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When laughter meets percussion

  1. The real question is, was it ever working though?

  2. Climb and maintain FL200! You can imagine my face when i hear this 20 seconds after landing successfully

  3. Or you are FL100 with the runway in sight (as per ATC instructions) and they tell you "descent to 1000 feet" like you can do that unless you love being a meteor

  4. Are you using the failure menu from MSFS or some addon?

  5. For engine failure there is no need to do anything, you can simply shutdown the engine.

  6. That map has even been removed from future versions of the efb, so don't count on it. We don't have that on development version for ages.

  7. A go around happen every day all over the world, and is the most trained procedure. I don't see what is "there was an attempt to" here.

  8. Well, calling the rotor a rudder certainly makes flying helicopters very hard.

  9. Not only its too much talk, the real issue is that its always about the same thing. They hammer each subject into your mind like you are too dumb to understand.

  10. TL;DR: Turn to legacy flight mode (apply) THEN BACK ON to modern flight mode (apply)

  11. The are possible since launch, the VFR map was terribly buggy (and might still glitch) but if you are doing it for realism you won't use the VFR map anyway right?

  12. the evidence is very hard to dismiss. this is a serious accusation and i’m so disappointed... i feel like this kind of thing keeps happening

  13. Hard to dismiss in what world? They are random out-of-context audio recordings from him ranting (sometimes drunk) to his then girlfriend. People are not allowed to get pissed and rant?

  14. Another one bites the dust based on random out-of-context drunken audios that vanished when any investigation was supposed to start

  15. Leaving the boring radio on was probably not the best move either .... put some random music ... heck put music you HATE

  16. Speak it for yourself. My system is not new, my CPU is not new, I update my graphic drivers only once in a while (~ a month or so) and I have never had any constant performance or CTD after either a game update or driver update.

  17. Been here from the start Trust me I'm 45 years old been gaming and had a love for flight sim way back when you flow a roughly cockpit shaped box in between roughly pyramidal mountains. I will however preface that I am using VR probably a huge point but yeh it hasn't been stable for a while. And I say again when it does get fixed its breathtaking in VR my issue isn't with the game but more of the quality of service its not beyond possibility to say talk to the other parties and test in a most use cases scenario (spent 25 years in a multinational tech company that would often work very closely with third party kit to ensure it didn't bork the system when thrown out into the wild but this as far as the last year shown to be thro an update out there and let the user base test it which is fine if its pre production build but this isn't its in production.

  18. Not exactly sure what your age has to do with it specially considering I am 44 and played the black&white Apple versions of MSFS and would never use that to judge a software developed in the last couple of years as if that matters.

  19. Your data connection was disconnected (you might have missed the warning about it). Or it is too slow.

  20. Looks like the channel is back up. I just wish other disbanded kpop groups would follow suit.

  21. It's great that you did that but there is sites like melon or bugs that have the mv. The content I think you should be more concerned about is the groups vlogs, dance practice, behind the scenes, etc.

  22. I have all dance practices (and HQ dance practices from channels like CHOOM or M2 relays), alternate videos etc..

  23. I have been working on this infographics for months and I believe it is somewhat ready for release. It draws data from the site's database and renders all Korean Music Groups registered on the database in an infographic with:

  24. The problem is that they did have low ticket sales anyway prior to the announcement that half the performers had visa problems because they gave out free tickets earlier this week

  25. Someone mention down below on this thread(I have no idea how true this is, so take it with a grain of salt) that allegedly the president of KAMP also works for MLD

  26. Checks out. Company that majorly messes up their own groups, and majorly messes up concerts.

  27. As with all online services that offer a download option, there is a loophole that allows you to watch downloaded content after you cancel: DO NOT connect to the internet.

  28. I recently came into contact with an undisclosed company that organizes these shows in the US, and they were interested in finding out which artists could be a hit in the US based on the trending data I have. It was an interesting discussion but I got from the talk that they invest all their time and effort trying to figure who they can USE.

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