1. Gallagher isn’t worth anything with his current contract, we would have to pay to get him off the team.

  2. Must win game IMO, especially if we want to have a chance at the playoffs. We need these low-hanging points. Hard to say we can’t push for the playoffs at the 25% point, because there are teams tanking way ahead of us. And I don’t want to be a “just missed, fuck!” team.

  3. In order for Montreal to make the playoffs, Florida, Detroit and Tampa would have to completely fall off.

  4. Why are PLD, Kyrou, and Suzuki above Marchand, Crosby, and Stone?

  5. Probably because by the next world cup Crosby & Marchand will be nearly 40 years old

  6. No love for Mark Scheifele and six consecutive seasons of being a #1, +1.00 point per game, superstar. And instead there’s Suzuki? This must be a Habs fan post

  7. The rosters are made by Bleacher Report, a company headquartered in San Francisco.

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