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  1. When you plug it up and it’s not lighting up, it doesn’t need to be charged. Use it for a day or so, try it, it should eventually light up when it’s plugged up. Mine did the same thing, didn’t light up when plugged in, flashed three times after being unplugged. Sometimes it would flash when I would plug it up, but it was a quick flash and didn’t stay lit. Used it for a day or two without plugging it up, and at the end up day two I was able to charge it and it lit up. This also depends on how much you’re using it. If it’s not a lot, you won’t have to charge it as often, as opposed to using it frequently throughout the day.

  2. Thank you. That’s exactly what is happening. It is odd though because I’d be using it all day and it still wouldn’t light up.

  3. Holy shit! Yeah that’s so sus. I bought another one yesterday and I just feel disgusted, now I can’t touch it!💀

  4. I’m hoping that was a joke or something. Cause bruh I legit was so sick I was almost hospitalized from Covid.

  5. No, you aren't doing anything wrong, dispos are trash

  6. My friends all use these and for some reason they are able to charge theirs idk.

  7. it would be kinda cool if you resin'd the broken pieces together with some gold or blue resin to salvage it

  8. First time poster long time reader, went with a timney trigger but got the jonny glocks carry mod for it. Make the trigger way nicer to shoot not as soft. Waiting to send it in to get sonoran defense stippling. Any holster recommendations?

  9. What are you looking for in a holster? That would help me narrow it down :)

  10. For now I need a mid ride holster for my belt. I need to figure out a way to have my floodlight holster detach from my belt so I can swap holsters easier for the two guns.

  11. i've made a small addon called wgReminder. it should be available from curseforge

  12. I'd like the same thing since when I'm questing I don't typically look at the time. Did you find anything?

  13. I haven’t :/. Currently working with someone to see if we can just code it ourselves. It should be relatively simple.

  14. I would contact them only on the premise that, that gun isn't cheap and I am not totally sure if its suppose to be wobbling like that. Others on here might have a different opinion cause functionally if it is working it should be okay but I wouldnt wanna risk a malfunction of the saftey or something weird.

  15. Cut his food servings down by a 1/2 cup at each meal and be firmer with your family about feeding him junk. His health is being negatively affected ands it ridiculous that they don’t care enough to stop feeding him treats

  16. I don’t mind cutting his food. But a diet food isn’t the answer then? It was odd for the vet to tell me he doesn’t believe in foods marketed twords a goal like diet foods. I’ve had two vets actually say that.

  17. Sounds like you need to mange his caloric intake which can be done with either smaller portions or healthier food. If 2 vets advised against “diet food” then you need a different approach. The family feeding him junk food is def playing a role in his weight so put him on a strict diet limited to his meals only. If they want to give him treats keep some blueberries or some other dog safe fruit/vegetables on hand

  18. They only advised that they didn’t believe in diet foods and to just pick a food by its ingredients

  19. Do these people that do stuff like this ever get in trouble for filing a false police report? Wouldn’t this be grounds for that? In California this looks like it fits PC 148.5

  20. How do you sand something like this. I always wondered.

  21. The cuts? You don't sand them. I use a special knife called a 'chip carving knife,' and I strop it about every 15 minutes while carving to keep it as absolutely sharp as possible. Without doing that, it would tear, making those cuts look awful.

  22. Ahhh okay. I thought you sanded the grooves of the design afterwards. Interesting.

  23. Damn you hunt dogs? Do you work with the alphabet boys?

  24. legit thought the same thing. I was like damn he shot the dog :/

  25. I know the ultimate reloader on you tube has a track system. I personally preferred inline fabrication quick mount. I have limited bench space though.

  26. I’ll have to check it out. I see a lot of people just put a T track and do it that way.

  27. I do not recommend Fowler’s. I had a incident with a family member there that he had put down money for a gun. Which was 1250$. We went to ammo brothers. They had the gun actually there, for 1100$. We go back to flowers and he mentioned it to the bald guy there that it was 150$ cheaper at ammo brothers and they had it in stock. He specifically said “oh well it’s not my money.” Apparently he’s the manager. What a dick.

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