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  1. More like aaaaaaaahhhh who is calling me ? , Wait it's just a notification whew, it's just a notification damnit, I'm so lonely.

  2. Born and raised there, it's not that good.

  3. Actually, Most of my personalities are boring.

  4. I have no time for the current moment's stress because I'm way to involved in the stress I'll feel 5 years from now

  5. There's always something for people to criticize, so fuck it let them talk , let them laugh.

  6. You can also notice "the closer you look the less you see" above the title, this is a reference to how zoom works.

  7. Watching with binoculars from across the street, is still a participation.

  8. I think coming to this world crying should've been a sign.

  9. Work/life balance is the mythical creature of our generation.

  10. Yeah you don't need a time machine to see Europe's dark ages, just go to the us.

  11. Imagine living in misery for so long, that you can't even understand why someone else doesn't want to live in misery for the rest of their lives.

  12. I am the gift because I've spent way too much time trying to decide on an appropriate gift to bring that i completely ran out of time.

  13. This ted talk will reach 5M+ views easy.

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