last phase memory game. I just can't anymore. There is so much going on that my tiny monke brain just can't keep track. I also hate the bullet hell phase from exarch when he's low on life. Especially if I finally manage to go pro gamer and avoid that shit AND HE JUST DOES IT AGAIN. That's why I usually only do Maven and Exarch when I don't give a crap about my XP lol.

  6. Even when I am keeping track the isometric view and minimum move distances makes steering difficult anyway, esp on maven. This game isn't built for precision, and that's okay, so stop asking us to be precise. It's not like I'm bad at video games, I'm masters @ sc2 and have some world top 100 Mythic wow kills as the raid lead. The steering is just not built for this to be considered reliable while leveling which is unfortunate when you have a functional understanding of the encounters and could easily succeed if A) you could see telegraphs and B) the avoidance of abilities was more finely tuned for the limited steering and camera potential of the game, or even more clearly telegraph the players hitbox and impending hitboxes of attacks... not that you could see those.

  7. Yea ads and suggested items are based on things you've looked up.

  8. No, you aren't moving when that happens. A ketamine is an anesthetic. If you've ever been put out for surgery, you probably remember your consciousness fading and your perception slimming to a point before you black out as you're counting down from 10. A lot like a video games field of vision being turned all the way down until it's only 1 pixel. That's a K hole, your perception slimming to that point. It happens when you do too much K, it happens when you get put down for surgery. That's because they're effectively (though not literally) the same drug. You never go completely under, or at least I haven't, when you do ketamine (only tried it a few times), you're just in a state as if you woke up from surgery or having your wisdom teeth out. You'd be as immobile as if you just got out of surgery for the next 15-60 minutes.

  9. Contrarianism is the dumbass’s baby steps toward intellectualism

  10. Is it though? It's really just the opposite of gullible. Doesn't mean you get things right more often when you juxtapose yourself across from things instead of with things. A contrarian and a gullible person have a lot in common. A contrarian would like to tell themselves they are stepping towards intellectualism, but they aren't thinking for themselves, they're letting diametric opposition form their thoughts for them.

  11. How often the contrarian is correct is fully dependent on how correct the average statement, opinion, or belief they come into contact with is, no?

  12. Right. The exact same thing is true about being gullible. Having either quality doesn't make you smart. A fish isn't smart for having gills in the ocean. A fish would look real dumb on land. Where you happen to be doesn't make the quality a positive or negative in general or on average. Saying being a contrarian is a good idea is like saying having gills is a good idea. I mean, depends. For every conflicting opinion there's got to be an even split, there are only two sides, and they're opposed. Half of conflicting opinions are right, and half are wrong (well sometimes both are wrong but the math still comes out even 50/50 sounds way cooler). A gullible person listening to one or the other has the same outcome as a contrarian. Right the same amount of times. Having either trait doesn't push you in the right direction either way compared to the other.

  13. I've almost one shotted the enemies before the boss.. and this is me after rebalancing my character. It was glass-cannon before, so unless I would want to be one shotted I had to sacrifice some damage so I had better defences

  14. Just saw your edit. This boss is doable by all types of builds. I don't do chaos or use a prison and I kill it before it blinks away in a fraction of a second. You just don't have enough gear to do the damage to kill the boss. Some builds have an easier time with the boss, but ultimately the boss is trivial for any end game built character. Dies in a matter of seconds.

  15. "Just gear up" is pretty easy for you to say, I don't get "80 divine drops from 1 mob" as sometimes I see here on Reddit. The best I had was 1 exalted ever since I started playing poe. That happened only once. I remember how rich I felt. And then they said "we prefer divine orbs to be more expensive" and I was poor again. Other than that, yes I have some chaos orbs, but not that much.

  16. Yes, it is easy for me to say. All words are easy to say. Except for sally sells sea shells by the sea shore.

  17. Top 30 is a completely different level of skill compared to top 10 or 15. Competitive sc2 becomes exponentially harder as the ranks are higher.

  18. Imagine not being in the top 30 and thinking you could comment on it based on what your limited understanding allows you to process

  19. Yea this seems like when ESPN tries to over specify things to make something seem noteworthy.

  20. Didn't his motives start with something about free will and breaking the cycle? They dropped that somewhere halfway though

  21. Free will - all subjugated to him

  22. No I agree, my wording was poor. What I mean is some people can “ignore” the stress you’re describing and still work on one thing at a time (even though other tasks are looming), where these types of jobs you can’t just “ignore” the stress because of the risk of consequences. A surgeon may only have “one task” to do at a time, and a McDonald’s worker may be doing 20 things at once, but the risk of failure (to me) is what causes the most stress. Some people take stress differently

  23. For sure, a doctor has more gravitas and responsibility. A Mc.Donalds worker has more stress. Being a doctor is way more difficult, obviously. Poor people are allowed to say they're stressed without being told that doctors have harder jobs. An officer worker does not need to hear that other things are more difficult, two problems existing don't cancel each other out. He isn't talking about difficulty, he's talking about stress, and you're out of place :)

  24. You see for me, if I was a fast food worker and got 30+ orders and my manager told me to do 10 different things, I’d just shrug and say “I can only do one thing at a time” and just get them done in whatever order is the most pressing. I’d have way more stress from risk of failure at other jobs, but again, everyone’s different

  25. Healthy and reasonable stress coping systems doesn't change what stress is.

  26. Beavers build dams to keep the water in, to protect their homes, not to keep the water out.

  27. This might come as a huge surprise to you, but, beavers can't actually build homeless encampments. If they did build homeless encampments, like the ones found in cities (as pictured), water would be a detriment.

  28. Lol, beaver lodges have been shown to shelter other creatures such as mice and frogs. Beavers are chill like capybaras.

  29. Bro. It was a personification joke. Beavers did not build the homeless encampments in the cities (as pictured). The homeless encampments in the cities would be ruined by flood waters. Beavers also do not live in the pictured encampments. I'm sure you're very proud you've shown everyone you know things about beavers, but, you're out of touch lmao

  30. You think he makes enough $$ to support himself?

  31. If he was selling any other kind of T shirt on the street corner, no, I don't think he'd make enough to support himself.

  32. Wow that’s crazy. I had no idea political commentators could be bought. Thank god it’s only an issue with conservative pundits.

  33. Hardly, its pretty easy to recreate if you dont mind wasting a paradise tile.

  34. Listen. You can write a long spiel but it's not going to change the fact that being an alcoholic is not the same as having a mental illness that you have no control over. You absolutely know that in this situation when people are saying this individual is mentally ill they're referring to those illnesses where people really don't have control over their actions or behaviors.. you know like schizophrenia, etc.

  35. Try actually reading what I wrote.

  36. Well if you did you'd see you wrote the same thing as me and look dumb lmao

  37. Before I judge I would have to know what kind of abuse we are talking here. This could go from perfectly justified to biggest over reaction ever based on that answer.

  38. There is almost no reason that justifies killing someone, save a clear and present threat to your life. Murdering someone who abused you is neither a good legal decision nor is it morally smiled upon by most people. They don't treat child abusers kindly in prison. Sure, we could understand why you broke, but that doesn't mean it's "perfectly justified"... you did break. You'll spend the rest of your life in jail. No one will agree it will justified in a court of law, judged by your peers.

  39. That's actually not always the case.

  40. So, like you said, ultimately it is the land owner who will be fined. Just like he is ultimately the one responsible to his neighbors for either A) getting his tenants to do it as required in their lease or B) doing it himself. I'd argue the tenant is the trashier of two trashes if it was required in the lease, but, that's the rub of being a land lord. Have to get people to mow the lawn if its in the lease. That's your business, that's your place in life, you make a living doing it and you have to do your part too, one way or another. If you fail the speech check you better go start the lawn mower... and probably not renew their contract.

  41. So every single time you say something about me lying, it's obvious that you're mistaken. You try 90 angles and they're all wrong. You have a serious problem.

  42. By the way the whole thing started out as dehumanizing poor people who, and this part is important, are willing to kill to solve their economic problems. You seemingly repeatedly intentionally miss that part. Who knows why lol Poor people are chill. I'm a poor people. lol. I suppose it wouldn't be morally deficient to overthrow the ruling class, but to aid them through murder for profit is not acceptable.

  43. i got it very good and clear on how i should use it. drops a lot of loot. yes i can farm it, finishing maps after altars with blight and legion under delirium. usually drops good amount of stuff

  44. You, quite evidently, don't have it very good and clear if you are posting on reddit on how to survive the monsters that it augments.

  45. The counter play is to not stand still for more than the missile timer on EoW maps. Those things hit like freight trains. They're skillshots, heavily telegraphed, have high visible and slow moving projectiles, and are easily avoidable by strafing radially.

  46. ‘Organic matter’ is a pretty misleading phrase for most people, who think it has something to do with living organisms.

  47. All organic life contains organic matter, but not all organic matter comprises organic life. It is a pretty significant find. If you are a DEA agent and you are looking to bust meth dealers, finding draino and the other needed chemicals is a clue that can be used with other evidence to bolster claims of probabilities, though nothing for certain, you now have a warrant. You should look into that person more at this point, there is compelling evidence he's making meth. There's compelling evidence there may have been life on other planets, we should keep looking, we didn't come up with nothing. We didn't expect to find furry critters running around or find a fossil protruding from the soil. We now have a metaphoric warrant to build something that could dig a fossil up on mars.

  48. Bro have you tried not standing still for 5 seconds at a time? lmao

  49. it gets worse. I won't give the @ in case I break a rule, but she's infamous on tiktok in a very niche group. She is mentally disabled in some way many think and speculate, although they claim that they aren't. they also quit their Job to go for their own 'muisic career' which isn't successful as you could imagine and is only spurred on by trolls pretending to be fans. It's a shit show.

  50. I mean there's no way to know for certain but I think all bets are on undiagnosed issues of some variation if she isn't already aware of them. She can hardly form words.

  51. Why isn't bedminster being searched? Because they found the documents in Maralago when they raided it. That's why they raided it. They have them already.

  52. but whatabout, but whatabout, but whatabout.

  53. It's a clintons are memed for being assassins joke, not partisan moral conjecture. lol.

  54. Classy mate. Fucking typical Reddit being totally blind to ableism, deliberate or not.

  55. Hey man, I'm autistic. I miss sarcasm nearly professionally. I didn't miss that, and I'm not offended, unclear who you are defending as we can speak for ourselves.

  56. I think they found a link between depression and autism.

  57. So, there is a link between depression and autism. Just not a causal link. Meaning people who have autism are likely to suffer from depression, but autism doesn't manifest as a result of it.

  58. Path of Exile is ending. Path of Exile 2 will be coming soon. It is sequitur that they reduced investment into the game at the end of its development cycle, and as such peripherals such as town halls are the first to go. The amount of time designing content decreases. Among a litany other reductions. I do not understand how that isn't abundantly clear to everyone who currently plays poe. Obviously GGG can't come out and say that bluntly, but, I have good faith you people have observed other development cycles and see similarities and patterns here. This is not me saying "deal with it and continue to play the game", it is just an observation of why things are happening the way they are. The end of a games life cycle is when people quit playing, for two reasons usually in order, the game is old and lacks novelty, and the company stops investing in it as a result. We're currently at the latter step. Right now you are participating in testing for PoE 2 in data gathering for new loot systems and difference paces of play. Play, or don't. Don't expect a natural downturn to completely do a 180 and perform a miracle, though. The games ending, support is ending, communication is ending. That's okay though, all good things come to an end, and hopefully what comes next is better. Kicking and screaming won't turn the clock back and bring PoE back to its prime. Nothing will, so I guess you can kick and scream if you'd like as none of it has any consequence.

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