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  1. Too bad I live in an area you can only use them for four months out of the year.

  2. I've never used a hand crank phone charger, but I can tell you my hand crank radio takes forever to charge. Solar might be the way to go

  3. I have a radio that is both hand-crank and solar and which serves as a phone charger. It lives in my laundry room window so it's always charged, but I know I can grab it and take it down to a shelter and not worry about having sunlight if worse comes to worse.

  4. I had such high hopes for the TV show Revolution, but it just went straight X Files.

  5. Congratulations, you have now reached the point on the prepping spectrum where your next move is to buy dirt (land) and heirloom seeds.

  6. This. There's always more to do when it comes to prepping, and your next step is becoming more self-sufficient. Maybe set yourself a goal and a budget to enable you to buy some land, and go through some of your preps to help you stay on or under budget with your groceries.

  7. Yeah I'm not seeing how it would ruin the gravy -- you make gravy with the neck and giblets, not any part of the turkey you're cooking, unless I'm missing something.

  8. I make the gravy with the browning and juice left in the pan after the turkey has roasted and rested for a few minutes. I use the giblets and neck to roast a pan of stuffing with (we have celiac folks in our family so we can't stuff the bird...which is fine because that makes it take longer anyway, so I'd rather not).

  9. I think I read somewhere that actually stuffing the bird isn't advisable anymore because it increases the risk of foodborne illness.

  10. Yeah, I doubt it increases the chance much if you're making sure you come to temp, but I think that's the rub, is it's harder to if it's stuffed.

  11. Hilarious, considering your former president tried to buy Greenland.

  12. Yeah, I'm trying to wrap my head around him running again, too. I didn't think he'd win the first time, so trying not to keep my hopes up that he won't this time.

  13. Being replaced by new technologies and more advanced models is not the same as not being discontinued. If I gave you a floppy disc you wouldn't be able to plug it into a USB port and get the data off of it.

  14. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ yes, there are floppy drives that you can plug into your USB port. But you can't plug your floppy disc into a USB drive without a "translator" essentially.

  15. If things are so bad we don't have schools anymore I plan on focusing on literacy, critical thinking, practical math skills, some history, and probably only up to about 10th grade chemistry (thoigh my BIL will likely teach beyond that for those who show an interest, as he's a chemistry teacher IRL), but lots of biology. I hope someone else will teach physics because it's a weak subject for me. πŸ˜…

  16. No one can do it all, so we'll have to share skills. I'll be sharing my animal husbandry and gardening skills. Who wants some quail or chickens (alive or processed) in exchange for fixing my tractor? πŸ˜‰

  17. 99 percent of the prepping community are idiots who think they'll survive with their year's worth of food "if all hell breaks loose", without being able to in anyway define what that state would mean, and how it would come about. It's essentially throwing away money on something meaningless. The example of a person building a fallout shelter in a flood plain comes to mind. They're also mostly Yanks, so they don't understand what a state is, they distrust other people (and the state!) instead of building society together, and they have no knowledge or interest in learning on the examples of crisis of past centuries (for example, how did people in Warsaw survive WWII?).

  18. Along the lines of the one good item suggestion, above: A great wool blanket. If he lives somewhere that gets cold, that is.

  19. Ugh, we're already deep into the season here. I'm JUST starting to get over a really bad one. Don't forget lots of teas, honey, and lemon juice. Stay well, everyone.

  20. If you want to try it, an indoor setup with LED lights and a small hydroponic system is pretty easy for growing lettuce. Lettuce likes cooler temperatures, so you will have no issues if your home is below 70. Where I work, we can only really grow lettuce from early autumn until spring, mostly in a greenhouse hydroponic system.

  21. Oh I'm a gardener. I've already got seeds going. πŸ˜‰

  22. Na wtf hah i need to change my avatar then why so paranoid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  23. Why so paranoid? Dude have you SEEN the internet these days? Oof.

  24. AI is reproductive exploitation. It is not akin to treating an animal for a disease or infection, and it is not in their best interest to be inseminated and then have their baby stolen from them to be killed or suffer the same fate so humans can drink the milk that is meant for their child. Insisting that is isn't rape is fucking laughable. If someone were to hold a human in a caged enclosure and artificially inseminate them for the purpose of orphaning their child, would that be rape? Or just a "medical procedure"? Try to sanitize it all you want.

  25. Absolutely there are some segments of the animal agriculture industry that have a lot to answer for, but practices are improving all the time. For my part I source all my meat and dairy from local producers. People who are my neighbours and whose facilities I have seen, places my friends' kids have worked. These cattle literally pasture on the other side of my fence, and quite contentedly at that. And when it's time to milk they go quite contentedly to the milking center. It's not the monstrosity you make it out to be. I know the US is probably behind on a lot of these practices and for that I am sorry, but unless you actually have first hand experience with producers I'll thank you not to lump them all into the monstrous category you seem to have done. Cattle are not children, and the life of an animal in the wild is much harder, much more frightening than the lives the animals I eat the produce of do.

  26. Oh my bad, well as long as the cows you exploit are raped and murdered locally that's totally fine! I also find it really fascinating how literally every redditor gets their milk and meat from local, non-abusive farmers, while 95% of all animal products come from factory farms. What a weird coincidence! And you're totally right, all the bad farms are only in the USA, and every farm outside of my country is basically heaven for these animals, so really you're doing charity by paying to have them exploited!

  27. Is it murder when any other animal eats another? Is it not murder when your farmed veggies and grains drive out the natural ecosystem and replace it with monoculture? Believe what you like about what I do. It's clear what you believe isn't so much about facts as it is about ideology and feelings.

  28. Love this and it looks a thousand times better than any gift bag out there IMO

  29. Bringing them out is one of my favourite things about Christmas. As pretty as any decoration but never any fears they might have broken in storage. πŸ˜…

  30. I wish I could manage to stockpile them πŸ˜† the faster we buy them the faster my son eats them! He's an absolute machine!

  31. Yeah well unless the placebo effect isn't real either I still say go for it. 🀣

  32. I love this idea. Paper bags with your logo stamped on them, the smell of popcorn to draw people in, and a day rental.

  33. Just had another thought: You could employ the QR code idea on the bags as well.

  34. something like onions you keep totally separate from everything else >>> they'll do a number on potatoes and some of the other thin skin veggies .....

  35. Yup, I singled out onions specifically in a separate response on this post.

  36. If your bags are airtight then it sounds like they were already in there somehow.

  37. I've definitely had family come around to prepping recently. They used to think I was a bit nutty for doing it, but thankfully they're not so self-absorbed they conveniently forget what I'd been saying all along. It is a little funny that it's taken this long, considering the pandemic disruptions and all. But better late than never I guess!

  38. Here's my old fluffy doggo (front) and his bestie, my younger sleek doggo (rear)

  39. Weeds - my best crop. (Not that weed!) There are tutorials for nettle dyes on You tube. You can turn the leaves into a green powder for dying cotton and linen and the stems into plant fibres for weaving. I get lots of nettles on my compost heaps and this way I can use the whole plant and make a nettle tea too. Being a prepper of course I have an Excalibur dehydrator, and huge pans which helps with the drying process.

  40. Ha! It is true, we tend to specify what kind of blanket we're talking about. I guess the fibre content is pretty important when you live somewhere this cold, so we also say "down comfortor" and "cotton sheets" often, distinguishing them from the synthetic comfortor we might use in the summer and the flannel sheets in the winter. Though with such things being so expensive these days, many people just add more layers rather than doing a full switch to different bedding like they did when I was younger. Old speaking habits die hard I suppose.

  41. Yes, I figured that specifying wool was related to its heat retaining properties in an extreme climate. (I watch a lot of outdoors wilderness stuff). I didn't realise you do it with other fabrics too. I like flannel sheets, they remind me of my childhood when we had single glazed windows with ice on the inside. I back some of my quilts in flannel.

  42. That is nice and warm! It's currently -18C with the windchill where I am and the house is sitting at about +18C with the heat on. We have in-floor heat so I can afford to keep the thermostat a bit lower without feeling very cold. Most people don't here though, so having the thermostat set to 21C from late October until May is pretty common (our last frost date isn't until about the third week of May here).

  43. We experienced this scenario when our water treatment facility was taken out in a massive flood and we were without running water for almost 2 weeks, then another several weeks of living under a boil order. We keep a good supply of disposables on hand at all times now. Because the flood and water restrictions impacted a big area around us, those things were difficult to source (and daily hygiene/cleaning/cooking tasks really sucked for awhile). Another thing we learned firsthand is that most people severely underestimate the amount of water they need for daily living. We were fortunate that there were substantial water donations from communities around us that the city distributed until potable running water was restored. This was actually the event that made us get serious about prepping beyond just a well-stocked pantry.

  44. We were just struck with multiple hurricanes. Limited water, plus unknown water safety from the tap, low pressure from the pump- why waste it on washing dishes? It's the only reason we keep disposables, and when it's hot, dark, and damp, they're a great relief.

  45. For next time, pick up a camping filter for your tap water. Before the water gets shut off you should also fill your tub (or a bunch of buckets/totes if you don't have a tub). Hygiene is an important prep too. If you get stuck with that kind of situation for longer (as happened to many when Katrina hit) not having enough water to clean anything will become a big health risk.

  46. The Cay and Island of the Blue Dolphins are the same genre. I ate those up as a kid, and both have sequels too.

  47. I loved Island of the Blue Dolphins! I still have a shell I once found and saved as a kid because it reminded me of the book.

  48. Ah, as in grey man! HAHA sorry, English is not my first language and I already have trouble with euphemisms and metaphors in my own tongue lol

  49. All good!! I have a second language too (only the one, French, though I know much of the world has more than that) and know how hard that kind of thing is!

  50. Wow, that's so cold! I think most places with snow aren't quite that bad, right? Wish I had a Dutch bike to ride during winter here.

  51. Yeah, most more populated places aren't as bad as that. I'm in the deep interior of Canada, so we don't get the relief from the oceans and seas a lot of people in Northern Europe do, for example. On the upside, it is a dry cold. Not being as damp makes it more bearable.

  52. I wish we had more of this. I spent some time in Madison, WI a few years back and loved that I was able to get around town on bike. And being able to actually enjoy sitting streetside at a cafe on State Street was a treat too. Elsewhere you just end up sucking exhaust fumes the whole time.

  53. So true. I know the businesses suffered during the transition, so that was hard (though it was mitigated with tax breaks), but now the areas with the bike lanes are way more vibrant with foot traffic bringing in business than the rest of downtown, so it definitely makes a big difference.

  54. Dammit, Jim, if I'm going to lose synapses I want it to be doing something fun.

  55. Not trying to refute this, but I always assumed medication plays a large part in the brain fog. For example, dextromethorphan, the main OTC cough suppressant, has dissociative psychoactive properties, and in low doses this can manifest as brain fog.

  56. IDK, I've had wicked brain fog with this virus I've been laid up with since Saturday and all I've taken is regular strength Advil once a day in the evening to knock back the achiness so I can get to sleep. I try not to take too many pills until I absolutely need them (not because I'm afraid of them. I'm just cheap. πŸ˜…) and often experience this.

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