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  1. Scissor jacks are a game changer for small drill presses. You can literally dial the sag out.

  2. Anyone with a Fluke multimeter for at home swiped that thing from work.

  3. The fluke 101 is a very affordable tester for around home use. The only thing that's missing, and the secret to it's cheapness, is that it can't read amperage. Otherwise it's everything I need for home and automotive checks. If you do need to check amperage, then it would be better to get a clamp on amp probe.

  4. The recoil spring on that thing has to have crazy tension for it to be a functional blowback. Wow

  5. Actually the recoil spring just has to be strong enough to send the bolt forward with enough velocity to ignite the primer. Bolt weight is everything with direct blowback. 50 bmg requires a 50lb bolt to safely and reliably keep the chamber closed until the pressure drops. Open bolts guns need roughly half the weight since the forward impulse of the bolt and round slamming into the breach roughly doubles the amount of time it has for pressure to drop before the bolt starts to open. So a 25lb bolt is a lot, but a heavier one would slow down the bolt even more. Then it might even be somewhat controllable. I will guarantee that, once the trigger is pulled, it probably cannot stop firing.

  6. I worked on a toyopuc that was an unmarked addon card for a Mitsubishi CNC. Took a while to even figure out what I was looking at, and was hard to find the documentation for that one even from jtekt's site.

  7. I think there could be more. We would just need to start thinking more galactic in scale, and moving some concepts to the endgame. I think creating entire new dimensions would be something gated beyond it. Imagine traveling to a star, injecting mass and energy until it collapses into a black hole, and riding the gravity well down in order to mine the singularity inside. Then crafting a large machine to use even more energy and mined singularity to trigger the birth of a new universe with more specific conditions.

  8. Idk, but I bet there's a 6502 in there somewhere.

  9. Which means it's probably either a robot or a CNC, which also means that there's more since there aren't any drives visible.

  10. I’m curious what the replies are for this question as well. Personally I’ve wondered if a Dewalt or Milwaukee cordless battery would be enough. I know most devices will handle 18-28v and you can buy a cheap adaptor with pigtails off Amazon….

  11. I do this. I have a Milwaukee impact and drill in my toolbox, so I also have one of those cheap adapters. That in combo with a button with lamp and a male and female m12 connector is all I need for most testing of sensors and actuators. Even runs a plc in a pinch. Just be careful about shorts as those batteries can deliver some juice, and be careful about over discharging since they don't have protection. Also, throw in a Drock adjustable voltage regulator, and an appropriate cord, and it doubles as a power supply for a laptop or anything else under 20v.

  12. Shenzhen was developed after the game TIS-100

  13. And then after you play TIS-100, you installed the TIS-3D mod for Minecraft and let the madness take you.

  14. Who's gonna inform Mr DeVito that we found his wallet?

  15. I just wish it would come back. Also I wish all packs end game didn't plateau at Avaritia. I want to see a use for that armor and weapons. I want to wear it, fly into space, and collapse a star to use as a power source. As Buzz Light-year always says, "To infinity... and beyond..." I want to see the beyond.

  16. Yes, every stash is accessible only by the player. I would recommend you to get a backpack and use it as a stash near a bed or workbench, so you dont need to backtrack. I have mine in Rostok next to both (workbench and bed are in same room).

  17. I'm using the diesel V8 mod and turbo mod.

  18. I think the Hyperzine mod needs to also have an effect on coolant when put in the radiator.

  19. If you have an engine hoist by any chance, then the only issue is grabbing it. A 1500lb capable hoist can pull posts, with the concrete still attached, right up out with no issues. I've even pulled an 8" diameter pine tree stump out with it.

  20. I've got a flux core welder, but its a junk harbor freight one. Might try the idea of flux core without the nozzle at all.

  21. That's the primary reason I like mine. I just wish they would have spent the extra $10 to put a rectifier in there so it wouldn't splatter like a cup of water in a hot deep fryer. If you have the old blue colored flux machine, be careful with the exposed tip as it's always hot. The black ones have a relay that turn off the tip when the trigger isn't pulled. Otherwise, let it hang free.

  22. It looks like a heavily modified Murray explorer. I won’t lie, it’s a dope setup.

  23. Murray terminates the side bar before the front "bumper". I like this design more though.

  24. Please dont screw yourself by not having a way to get video out from this machine, an old gpu is necessary for troubleshooting especially if youre not a computer guy, and you def dont want a cpu with integrated graphics. Look for a 5600x or 5700x, cheap mobo, and make sure you buy ram modules of 16gb so you can upgrade in the future without having to buy all new ram. 16gb total is only gonna work if you want to learn linux, most packs need 10gb to be comfortable. I run 2 packs with a similar setup and the server performance is great aside from residential networking stuff Edit: also, use an nvme drive, theres pretty cheap 1tb drives around and they perform so much better

  25. You won't need a gpu with a headless os meant for a server such as Proxmox. Even better is if the motherboard has IPMI that can be used as video out and to install an os with nothing more than an Ethernet connection.

  26. This dude is asking for a simple home server setup, dash or ipmi is quite a bit more complicated and without video out they might get lost if their modem resets or something. Ubuntu server + amp + old gpu and a monitor is simple enough, good luck finding a DASH tutorial on youtube

  27. IPMI isn't complicated. At least with Supermicro, just setup an ip in the bios and point your browser to it whenever you need to access it, or use their java based program. I wish it was much more common on consumer boards. Brick your firmware during an update? Pop into IPMI and reinstall it. Computer not responding to wake on lan? Just pop into IPMI and boot it. Need to install an os? Pop into IPMI and load an iso as a virtual disk. All with a nice self explanatory gui to do it.

  28. Like others have said your not using the right saw. That said i cut a ton of steel, including bar stock using a normal wood miter saw. Difference was that i used a different style metal blade, i used the ones that mostly look like a wood blade, but they are for metal. They sell them at harbor freight. I used to get around 20 cuts of tube steel per blade. I now have a big steel cutting saw (still non abrasive blade) that gets around 1000 cuts per blade, but you should look for one of those blades before you go out and buy a new saw

  29. Diablo blade from Home Depot. It will last alot longer and they are only around $20. I use it to take chunks off 1" mild steel bar for my lathe. It will zip through that without a problem. Put it in that saw, and be amazed at the ability to miter square tube steel and angle iron like wood. The same blade also makes a pretty good finishing blade for wood.

  30. I put a toilet in the bus so I can push the bus around from the inside. Sit on the toilet and it will let you shove on the walls. Great for getting unstuck without the bus getting away from you.

  31. I think UFOs shouldn't disable the diesels engines. Turn lights and radio off, but not the engine.

  32. siphon+pouring via left click drastically increases the fueling process ( at least on multiplayer branch ) so it still has a use

  33. You can also fuel the bus from inside by lifting up the last floor cover. You can dump a full barrel in within a few seconds.

  34. I would really like to see a smaller fuel pump available for these projects. Something that pulls around an amp that could possibly run off the anemic charging system alot of small engines have.

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