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  1. When we went NC with my narcfather my kids were about your kid's age. We had been teaching them about consequences, so we just told them my narcfather had done something mean to mommy & the consequences of his actions were that he couldn't see us until he said sorry & meant it. He only wanted me to rugsweep & apologize (just like a narc!) So as time passed we would give them more age appropriate info. My oldest is now an adult but neither want a relationship with him

  2. My grandsons also are NC with their grandfather after being very tight the first 3 years for the oldest. After about a year of NC they have completely quit asking when he will come visit, it used to be 3 to 5 times a week to complete break. It's sad but unless people still say the name of the NC person, children will mostly forget and not ask questions until older. My oldest has not seen him in 4 years and never asks anymore even though whenever he did ask I just told him sometimes big people have to take breaks from each other but poppop still loves him. I don't know what is said at his other grama since it is her ex.

  3. Excellent reply! OP needs to read this then print it out and review as needed to stay strong.

  4. I would literally JUSTNO with that MIL. I’m sorry OP you’re very naïve for thinking she’s being friendly.

  5. That will mean she will try to do everything under the guise of "I know how tired you are, go rest, I can handle this" that will end up eventually being her saying how bad a mother you are since she had to do everything after baby was born while you slept the day away. Set the boundaries NOW. If she calks say sorry busy will talk to you later. If she shows up unannounced at the door don't open it far enough to let her in and say you have company and will talk latrr. Rinse, repeat until she gets the message.

  6. My grandson is high functioning and was the first child with ASD that had gone to this preschool. They treated him like all the other kids except when they all sat close together. He would get up and quietly walk in patterns to settle down. They would try to get him to sit with the rest 2 or 3 times then let him go as he didn't bother the others. The other students soon learned he was just a bit different but they still played with him all the time. In fact when a new student came into the room and tried to follow "Bud" another student told him he couldn't do what Bud did because he just needed space. By the end of the year he was able to handle being close to the others most days and rarely "patterned ". Just treat kids the same and they will learn to adapt.

  7. While not really a disability per se, I have psoriasis, which during a flare-up causes visible patches of irritated/flaky skin.

  8. I remember being in a store one time when a child asked someone if their boo boo's hurt. They were asking someone who looked like they may have had psoriasis. I don't think a child adking like that is rude and it is a good teaching opportunity. However if that child had said something else like, eww you're gross cover up or something like that, that needs to be addressed by the parent. That guys just laughed and said it itches but doesn't hurt. He thanked the little boy for being concerned.

  9. I would contact the CPS department head and file a complaint against her for unprofessional behavior! NC is definitely a must in this case. I would even suggest moving to another City or State so she can't attempt to control you through her agency.

  10. THIS!!⬆️⬆️ I don't have any awards to be able to give you one so here is my poir womans gold🥇🥇

  11. I do regret changing my last name to my husband's, and it really has to do with my in-laws. I come from a big close knit family, lots of cousins, where my husband has a small family and doesn't know his cousins (they are all over the world.) My in-laws are assholes, and have made it clear that I'm not a member of the family, my only use is being an incubator for grandchildren, and have no use or value beyond that. We are low contact with them, so we feel far more a part of my family anyway. I have considered changing my name back, if it wasn't for the pile of paper work.

  12. Sounds like you have some good stories to use here.

  13. I worked in a teaching hospital for over 15 years as well as a patient many times. I guarantee no oneis looking at you to see if your makeup is on point or your hair is perfect. Theonly thing people want is a staff member who is focused on them and not wearing strong perfume/cologne (that is a killer if you are a nauseous patient).

  14. Damn, since you seem to need a “mom for a minute” (as yours is just horrendous) please let me say: dear daughter, I am SO PROUD of you and all you are accomplishing with medical school! Of course you know I think you are beautiful, but we both know what matters most is what is inside and you, through your care for others’ health and your dedicated efforts in your field, show how amazing you are every day. Your husband is so lucky to have a wife like you and your daughter will learn so much from having a strong, capable, compassionate and super smart doctor mom as her role model! You are killing it and we all love you.

  15. Thank you for saying what alot of us were thinking and you beat us to it. I wish OP the best and she needs vlc with her mom.

  16. You say she is still on contact with other siblings. This implies she isn't in contact with some siblings. If that is correct has DH spoken to them about how they handle family communications.

  17. This is excellent advice! I have seen this before that has been successful in helping to keep the JNMIL from getting up to date info. NC is best for these type of people but not always possible so vlc and grey rock are the next best.

  18. I'm so sorry you have had to go through all of this. Your MIL has shown you exactly how she feels about you and your daughter. You say you talked about adoption at one point, can you imagine how she would have treated that child since this is basically what your awesome husband has done. He has raised this precious child her whole life knowing she is not his and it sounds like he has never shown her anything but love.

  19. Awesome job! Glad you were able to say what needed to be said even if she wasn't capable of understanding what you said. Continue to stay strong nama bear!

  20. Glad to see DH is still standing up for you and keeping a shiny spine. Most likely she will never change but you can always hope she might.

  21. Yes, you are perfectly reasonable in getting upset at your mother's blatant disrespect for you and for her attempt at boundary stomping. No, do NOT let her plan anything. That is YOUR child, not hers. She had children and got to do their birthday parties. This is YOUR time now. If you let her steal these firsts from you, you will never get them back. You will regret and resent this. What else will she expect to steal from you?

  22. Yeah, I am agrama and honestly I dislike planning parties. I didn't like to do them for my son, I did until teen years, but I let my son and DIL plan the parties. Also the other grama loves to do parties so all I have to do is show up, give the kids lots of love and can leave whenever I want. That being said, even if I loved doing parties I would not take those firsts away from the parents, they deserve the firsts since I already had them.

  23. I would try to change the venue. Go to a park or something like that that won't cost you alot of money and be sure she doesn't find out the new lication. If she shows upat first place no one will be there. And get a doorbell camera or other camera system to watch over your home.

  24. I’ve always been considered plus sized, even at my lowest weight (16y/o, 5’9 & 168lbs), my hips were still a size 16. I have super wide hips and a fat ass, it can’t be helped.

  25. I to had a man who loved me at my biggest. He always complained I didn't eat enough because prior to him I had wt loss surgery. I had lost over 100 lbs but gained some back after I became housebound after some failed surgeries. It was impossible to eat large portions but he tried to get me too anyway. He loved me no matter my size, I was between 150 and 220 during our time together while he was 135 lbs at 5'9.

  26. I just wouldn't send or say anything at all. Don't spend good energy on bad.

  27. I agree don't send any more pictures of DS. If she even thinks to ask why just tell her you didn't think she wanted any since she had commented that the pictures were not very good. It's doubtful that she would say anything though.

  28. So glad to hear the wedding went off relatively without trouble. You and DH are a good team so just keep being you. You guys know your limits and eventually the JN's will also know your limits. I wish you happiness and a low drama future.

  29. You should consider a FU binder if she does not leave you alone. If she starts showing up more, calling or hassling you on SM then a FU binder will allow you to keep all the documentation in one place. The sub

  30. You guys are doing great. Keep communicating with each other the way you have been and you will do well. Enjoy all the children you have no matter how you have them. There is no difference between natural, c-section, or adoption because they all get you your child. Remember no matter what it is YOUR child.

  31. I’m going to go sideways on this and talk about snoring. It is likely that your grandfather has sleep apnea. That means that he stops breathing several times during the night and the noise of his snoring is the resetting of his breathing. This makes heart disease, diabetes, glaucoma, and many other conditions worse and shortens life. I am not a doctor, but I have sleep apnea as does my spouse.

  32. I agree that the bigger issue is the snoring since that is the cause if the bed shuffle. I am a snorer. I had wt loss surgery but didn't solve that problem. A sleep study was done in my home, in my own bed. Not all of them need to be done in a sleep center. I have sleep apnea and use a c-pap. There are many types of headgear to find the best fit for each person. Grandpa should get tested, he might find he sleeps better and feel so much more rested! I was always tired before, now I am so much better rested even when sleeping fewer hours.

  33. Fear, obligation, guilt. Basically what a JNMOM has instilled into their child to the point when the child becomes an adult they are unable to stand against their JNMom. Psychologically they are trained so that they are so afraid because the guilt is laid on them if they say no, or they are afraid of the anger that may explode from JNMom, or they they have no choice, obligation, but to do what they ate told. It is VERY hard to break out of the FOG and almost impossible without lots of therapy.

  34. Op stick with the tablet rule. I unfortunately have overdone it with devices and I'm seeing the outcome with my 6yo being too attached. We've been slowly weaning him off, moving to timed screen time etc

  35. I totally agree. Both of my grandkids are addicted to their tablets. When they are here we try to limit or not allow them to be used but at home they use the tablet as the sitter instead of doing things sith them. I am disabled so some days yes they use them when I can't be active due to pain but other times I try snd get them out of the house or doing orher things in the house if unabke to be outside due to weather.

  36. Ok, time to sit up, make a plan and do your best to follow it.

  37. What gets me is that she KNOWS they are protecting LO FROM her and doesn't think to ask why! If you know maybe look into why they feel that way and change.

  38. I just don't get the delivery room thing. I have sons. If they have kids someday, I'll be waiting to help in any way possible, but I don't WANT to be in a delivery room!

  39. My son and DIL had 2 kids and I definitely wasn't and didn't want to be in the room! That is their time and no one else's. OPs MIL is just a psychotic person.

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