1. I agree tbh, wishing they used the sound from the SRT8 charger, or The Jeep, with a louder supercharger

  2. if this was GTA you'd have dollar wheels wouldn't you?

  3. Not sure what that means but I was just messing around with different looks on risky cars πŸ˜‚

  4. In early days GTA the most expensive car was the Adder (Bugatti) and people always painted them chrome with dollar rims and white wall tires. It's a meme at this point.

  5. Oh I see, I usually stay clean but recently I've been switching things up, is all.

  6. Do you not know what a Donk is? This ain't that my friend. Nice pic though

  7. Not all donks are built the same. I still consider it that, or "dubbed" but I appreciate it!

  8. How about a better rim selection first? Genuinely worst selection I've ever seen. Midnight Club 3 had an absolute ton of rims, but was still generally better, even with spinners and tire choice. Not saying we need spinners (though I wouldn't complain if I could do some real Dub shit on my Escalade), but give us better choices, sporty rims, muscles, turbofans, big ol Dub rims, etc.

  9. Also to add, changing the material of the paint on the wheels too, Alloy, matte, carbon, machine finish, being a able to color every nook and cranny, add wheel stickers too (for Donk or dub lovers)

  10. 2, one of my key elements in editing is keeping the geography as realistic (color wise) as possible, good shit πŸ”₯

  11. Messing around with the suspension strength in Pro Settings. It’s also possible this was taken after they landed a jump or fell down from somewhere.

  12. In my case, a slight "dip" in the surface and adjusted the time line until it's at it's lowest point

  13. Yo man how did you get the super sport logo under the wing? It really look good

  14. Think it's the carbon wing option, comes standard (either 2 or 3 in wing)

  15. This is all fun and games, but just repeatedly proves my biggest gripe at lowes. A failure of training at every level. The turnover at Lowes is now so high that existing employee's that can actually teach the very complex systems to other employee's don't exist anymore. All the way down to how to change out paper...

  16. Bruh I was handling deliveries and most of these so called (10+ year) ASM came to ME FAITHFULLY looking like a lost pup on how to even handle the most simplist of situations... Like Tickets for swap, refunding... Coming to me to ask "SHOULD I???" I just be like ummm you're literally a few pay grades above me.... How can't you come up with an easy solution to an easy problem??? Why are most managers the WORST at critical thinking and customer service? 😩

  17. Ahh yes this takes me back 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  18. An annoying get around but works for me, I would move to a different part, hit (R3) then either L2, or R2 to zoom until the car is in view, but once you back out it'll blank out again...

  19. smile while they frown then lol. honestly Bugatti don't look good 2 me. but I like this setup, probably looks better in motion. I fux wit it

  20. What car is on the secondo photo

  21. Still feels like the crew so far, but this one once tweaked it's so butter. I think the new track helps really balance your angles and slides

  22. Thanks, yeah the custom tail lights on the sls make it look more sporty…

  23. This doesn't have enough up votes! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  24. That does look awesome and it does have hints to Saints Row especially considering that the original idea for Saints Row 4 was supposed to be based in Vegas

  25. Really? As much as I played, never even took account of that fun fact. That just made me feel a bit better about this πŸ”₯ Thanks so much

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