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  1. You should start by uninstalling apps that you don't need and by disabling the automatic starting of every app you don't absolutely need to be automatically starting.

  2. So right now, you are basically asking for my email address without any information about a) who are you, b) what are you going to do with my email and c) who are you going to share my email with, and the only pitch you have is that you are building some kind of domain name generator based on a magical black box AI with some features you don't even mention. That would be a no from me. I can have a better look when you have something more substantial to show.

  3. Why should I, as the user prepare a burner account just because the website isn't proper enough to declare how they use the data I give to them? It's not about whether I have something. It's about whether this website wants to convert better.

  4. They are whatever you want... it's just a joke :)

  5. In other words, you tried to pitch your product using some made up chart data that you are calling a joke. Out of all the things that one could use to pitch their product, this wouldn't be in my Top 10 or even in Top 100.

  6. How about, "Let's try to describe our thing with more than just a title and a random link to Product Hunt or Indiehackers"?

  7. There is nothing in your website, including in your Privacy Policy or Terms to let me easily and quickly determine who you even are, yet you are asking us to upload your identity documents to you? How do we, as users, even know this is not just a phishing website trying to get access to our data?

  8. Good question! Um, it's just me in Colorado. I can of course add all of that.

  9. Well, in a service like this, I think building trust would be paramount. Right now, there are very little arguments in the landing page to convince me that I should be uploading my very private ID documents to you.

  10. The landing page doesn't tell me anything to convince me that you could allow me to build an AI app within minutes. There is nothing saying who are you, when this thing is going to launch, how much is it going to cost or why should I join your waiting list. Or what you are going to do with my email address.

  11. The over the fold area looks pretty. I also like your logo. The Sign in and Create account buttons have a very odd on hover effect where their height increases changes by a pixel or two in addition to the moving up effect. The moving up is fine, but the size change is odd.

  12. Right off the bat, I can tell that your website is extremely slow. It took a hot 5 seconds just to load. Running a website speedtest confirmed that it's not just me, it's you: your website gets a speedtest score of D-65 (with A-100 being the best score). The website is currently so slow, that Google is going to penalize you in their search results.

  13. The project with similar nature that I'm working on right now is not quite ready to be shown yet, it should be ready for public testing in about a month I would say. Depending how many issues are found in the private testing rounds, of course. I'll post it to here when it's ready to go.

  14. I'm afraid I can't at this point, but it's not a competitor of what you have done, but somewhat similar.

  15. I'm confused. How exactly is an "Indie lottery" what the website pitches "A Google Search Like Functionality Just For Indie Products" that you just pitched?

  16. its both. You submit your product and every day one is randomly selected and sent to everyone else. Besides all the submitted products can be easily discovered using the search bar

  17. I would think that having a product lottery OR a search engine would be enough by itself. Trying to do two very inherently different things at the same time can lead you to not do either of them very well, and can just lead to confusion overall. Which is a bit what already has happened.

  18. How does this compare to Speccy which already has a portable free version and provides a lot of system and application data?

  19. Holy Cow Batman, Wow! You are my new favorite person on the whole planet :). I love what you are doing. I used to use Belarc, but as others have said, it has gone to the dark side. I am not as experienced as others, but I like the suggestions I've seen so far. I am now a devoted fan! Keep up the good work. The world is so lucky to have people like you in it.

  20. Thank you so much! Positive feedback like this really make a difference. Weird people like myself who enjoy making software are still, after all, just people, and hearing that someone actually likes what we are doing helps a lot.

  21. I downloaded it to try it, but it's impossible to even try the app without signing into something. I just wanted an app about managing medicine / supplements, I don't want any account anywhere. So it's a no from me.

  22. This sales pitch falls short because you don't provide anything to show that you have any kind of authority or even expertise to offer this kind of service.

  23. I know Pastebin and I have used that, but not in a long time, so I cannot really compare the two, but just looking at this as it is, here are my thoughts.

  24. The landing page itself looks alright. But it doesn't answer that main issue, which is that if the entire idea of this app is that you choose some apps that you think are good, why would I, as a user, care about your opinion what are good apps?

  25. How cute! A Portuguese family's ten year's worth of spicy oil in one bottle.

  26. This is some great feedback! Thanks for putting the time in.

  27. A quick and dirty solution to the "red x" issue would be to include a title tag for that thing, so when user tries to take mouse cursor over it, it would display explanation what that X means.

  28. I'm on the fence about the ear logo. I mean, I get it. An ear for listening for feedback from the audience. But still, I don't know. Usually body parts make bad logos, but I guess this is okay.

  29. A tool used by Red Bull, Schindler, Bayer, Schenker and Danone is your side project?

  30. I'm having my first cup of tea for today and looking at your website.

  31. While your product looks good, Picasa is a trademark of Google. You have basically built an entire product with a Sword of Damocles hanging over your head. Any time in the future when Google decides they don't like your trademark infringement, they can basically kill your product and get your domain name from you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Good luck.

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