1. Those Madeline brownie bites are delicious! Bought myself some this weekend. They are a fine little treat, and rich enough that I can stop at one or two easily.

  2. Okay, I'm looking at furniture in my house trying to figure out what you are talking about. Those small felt circles like 1" diameter? Why would that get stuck?

  3. True - a police officer I knew as a family friend went off on me for littering as a young teen. I had always known him as a really nice, friendly guy and it was unsettling seeing him so upset with me. I am in my 40s now and have never littered again.

  4. It’s in the policy that I can’t. I will at the end of the camp. I’m not paying for it so imma wait to see if it was worth it

  5. Grand Circus is having a nice deal on an after hours Java bootcamp. Fully remote. Tuition is $7,000 with one guaranteed interview at the end.

  6. If watering is a bit light then you’ll get reduced and slower germination bit it’ll come. It’s grass. If it’s quite light then the seed will die. If you over the seed with something like compost, peat, lawn soil, granular mulch, straw or whatever then it is much more forgiving of watering and germination will be faster and higher.

  7. Adding some straw on top of my seeds seemed to make the ground retain water so much better.

  8. Hand pulling is probably safest for dogs. Walk around the yard and identify the plant that is producing the burrs. Pull them up by the base and get them out of your yard before they drop more seeds.

  9. It’s one spot. I’m not digging a rain garden in the middle of my yard for a 2x2 patch.

  10. Head and Shoulders and other selenium sulfide shampoos contain an anti fungal agent. I’m no doctor, but I’d give that a try.

  11. Big pots are a good way to add height and color. They are also mobile, so you can try out different plant locations without having to do a bunch of digging. I might start with some pots along that back fence.

  12. Thank you! But since 7am I've been muddling my way through to get it lighter.

  13. Please share your results/process when you’re finished. I’m invested now!

  14. Oh my god for a second I thought this was a funny post because the cake in the first photo actually looked like a thick kitchen sponge with some cream on top of it. :D :D :D Then I saw the second photo and quickly realized my mistake.

  15. You’d just have to follow that person around for like two weeks and snatch any fatty delicious food you see in their hands and shove it in your own face first. Not a bad gig.

  16. That's even practical haha. I was thinking more of a magical approach.

  17. I really enjoyed “The Complete JavaScript course 2022” by Jonas Schmedtmann. It’s more JS than HTML and CSS, but those are pretty easy to pick up through free code camp or other sources.

  18. Lentil soup. Low calorie and delicious. Make a big pot on Sunday and eat leftovers for lunch at work.

  19. See, this is why I ask these kinds of question. I have big time object impermanence. Thank you!!

  20. Apple cinnamon slow cooker oats. Use steel cut oats and put it together in the slow cooker before bed. Hot delicious oatmeal when you wake up. Yum.

  21. Those tuna packets on cucumber slices. Eating straight out of the packet is sad. Forking some tuna onto a cucumber is much more pleasing.

  22. Python is a good language for beginners. I started with Python for Everybody at py4e.com. I liked that there were so many resources: videos, online textbook, practice questions and forums if you got stuck.

  23. Python was demotivating to start off with cause you can’t see anything tangible or do much without front end. I didn’t get extremely far into it. But far enough that it was frustrating to not see anything happening apart from understanding ‘principal’ so that got very BORING. I don’t think it’s good to start with if someone doesn’t have front end knowledge to which apply python in a tangible way imo. Most people like to SEE the fruits of their labor vs it being some abstract concept indefinitely.

  24. Yeah Python is visually boring in the beginning when you’re just looking at terminal print statements. I think it quickly started to feel powerful once I started using it for data analysis.

  25. You don’t keep supporting him and motivating him after a break up. He will just be holding out hope you want to get back together. It will drag out the break up process forever.

  26. Cool. He should be able to find shared housing with other students after your lease is up.

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