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  1. A 10 year old would probably still be in elementary school. Middle school at 52 and attend graduation at 58.

  2. This is my parents, had my sister at 43 and 44 so theyre going to be 61 and 62 when she turns 18 and I can’t think of anything worse

  3. Explore my sexuality, now in a very happy and healthy relationship with a woman :D

  4. I did this back in October, got a new job less than a week later, but those few days off by myself were amazing to recharge when I really needed to

  5. Also, they've had at least one kid for 23 years and they still haven't figured out how babysitting works?

  6. They had my sister around the time I was 13 so then I could be “a built in babysitter” in their words

  7. And are you expected to either babysit or be present at both of those, as well?

  8. Im present for both and paying for my mum’s meal out, but essentially will be babysitting while everyone else drinks.

  9. Would your grandmother also feel you were overreacting? She or another older relative might feel protective of you and your life experiences, and be willing to talk to your mom. Perfectly understandable if you are unable to, it's just a suggestion.

  10. My grandmother defended me a little, saying things like she doesn’t blame me for not wanting to go through pregnancy/child birth

  11. If going no contact isn’t an option for you yet, if you’re sexually active make sure to use a tamper proof form of birth control (like an implant or an IUD) or get a small numberpad safe and keep your pills and/or condoms in there. Seen far too many AITA stories about crazy narcissistic parents tampering with birth control. Unfortunately pills can be microwaved easily, and the hormones in contraceptive pills are quite fragile compared to some other medications that are more chemically stable and can resist it.

  12. Dont worry, my current form of birth control is lesbianism, so there isn’t a possibility of an accidental pregnancy 😁👌

  13. That dark thought bubble is perfectt, ive actually used something like that to describe aphantasia to friends :D

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