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  1. It’s the product of close races and an early ballot system created by Republicans and run by Republicans. A process that was made difficult because of the very Republicans who are now pitching a fit...

  2. If you do any research online, you will find huge numbers of people who report success in helping their anxiety. However, personally I have found ingesting CBD will actually GIVE me anxiety. I know one other person who has experienced this same issue and if you look a little harder online you will find others saying the same.

  3. Same here. I've tried over a dozen different products and brands, including those made from isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum. It gives me anxiety and insomnia on the day I take it, followed by edginess the next day.

  4. I think I must be the strangest person in the world, but I find a bit of caffeine helps me fall asleep.

  5. It's a "paradoxical reaction" and about 5% of people experience it. I'm like that with substances that are normally sedating, like valerian and melatonin which normally help people sleep. In my case, most sleep aids rev me up like caffeine! CBD also revs me up, and CBN has had no noticeable effect so far.

  6. Very well-done article which answers many questions...

  7. Very well-done article below. Don't let the focus on CBN deter you, because it answers many questions about sleep and cannabis, including THC and CBD.

  8. "Fuck them. They're 20-year-old dopes" ~Kari Lake

  9. Not for long. Only until the conservative Arizona Supreme Court steps in, which is expected.

  10. Message to young people: Don't let the boomers shape your future. Vote and get everyone you know to vote.

  11. Proposition 128 would give lawmakers the ability to overturn the will of voters.

  12. VOTE because some polling experts predict Republican support is being undercounted by about 5%, like it was in 2020 when Mark Kelly polled 9 points ahead of McSally but only won by 2 points.

  13. He cannot be allowed to win, is what I meant. I am aware he could win. He must not.

  14. I agree. So we must vote and get other sane people to vote -- especially young people.

  15. Something else to consider... Some polling experts have predicted that polling is undercounting republican support by about 5 points. Similar to what they did in the last few elections (2020, 2016, etc.). Even Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight agrees.

  16. Curaleaf has a BOGO on Pharm brand flower 1/4 oz at $35 = 1/2 oz for $35. Five different strains available. That's 14 grams for $35, but it's silver tier, which I think is their lowest tier.

  17. I would say the pharm is good for those on a budget. Nugs are on the small side and can be a bit dry, but typically not bad. It is consistently average and honestly, I’m cool with that as I know what I’m getting a the price is great. Bought an ounce of it at curaleaf yesterday for $60 plus tax and I’m happy with it.

  18. These pro-Lake spam posts have just motivated me to donate money to Katie Hobbs campaign.

  19. They can do a better job in writing. Debate is just pandering and spectacle. This is an executive public service position— not a talk show host. Lake and her people might be confused about that.

  20. In 2020, Mark Kelly polled 9 points ahead of McSally. He won by only 2 points.

  21. The Arizona Supreme Court has rejected the latest effort by a group of election deniers.

  22. The whole take your guns garbage is ridiculous. All people want are reasonable gun laws. The overwhelming majority of the public agrees.

  23. Well said. This is the reality. Everything else is just fear-mongering political noise.

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