1. Pretty sure you're paying for the tip no matter what.

  2. Oh ok, I know people were mentioning that on teslas website it mentioned people had to wait until 2023 to purchase the adapter.

  3. People getting that message needed the retrofit before the adapter will work. Anyone with a car that needs the retrofit got the service notice that you did, as well.

  4. Yes, that's a problem. You'd need to start load development from scratch, especially substituting in a much longer bullet.

  5. Mostly blades and blunt weapons. Guns don't shoot any faster, so the Sandevistan doesn't help there.

  6. My Sandevistan build was a Katana (Satori at first, then Scalpel), suppressed pistol, and Nekomata/Breakthrough.

  7. Asking about our favorite characters is clearly a trap.

  8. Damn ok, would my best bet to order a bunch from one retailer and hope I get the same lot? I’m sure I could contact them and ask

  9. Contacting them would be a good idea, especially if it's the same place you got it from originally.

  10. Just curious, I am looking to start reloading after I passed the reloading exam, how much time to do you roughly spend to make say 100 bullets?

  11. Might have been a rock in the brakes that got dislodged.

  12. The energy input from the impact is juuuuust enough to be measurable, but not remotely enough to break the smaller asteroid out of its orbit of the larger one.

  13. On the bright side, if it does come back to bite us, we at least have a decent idea as to what system they might use to save the planet lol

  14. That was kinda the idea - getting the data needed to develop strategies to intercept an asteroid. For people that are concerned about the concept of

  15. As a follow up ... when i am measuring the CBTO of my reloads, i would use the bullet comparators correct? what is the difference between the sets?

  16. Correct. Bullet comparator when touching bullet, headspace when touching case.

  17. Upon your suggestion, I ordered the head space comparator set. It’ll be here tomorrow. I’ll look at some info then. But not convinced that will help. It seems like if I resize it at all, it makes it harder to chamber. I don’t really understand.

  18. You can get a Badger M5 DBM installed for under $400 including shipping. That's including all parts and labor. The MDT XRS is the only thing that comes close to that that's ready to run out of the box, as the LSS units require adding a buttstock assembly and pistol grip.

  19. Conversion kits aren't cheap, actually running the bolt is a bit goofy due to bullpup, proprietary mags are far less common than the good old AICS pattern, trigger is MEH.

  20. Huh guess I need to add a dedicated decapping station to my setup. Sounds like trying to deprime/resize crimped .308 in one step is my problem. Never had any issues with 30-06 🤔 thanks for the input everyone!

  21. Gee my rcbs has worked fine for years. Lanolin and alcohol lube and spare pins are easy to acquire if I need one.

  22. Thanks, I wanted to play with a few augments as I could; is it difficult without more than the two you get automatically?

  23. The Reloading Discord is the best bet for primers, but availability is still on the rough side, and prices are still up roughly 100% compared to pre-COVID.

  24. Airliners generally have little to no scheduled/planned between individual flights other than cleaning and fueling. They have maintenance over time, but outside of broken stuff the proscribed maintenance is done at specific intervals when the plane is out of service.

  25. Someone else posted about the same account, then later said the person on reddit provided a Tesla email address. Might actually be legit.

  26. That makes sense. So charging 240v at 1a is effectively pointless because the 240w you put in will be used almost instantly by the car.

  27. Based on the numbers you posted, looks like ~230w. (77% of 1kw is going into the battery, leaving ~230w being consumed elsewhere)

  28. Thanks, that makes sense so it ranges between 160 and 230w.

  29. What is it chambered for? That can make a difference.

  30. Wife and I drove to pick the car up, then drove both cars back.

  31. And people ask what the point of marriage is. This. This is the point.

  32. To be fair, I drove the outbound leg in our ICE since I knew I'd have the advantage of AP on the way home. However, even the drive home was still 5 hours.

  33. Annealing is one of those things that a lot of us do and…a lot of us are possibly doing it incorrectly (especially with propane set ups). I had an Annealeez for a few years, it was an absolute pain in the dick to deal with, I didn’t like the idea of propane/open flame in the house, disliked sweating or freezing my ass of in the garage even more and honestly just could never tell if I was doing it right (even with tempilaq) and never noticed a difference in accuracy (or extended brass life) I’m sure that I could have spent more money and purchased more technical shit to test neck tension and “spring back” etc. I started getting pricier/premium brass over the years (Peterson, Lapua, ADG) and all of it came annealed from the factory. I finally broke down, gave my propane set up away and pick up an AMP. It’s stupid expensive for something that may (or may not) make a damn bit of difference but… it’s also idiot proof and stupid simple to figure out and operate as intended. Me personally…buy once / cry once AMP with AZTEC, you have to sacrifice a piece of brass but it will analyze it and give you the code that you plug in and it’ll do whatever it does to anneal each piece of brass perfect every time.

  34. Are you letting it cool to ambient between shots on the 10 shot group or shooting all 10?

  35. I usually shoot all 10 because I'm running very heavy barrel profiles, and 10-12 rounds in 60-90 seconds is common in PRS matches.

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