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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. No reason to feel guilty. If its there someone who is cold then its them, not you. They are predators, so i guess anybody would invite some "wild animal" on childs birthday party or let them be around kids.

  2. Yeah that's how I feel about it, they bring chaos wherever they go.

  3. I seriously think there is a link between SSRIs and compulsively collecting junk and hoarding it. Seen more than a couple people start or stop their medication and start turning their property into a junk yard.

  4. If you're studying abroad, your school should have services to assist you with housing. If you're in college or at a university, ALL of them have offices to assist students in finding housing and all of the information as to how to pay for it. I have to be honest. I think you should DEFINITELY contact that office immediately.

  5. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. He is telling you what you can and cannot wear - pointing out how the same style looks good on other females, it seems as if he is trying to mold her into a replacement of his own likings.

  6. ADHD is getting dinner done late. ADHD is trying to get to a party on time but having to run back inside to feed the dogs, then running back in because you forgot the card, then having to stop for gas because you forgot you ran it out the night before, by the time you get to the party you're an hour late. ADHD is zoning out while someone is speaking and having to ask them to repeat themselves. ADHD is being restless and distracted, (ex: rushing to pay the bills late) ADHD is missing the exit to pick your kid up from practice and having to turn around. ADHD is interrupting people in a conversation.

  7. Hi, whenever I heavy-drink alcohol, the next day I get a stuffy nose without fail, also terrible hangovers. I’ve read into it, It may be a histamine allergy, what da ya know

  8. Yeah just recently figured this out, the past 4 times I drank I got a terrible flu for a week straight afterwards. Once I had to go to the hospital it got so bad, i won't waste time drinking ever again lol

  9. Will it it take over my tank? haha there was a new guy working at the fish store and he didn't know anything about it, he gave it to me for free bc they weren't selling.

  10. It can but it is very easy to cull it every once in a while, just use some small scissors. It can be a beautiful addition to your tank! 😊

  11. Lmao do not listen to people who say “evil.” Delusion of duality. Do you really want to know whats going on? Think about this for a second about people talking about how government agents are trained in astral projection and shields are used around important areas. And then ask yourself this question. If everyone naturally knew how to astral project and if everyone did today, would we even need the internet? Why do you lose all memories of being child? Why did you lose your ability to astral project? Its tragic but it happened to us all. Does astral projection work in today’s consumer society? Entertainment industry would be gone. Therapy industry would be gone. Science would change. Religion would change. The corrupt would lose control. Corrupt is better word than evil. There is no such thing as evil. Just absence of love. Like there is no such thing as darkness. Only the absence of light. So don’t ask questions from a place of fear. Ask questions from a place of love. How can I help my daughter connect to love? Instead of panicking and putting that energy of fear out there. Everything is healable. We are all infinite.

  12. well that certainly is a more positive way to look at things. thank you

  13. It’s a safer option but it’s still not the best. It releases nickel & chromium into food which is toxic. It can also have a plastic lining on it you can’t see. I use stainless steel because of the cost mostly but someone recommended cast iron and other alternatives you might wanna look into. The cheaper the product, the more likely it’s toxic. Anything from China is typically toxic for you. Them Archons really got most things covered but there are better alternatives. I recommend Googling that one to learn more. Vintage cast iron I’m guessing it full proof. Hope this helped.

  14. Damn, thought I hit the jackpot when my friend gave us an entire stainless steel set lol

  15. This is literally the first I’ve heard of it.

  16. Functional medicine doctor..? They treat auto immune diseases..

  17. Depends could be absolutely profound or could be absolutely horrifying.

  18. Did you eat too much because if you disrespect the shrooms they let you know. Maybe you went into it with a bad attitude and in return received bad advice.

  19. Serious question, how did wild horses live without someone trimming up their hooves...?

  20. When we first bought our home I would see lights, only me and the dog apparently were the only ones. About an acre or so back it's all woods and I would see a flashlight from in the woods shining right at me it would stay on a couple seconds then off repeatedly. Once it went on shut off moved about 30ft and turned on. No way a human was capable it was within seconds. I sent my boyfriend out numerous times with the dog and came up with nothing. If it was something on the ground you'd hear the rustle. It only happened when I was alone. Then it stopped for at least 2 years now.

  21. that’s so interesting! was it multiple lights or just one?

  22. I am still perplexed, no one would be wandering around like that back there anyway, its miles of woods.

  23. I looked completely bug eyed today for some reason. It freaked me the hell out. I had those "crazy eyes". I've never looked like that to myself before

  24. Yeah! I was just saying that about myself. Its a terrible look, I don't like it!

  25. I've felt this way about myself for a couple years. But I don't take care of myself and feel it reflects on my looks. I also have experienced depersonalization for quite some time now, which I believe people would just call this phenomenon that you describe as a part of that.

  26. Yeah this pretty much sums up myself. Legit when I look in the mirror sometimes I stare for awhile, my eyes were always squinty but most of the time now they look so round almost bug eyed it's not a good look lol Especially when it happens in pictures.

  27. In my country, we have expert shamans who could exorcise bad spirits, trap them in bottles, and bury them. My parents live in a large ancestral house with a large, tree-filled backyard. There used to be a lot of bad "things" you could feel lurking in the property. This stopped when my brother spoke to "everyone" in every corner and told them if they don't stop being creepy we'll have them put in botttles and buried.

  28. I wish your brother would come to my house lol

  29. They are most definitely going to try for custody or grandparents rights. If the get grandparents rights you have absolutely no say in what they say or do when they have the child. Some of the "arrangements" involve them getting the child for an entire weekend plus multiple days a week if they have shown they take care of the baby for even short periods of time. I saw a person who JNIL got almost 50% custody and the things that baby said and did with her parents were awful because of what was being said to her while in grandparents custody. It took a court order to get permission to move across country when the father got a promotion in his job before they got their baby back and years of therapy for baby. I wish I could remember where I seen the story to link it.

  30. My friends sister lost her kid to her grandparents 15 years ago and never got her back. All for control, yeah she was a new parent still in highschool but its expected at that age not to be parent of the year, they never even tried to teach her about raising the child just punished her when she took the baby to her friends houses or didn't stick to a schedule. She wasnt doing things that were dangerous for the child, just coming home late but she took care of her, she didnt put her in harms way.

  31. Then you have just the opposite. I worked with a girl whose sister lost custody to her parents for neglect and abuse. The courts gave the baby back and less than 48 hours after she and boyfriend got custody they killed the baby. Grandparents should have had that baby. It just shows the courts suck at determining who should have custody in the best interests of the child. Sometimes the grandparents should but the majority of the time the best parent for the child is the parent!

  32. I have seen this so many times it sad! It seems like alot of times the children end up in the place worse off for them. A few years ago my mom and i spoke to a lawyer about getting visitation of my neice. We were only asking for a week a year and rights to contact her on the phone. My sister moved her 10 hrs away and blocked the whole family on everything. I havent spoke to her in so long. Because my sister is abusive, neglectful and a down right nasty mother (hence why she took off so she didnt have to lose control of her kid). & we never even did anything to deserve it besides always telling my sister shes being too hard.

  33. wont be a liability at all because this is stupid. No one is going to be running around with assault packs on.

  34. I know two people who don't leave thier houses now with out assault packs and shit hasnt even hit the fan yet lol

  35. Do you sense any dangerous intent from it? Does it want to have a positive mutual connection?

  36. Yes i sense danger, it gives off a chaotic vibe. But also like an immature vibe or inexperienced.

  37. The thing that looks like my kid doesn't have any energy. Totally neutral and I find that weird. The thing that looks like my husband is angry and evil and trys luring me outside at night and corners the kids in the basement. Left my youngest with ptsd. She still shivers uncontrollably when telling me about it.

  38. Yeah thats odd, you would think it would have to have energy. Maybe residual energy or something like that... I feel as if you should probably get rid of the 2nd one, holy shit. I still feel so guilty about the bad experiences my child had in our house. The place is on a portal or gateway i swear. The people who owned the house previously were negative too.

  39. It’s not a glitch, cats are aliens. Not of this world anyway.

  40. No I've been a stay at home mom for the past 3 years, i bartend once in awhile if they need someone but my schedule is free besides for having a kid during the day. I would be offering lessons independently, i looked at the pay for places hiring swim instructors around here and i dont think that its worth it in my opinion. There is an online community page that im apart of (mostly just to see any events going on in the area) but most of the members are from the town next to us which is a higher cost area & probably 99% of them are stay at home moms. So my plan is to start there haha

  41. yeah that's a shout, idk how private lessons work and such, I(17m) am still in school full time at the minute, so I only teach twice a week and lifeguard once, so I don't really have the time to work any more than I do, so I don't really know how private lessons work, sorry I couldn't be more help

  42. I'm retaining any bit of advice or opinions offered, you're more helpful than you think lol thank you!

  43. Who the fuck said they'd kill their dog in that situation? A dog is FAR more valuable alive, and my dogs are like my kids.. Hell, half the reason I got my prepper and SHTF kit is to protect my dogs (and the family).

  44. I have seen people say they would for food, ppl are messed up lol

  45. Isn't that interesting how other homes near you may be having the same things happening? I'd be curious to know where you live though!

  46. Northeast PA on some old native american grounds.

  47. Oh cool. I'm originally from Pittsburgh which has a ton of haunted buildings.

  48. Oh nice thats like 5 hrs from me i believe, i have never been there. The amount of negative energy in this house when we got here and the ability some of the entities had, with appearing as other people, messing with electricity etc, the fact that there are so many and that the neighbors have issues too leads me to believe that its possibly some sort of gateway here.

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