1. I haven’t watched the show in so long, can you explain what this means. The fact that it was a one-word answer means it must be good 😭😂😂 I need to know now

  2. I think season 3 episode 13+ up until somewhere in season 4 was all in November.

  3. Is Pearl releasing in the UK? It’s not at any of the cinemas near me :(

  4. That was probably Hanna parking

  5. i’ve watched this show 500 times and i cant remember this line for some reason

  6. Nothing works underwater, Aria. It’s a scientific fact.

  7. Did Mona run her best mate over with a car? Yeah and she also gave Emily an ulcer and got Spencer checked into Radley. But she’s still amazing. Whereas Jenna is a rapist who made it clear she could easily spin the story to make it look like Toby was raping her. She raped Toby and felt no remorse. She deserved death

  8. She made a lot in the first few but I think her references have become fewer

  9. Ken and Tom. Ken and Jessica gaslighted Jason into thinking Charlie didn’t exist.

  10. Drew looks more like a DiLaurentis and I like him better as Jason as a whole.

  11. I enjoyed this a lot, I love Parker Posey and this whole story. But I’m still quite confused as to how it all works. I didn’t really understand the explanation at the end. I’m a bit slow.

  12. But leatherface talked to Noa and that was clearly a man, no? I'm not saying that you are wrong at all because I believe that A and leatherface are two different persons.

  13. Leatherface and A could be a team but to me it sounded like a distorted voice, could using something like Ghostface does.

  14. NAT kind of went no where. And also Jenna never faced any consequences for r*ping Toby. The fact she said she could easily spin it to make it look like he assaulted her…. I’ve never felt sorry for her. She deserved the blinding, the slap, being in the house when it was on fire.

  15. well you could say all of the things you mentioned in that last sentence were consequences lmao, just not legal consequences

  16. They were things that happened to her, but not things that happened to her because she was a rapist. There were no consequences for those actions specifically. Legal consequences would’ve been nice.

  17. How did I miss that?? But also doesn’t Katy Keene exist in the Riverdale universe.

  18. I loved those books. Seeing this post made me want to read them again.

  19. Emily Kinney's music got taken off at Spotify a couple years ago... Never listened since :(

  20. One thing that’s interesting is that by the end of the next episode Karen is dead which a little bit feels like a reference to the Perfectionists book where the girls gather in a group (can’t remember if it was detention or just class but it was definitely at school) and without really knowing each other fantasize about killing their bully and then he dies later in the exact way they fantasized about. Having the girls who don’t know eachother say they want to kill her and then having her show up dead feels like an allusion to that.

  21. I loved those books. The twist was amazing and yeah they fantasised about it in film class I think.

  22. I watch all of them that day as soon as I wake up. Then I come here to see what everyone thinks. Then I watch again.

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