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  1. PS2 being bested by the xbox360 is a joke. Also, Neo Geo and Saturn being knocked out first round? Yeah right!

  2. I love NA beers. Since I’ve been sober, I really enjoy having two or three while out with the guys.

  3. Didn’t happen, and IF it did you’re an asshole. To tell people they shouldn’t return for something like paying their bill in full but not tipping you is 100% grounds for termination.

  4. You shouldn’t be in the service industry. I’m glad to hear you quit. Hope this helps

  5. I used to dread reading through my call log and texts too. My last night of drinking I blacked out, told my girlfriend to fuck off and go home, then in my drunken wisdom I called my ex girlfriend... knowing what I did was enough to convince me I had a problem. So I took the weekend to not drink and to reflect on myself. I then decided to try non alcoholic beers to curb my cravings. That definitely works for me. Now I read the Baghavad Gita for spiritual guidance and I realize that my life is more important than drinking myself stupid. You’ve got the power to stop, it’s inside of you. Just challenge yourself when the urge comes. Willpower is a powerful thing! Good luck.

  6. Make it happen. Make the decision when the temptation is there. Follow through is what it takes.

  7. Just because you’re quitting drinking doesn’t mean she should have to. That’s a very selfish way of thinking. You can be mad at the fact that seeing others drinking makes you crave it, but don’t be mad at your wife. Remember why you love her and remember that she has autonomy and is her own person capable of her own decisions.

  8. I drink NA beer and I brewed beer professionally for a decade. I absolutely love the taste and social aspect of a great beer, but the over doing it and blacking out is what was my problem. Now that I’m sober, I drink NA beer regularly and it satiates the craving. You’d have to drink gallons upon gallons of the stuff to ever catch a buzz, so no, it’s not violating your sobriety. Use it as a tool to keep your shit together. Good luck!

  9. *Debbie Does Dallas, *Debbie Does Detroit, *Debbie’s Triumphant Return To Dallas.

  10. Eating sensible portions, and bringing some non alcoholic craft beer to my family get together.

  11. Also, original Nintendo controller is $40 at my local game store.

  12. Wave Race and WCW Mayhem are both worth $10 all day. A working n64 is $100 and up all day, and a rumble pack alone is $50.

  13. I found chanting to be a very important tool in sobriety. Haribol my friend!

  14. Palestinian children made those shoes. Made for kids, by kids.

  15. Surprised to see Spawn as #1. Finished a while ago and it was kinda underwhelming.

  16. I think I’m just really biased because I love the source material.

  17. Lists that do t follow the google best games are my favourite! Ill have to check out spawn and cold fear… maybe terminator too, never played any of those

  18. Thanks! Yep, these are just simply my personal favorite games. That Terminator game was put out essentially as an apology for the Terminator 3 game that was so damn bad. That’s why it’s titled Redemption, or so I’m told. It’s one of only a couple Terminator games that I think are worth a damn. The others being Dawn Of Fate and the T2 light gun arcade game from the early 90’s.

  19. Incorrect. They were taking a risk, but seems like they were respectful and just left a message. Assuming everyone’s an adult here.

  20. So, not very many people realize this, but If your system will let you or a manager manually enter card details, you actually can take Apple Pay.

  21. You can take your cyber mumbo jumbo and go straight to the ATM for some cold hard American cash. God bless god. Amen. Let’s go Brandon. I miss my old truck.

  22. It makes me think of the Batman animated series we grew up with in the 90’s.

  23. I’d pay $100 for the lot. No more. Any store or pawn shop wouldn’t pay more than that if it came walking in the door.

  24. Seeing a cop while you’re sober and driving isn’t pants shittingly stressful.

  25. I bought some (so far) really nice Wolverine boots for work. Price was only $10 more than what they were selling online at a different website. Hoping they last a couple years. $140 for boots, vs buying the really nice $400 boots at a boot specific store. Time will tell if I made the right decision.

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